It’s Wednesday.  Need I say more? Bitch Be Trippin and a BRAND NEW DRIVE BY WHORING!  Let’s do this! I  figured that since it is Bitch Be Trippin’ day…might as well just show you a bunch of bitches…..trippin…

401 S. 18th St
St. Louis, MO 63103

Today’s Anthem: Basketball Fails…mega fail….



– Crash Test Dummy ((Fred, Riz, Doug Benson and Woody)) **WINNER**
– Ricky Revenge ((Patrico)) 2ND
– The Jockey ((Graham)) 3RD
– Dr. Scholl 4TH


– Would you give up $128 million dollars just because you were to embarrassed to say you were at a porn shop?  Someone bought a lottery ticket at a porno shop and STILL hasn’t come forward and claimed the cash.
– A company is wrapping up final testing on an APP that would be able to tell you if you have an STD or not.  You would seriously have to either swab your mouth or pee on your phone.  WTF.  Really?
-Everyone is environmentally conscious nowadays but, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.  This is where that line NEEDS to be drawn.  Some areas of the O.C recycle drinking water from waste water.  What’s this mean?  Exactly what it sounds like.  They recycle pee water.  Oddly enough the recycled pee drink is actually exceeding the standards of standard tap water – but it’s still mega gross to think you are possibly drinking pee.
– Hey – if this was you…the government is looking for you.  Someone wants to know who fired off a missile in California.  Check this video out.  Def. not a plane.  It’s crazy!

– A priest stole around $80,000 worth of porn and most of the money came from the collection plate and bunch of church fundraisers and parish events.

WHO FRIGGIN CARES: After almost 40 years Gene Shalot and his ridiculous and his crazy mustache are leaving the Today Show.
– The Blues take on the Blue Jackets
– The NHL is enforcing the “Recess Rule” as far as picking players for the All-star Game
– The Cowboys lost their website but they got it back..wonder how much that cost.
– This kid was ejected (along with the coach) for this play.  Should he have been?

– Conan beat out Jay Leno and David Letterman in his first night of his own show..
– Courtney Love got drunk and got naked the other day in front of a bunch of random people.  She got hammered drunk and invited a bunch of strangers up to her hotel room and when they showed up she was butt ass naked.  She put on pink underwear and then walked around the hotel with her cans hanging out.
– Harrison Ford – who is 68 – was carded to get beer the other day.
– Eminem has only read one book in his life and it was LL Cool J’s autobio
– The PTC (Parents Television Council) has released it’s official report on cursing on television.  Check the report HERE.


Survivor: NicaraguaRunning the Camp
Criminal MindsReflection of Desire
The DefendersNevada v. Killa Diz

Law & Order: Special Victims UnitPenetration
Law & Order: Los AngelesHondo Field

Hell’s Kitchen8 Chefs Compete

The Tonight Show with Jay LenoDavid Spade, Christine O’Donnell, Old 97’s
Late Show with David LettermanRussell Crowe, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg
Late Night with Jimmy FallonRainn Wilson, Biz Stone & Evan Williams, Carla Gugino, Jonsi
Late Late Show with Craig FergusonTim Meadows, Stan Lee
Jimmy Kimmel LiveChris Pine, Danica Patrick, Blake Shelton
Conan – John Hamm from Mad Men
Tracy Morgan is 42
MacKenzie Phillips is 51
Waren G is 40
Ellen Pompeo is 41
Sinbad is 54

Sammie Rhodes – 26 – Today’s Bday girl has taken more cream than Rizz’s coffee in 268 fine films including:
– Busty Solos Vol 1
– Deep Anal Abyss Vol 3
– Fire In The Whole
– Party of Feet
– Jiggy Juggs 2
– Lil Red Riding Slut
– Buttman’s Vault of Whores
– Extreme Backdoor Makeover

Today’s headline hooshe comes to us from Dayton Ohio.  We have all heard of stories where chicks shove things into their vajayjays to steal something or smuggle things into jail or another country….  Well – this chick named January stole a computer….got arrested – and then went into labor.  When they went to deliver the baby – she had anti- anxiety pills jammed in her.  The baby was fine but she is looking at 6 months in prison.

A woman went and jacked a young girls Barbie Power Wheels jeep and went and sold it online and for $20.  Unreal!  The parents of the little girl found out who it was and said, no cops will be called – just return it.  The woman had said she already sold it so the cops were called and the woman was arrested.


– A woman from Florida and her boyfriend have been arrested for trying to SELL their infant grandson for $30,000.  This 45 year old woman (who on a side note doesn’t look a day younger than God) and her 42 year old boyfriend met with a “buyer” who was an undercover agent and tried to work out a deal.  The agent said that the woman originally was asking $75,000 for the sale but then was talked down to $30,000. Oddly enough the child’s mother is in jail for unrelated charges.

– A broad from Italy says that someone stole stuff from her home.  Here is the thing…the home she owns is on FACEBOOK.  It’s called Pet Society.  Its this place where people shop with REAL MONEY for VIRTUAL Clothes and VIRTUAL pets.  The woman says, “I don’t think it matters that it only exists in Facebook.  It’s real to me and I have suffered a real loss.”  This bitch lost around $140!

– A 23 year old hated her boyfriend’s ex  so much that she vandalized the ex girlfriend’s car…and she might have gotten away with it.  But this stupid bitch bragged about it on Facebook.  This retarded hooker was arrested after it made its way to the cops.

– Last week officials in Maine were checking into a woman’s food stamp claims and realized one of the following things couldn’t be true.  This bitch claimed she had been pregnant for FORTY STRAIGHT MONTHS!

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