FRIDAY SHOW BLOG (9/24/2010)

Check out this obnoxious FEMINIST BLOG that goes OFF on our show.  Hilarious right?! Click HERE. Once you’ve read….post comments.  Thousands of them.  Everything and anything.  Just keep posting.




Yo it’s Patrico and it’s mother effin’ Friday!  Hells yes!  Tonight on the agenda?  Booze.  And lots of it.   It’s nice when you walk into the office and first e-mail you read is a link to a bunch of women ripping the show apart. (More on this later).  Also – big thanks to everyone who came out and chowed it up with us yesterday at the Hotshots unch Meeting.  It’s always nice to meet all the folks.


If you want a NINJA sticker don’t forget to send a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED envelope to the address listed below and I will send you out a sticker:
401 S. 18th St
St. Louis, MO 63103

Today’s Anthem: Grammy Award Winning Record Artist Scott Stapp

Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven”t heard it – it’s news to you!

– The Cards decided to win a game against the Pirates.  They won 11-2.  They have a weekend series against the Cubs
Here is your NFL Week #3 Schedule
– Ichiro has gotten 200 hits in 10 straight seasons.  Jose Bautista becomes the 26th player to hit 50 HR’s in a season.
John Hamm from Mad Men started saving money to start off his acting career by working as a prop guy and set dresser for some softcore porno.
Check out the ICP “Magic” Music Video.  It’s unedited.  CLICK HERE.

And here is SNL’s response!

David Letterman: Shia LaBeouf, Brian Regan, Jimmy Eat World
Jay Leno: Dwyane Wade, Zachary Levi, Gloria Gaynor
Jimmy Kimmel: Joaquin Phoenix, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, Primus
Craig Ferguson: Jason Schwartzman, Willie Nelson
Jimmy Fallon: Blake Lively, Joshua Topolsky, John Legend
Carson Daly: Olivia Munn, BTTR Ventures, La Roux (R 4/13/10)

On TV:
NBC: New SNL on Saturday
HBO: New Boardwalk Empire
FOX: Animation Sunday Returns

Will Smith is 42
Heather Locklear is 49
Michael Douglas is 66
Mark Hamill is 59
Stephanie McMahon is 34
Nia Vardalos is 48
Kevin Sorbo is 52
Chris Owen is 30
T.I is 30
Bridgette Wilson is 37
Scottie Pippen is 45
Michael Madson is 53
Barbara Walters is 81
Serena Williams is 29
Jim Caviezel is 42
Linda Hamilton is 54
Olivia Newton-John is 62

Missy – 43 – Today’s b-day girl walks like a motorcycle cop thanks to the pounding she’s taken in 428 fine films including
– Say Aloha to my Ahola
– Anal Academy
– Tender Loins Vol 1
– Corn Hole Patrol
– Dr. Trashy’s Sweaty Situations
– Florence Rump
– Saturday Night Beaver

A man got into a fight…with a parrot that he had in his backpack.  People had noticed the dude shaking the bird so badly that the feathers were flying everywhere.  Cops arrived and said that the parrot was squaking loudly.  Funniest thing is that the bird kind of fought back.  This hooshe had scratches all over him.  He now sits in jail.

– A couple tried to steal gas from INSIDE of a Salvation Army van.  Funny thing is – the van, the man, and the woman all caught on fire!
– A cop accidently shot a bullet through a wall, a mirror, and into another wall.  He was in town for a gun safety conference.
– A cop in Florida stopped dating a chick cop so he came up with this plan….He said he would call in a fake crime report for her to report to. Well she did show up..and so did 4 other cops.
– Some kids bought a stab proof vest to try it out.  One kid died.  FAIL.

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24 Responses to FRIDAY SHOW BLOG (9/24/2010)

  1. Janay says:

    btw the site now says Comments have been disabled and closed on this post by my request. — Editor Amelia

  2. Jessi says:


    That stupid bitch who wrote that article about the Drive-by Whorings closed the comments on the article and protected her twitter account. I guess she can dish it out but can’t take it. You should do a drive-by for her.


  3. Randy says:

    Hey guys,

    It is 8:45 Friday night and mission accomplished on I tried to go on there and leave a comment and it says “comment section has been disabled at my request, the editor Amelia.” Goody bitches! You guys are great! Thanks for all the entertainment in the mornings. Donnie’s week in rage is still the best segment on the radio!

  4. Malissa says:

    Hilarious! The commenting is disabled on that gay article after 830 messages! As a chick who religiously listens to your show I say screw those dyke bitches and keep doing what you do best!

  5. Rusty Long says:

    The nazi bitches shut down the comments section on their web site,Damnit

  6. Aaron J says:

    Yeah…this stupid Fem-Nazi bitch disabled comments so i couldnt tell her what im gonna say to you…This chicks crotch is probably so dried up that the Sun-Maid chick can harvest her hooch for a raisin….and she wants to say that your listeners are sexually frustrated men who cant get the women they want….just so this bitch knows i am engaged to the woman of my dreams and when she heard what this lady said…she was offended and disgusted….hey…why dont she either call in or come on the show and confront you guys personally with dignity instead of using her computer to announce to the world what we already know….LADY YOU NEED TO GET SOME PENIS…

  7. Ben says:

    Apparently I was too late to help with the feminazi counterattack, as of 4:45 pm on friday the 24th the comments to the article on you guys was locked down hahaha! Though I couldnt help out good work slamming those bitches right back!

  8. jason says:

    You guy save my moring wailling to work thanks

  9. Algernon67 says:

    It looks like the Ninjas did their job. She closed comments on her site. That is a shame. I was going to comment how unprofessional her article was for having so many inaccuracies. If she can’t get basic facts straight, how can we believe ANYTHING that she says?

  10. misheleb says:

    Frisky might have disabled the comments on that article, but they still have a comment submission form for the website in general and I for one have been giving them hell all day, so suck it!

  11. missa says:

    So… The website with the feminists (who apparently don’t research their stories thoroughly) have stopped taking comments, and the number dropped from over 914 (when we checked earlier) to 824…. HRM….
    Is censorship part of being a feminist? I’m not against feminists, but I am against people trying to bully folks into an opinion without all the information/biast info.

  12. JB Ninja says:

    Hey guys. It looks like that whore blocked access to her twitter, and that site took down the article about the drive by whoring. in my opinion, I believe that this bitch is deserving of a special Woody and Rizzudo drive by whoring.

  13. Cacey says:

    Nice- the feminists removed their hate article about your show! Dumbasses!

  14. John Bequette says:

    I just got home from work and i went to the link of the website that had the news article about the w.a.r moring show. this is what i found when i went to read the comments people have left. “Comments have been disabled and closed on this post by my request. — Editor Amelia” all i have to say is good job ninjas

  15. roy says:

    hey i think its funny that the people at put a block on there comments. and of course mine never got posted because i wrote how you guys supported the susan g koman walk. 914 posts, that’s freakin’ awesome. i’m disabled and yeah, a few of the things you do piss me off, but it’s my choice to keep listening because you are entitled to your point of views.

    rolling ninjas unite – suck it petrico lol

  16. Crystal says:

    Hey that wench at The Frisky got her editor to disable the comments. At a guess, they couldn’t take the heat. I’m going to comment on the author’s OTHER articles.

  17. anskipper says:

    They’ve disabled the comments on The Frisky. Boo on them!!

  18. Jenni says:

    Comments have been disabled and closed on this post by my request. — Editor Amelia

    this is what happens if you try to leave a comment now

  19. Jenni says:

    I tried to leave a comment on the Frisky site and it wouldn’t let me, it just kept saying error, I wonder if it was because my username was NinjaWarrior17? I also love how they tried to contact Tommy and said he wasn’t available for immediate comment, well that is because he has a job to do running the #1 radio station in the STL. Idiots!

  20. PokeHer says:

    We just shut the blog comment sectionl down. Go Ninja go Ninja go.

  21. Ryan says:

    From frisky

    “Comments have been disabled and closed on this post by my request. — Editor Amelia”


  22. Clint says:

    They wouldnt even let me create an account to leave a comment aint that a bitch! Heh heh

  23. Kate says:

    Hey! I can’t post to Frisky because it’s blocked at my work, but you guys are not woman hating. If anything, you’re equal opprotunity, because you poke just as much fun at women as you do at men. The chick is nutty, and probably horny, that’s the real problem. I’m a lady, I heart you guys, so I say, give this b*tch a drive by whoring tomorrow. Peace.

  24. steven says:

    my dog is licking his balls

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