Yo! Tuesday the taint of the week is here and my god – is it the weekend yet?  I think when you start the week off tired, the rest of the days only get worse.  Today is the first day I’ve felt pretty good (getting over a nasty ass cold) but I keep hearing Rizz sneeze in the office.  That isn’t a good sign….

WEAK! Woody got pulled over this morning.  Who the hell gets pulled over at 3:45AM?! Why did he get pulled over?  He forgot to signal when pulling out of QuikTrip this morning.  He got off with a warning…
Nominee #1 – Chubby Chaser
Nominee #2 – Cub Scout
Nominee #3 – Porky Pig (Woody, Riz, and Mayor Fred endorse)
Nominee #4 – TagTeam (Patrico Endorses)
Freak Of The Week (9/21/2010)

If you want a NINJA sticker don’t forget to send a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED envelope to the address listed below and I will send you out a sticker:
401 S. 18th St
St. Louis, MO 63103

Today’s Anthem: THE MAN Jimi Hendrix

Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven”t heard it – it’s news to you!

A 14 year old high school student is challenging her suspension after she was sent home because she refused to remove her nose ring. She is from the “Church of Body Modification.”  Really?! That is a religion?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Apparently the Recession is over.  According a bunch of people who know what’s up have said that the recession ended in June of 2009.  What?! Has it really?  Also – according to scientists – the Ozone layer isn’t dying anymore.  HUZZAH!

Here is an update on that broad that threw the acid in her OWN face.  She said she was going to try and kill herself but then thought that this would be the best result – burning her face completely off.

WHO FRIGGIN CARES: Over at The Vatican they talk about how to introduce religion to aliens.  Seriously.  They say, “We would baptize the aliens…if they asked..”

What’s Weird Here?! This story was in Kirkwood yesterday.  What is weird here?  What’s the odd thing about the news audio that we played during the 6AM podcast? Here is a brief synopsis.  A 28 year old dude was driving around his 15 year old daughter looking for a girl that the daughter had a beef with.  After the incident the man went back to his house and stayed inside with his wife and their seven children.

– A guy stole a bus and still stopped at every stop.  He got caught when he tried to park and hit a bus.

– A guy in Florida was caught joing in Florida.  He was just chilling on the beach and twerking his gerkin.  He was caught a few days later.

– A groomer at a Race track was arrested after allegedly having relations with a HORSE! GOOBER!

– This dude was getting a new iPhone.  So – he wanted to get it fixed and had an issue with it.  Well – needless to say, the worker that was helping him saw that he had CHILD PORN on his phone!  He called the cops and this dude was foreals arrested.  What an idiot!

– The Cardinals are awful.  It’s getting embarassing to talk about.  They lost last night 4-0 to the Florida Marlins
– The Saints beat the 9ers in overtime during the MNF game last night
– Denver Bronco’s injured WR Kenny McKinnley commits suicide.

Lindsay Lohan said she was ready to face the judge and she is due in court on Friday. On a side note – TMZ is saying that Lindsay’s lawsuit against eTrade has been settled.
Bill Murray has a birthday today – but 40 years ago on his birthday he was arrested for having 10 pounds of Pot on him.
Check out Katy’s Perry boobies on Sesame Street.  SWOOT!
Bill Murray is 60
Stephen King is 63
Jerry Bruckheimer is 65
Alfonso Bibiero is 39 ((Mother Effin’ Carlton)
Maggie Grace is 27
Nicole Richis is 29
Luke Wilson is 39
Ricki Lake is 49
Faith Hill is 43
Cheryl Hines is 45
Cecil Fielder is 47
Dave Coulier is 51

David Letterman: Simon Baker, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Maroon 5
Jay Leno: Ed Helms, Casey Affleck, Sheryl Crow
Jimmy Kimmel: Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Band of Horses
Craig Ferguson: Patricia Heaton, Adam Brody, Sara Bareilles
Jimmy Fallon: Tina Fey, Colin Hanks, Merle Haggard
Carson Daly: Steve-O, Freddie Wong, Nas & Damian Marley
Lopez Tonight: Kevin Nealon, Kaitlin Olson, Michael Franti & Spearhead

On TV:
NBC: Biggest Loser

Mia Smiles – 33 – Today’s little Asian birthday slut has worked more poles that an Ameren linemen in 331 fine filkms including:
– Fortune Cookies
– Slop Shots Vol 5
– Dark Meat, Asian Treat Vol 2
– Asian Brotha Lovas Vol 6
– Beauty and The Bitch
– Me Luv You Long Time 11
– Butt Sluts Vol 8
– China Vagina
– F Me…I’m A Whore

Two idiots in England drove their car onto a golf course…when they decided to take a nappy.  In a bunker.  On the course.  When the groundskeep found them he though the two dudes inside were dead.  But nope – they were just sleeping.  Oh – on a side note…They were dressed like pirates!

WHATS UP GRANDMA?! We have hidden an item inside of grandma.  Here is the deal.  You can ask three questions – then you have to guess…What’s up Grandma? There is some…..thing….that we have placed in her LovePocket that you need to guess what it is!
– A remote
– A tire gauge
– A toothbrush
– A broom
– A nail
– A hammer
– A drink stirrer

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  1. James C. Ulman says:

    What happened to TechnoSports? I’m a fan and I miss it…. Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots……

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