FRIDAY SHOW BLOG (11/12/2010)

Today’s Anthem: Scott Stapp making grown men cry….


Check out this crazy nutty bitch named Colleen Thomas.  We were talking how she had this theory about what REALLY happened when the rocket was fired off in California.  Well – we got her on the show.


Check out this interview!  Click HERE!



Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

– A woman was riding a horse and she fell off.  Landing directly on her neck!  GOOOO! She broke her neck so bad that she actually had to pick it up herself.  Oddly enough – she will be O.K.  WOW!

– Need another reason to hate the terrorists?  According to a report Al Queda once tried to use dogs as suicide bombers.  They cut open stray dogs put bombs inside of them and put them on planes to America here.  Oddly enough – the dogs weren’t put through the regular security screening process.  But – before the dogs were sent out – they died with the stuff inside of them.  What a bunch of a-holes.

– You make the call on this one.  Cops are trying to figure out what caused a naked woman to crash into a driving school with a man in the bed of the truck hanging on for dear life.  She was bleeding all over the place. The guy said that he was trying to help this naked bleed chick and she stole his truck.  But that chicks mom says that this dude raped her and he was trying to escape.

– Two dudes from Florida claimed not guilty to defacing a hotel pool but probably should have thought about the evidence.  Owners of the hotel have VIDEO SURVEILLANCE of the two guys dropping a deuce in the pool. How sick is this…one of the teens is seen wading in the pool and then REACHES INTO HIS TRUNKS…SWIMS TO THE BOTTOM and marks a brown X on the bottom of the pool. SICK!  The funniest thing is that one of the teens left a little evidence with him and the video shows him getting out of the pool and then…yes…shake some of the evidence off.

– Blues lose two in a row as they get beat by the Predators last night in Shootouts.
– Cardinals 1B Albert Pujols and OF Matt Holliday receive Silver Slugger Award. Full list HERE
– Woody is psyched…..he’ll be in Pittsburgh on Sunday Night to see the Steelers and Patriots on Sunday Night Football. The Rams come off their bye week trying to stay on top as the smartest retard in the NFC West against the 49ers. A good division game between the Vikings and Bears, The Giants should DESTROY the Cowboys……and on Monday Night it’s the rematch between Donovan McNabb & Michael Vick with the Eagles and Washington

– Matt Lauer and Kanye West are currently fighting.  Check these clips out.  Kanye – stop being a bitch.  Click HERE to watch the videos.
– Fox has renewed the Simpsons for it’s 23rd season.
– Even though Mel Gibson isn’t part of Hangover 2 … he is still getting paid $750,000. Ridiculous!
– Call of Duty has broke a record for the most selling copies of a video game.
– Top Republican Show? Fox News.   Top Democratic: Keith Olberman. Here’s a full list. Click HERE.
– Check out this video…badass!

The Tonight Show with Jay LenoDiane Keaton, Kevin McHale
Late Show with David LettermanKelly Ripa, Greg Fitzsimmons, Reba McEntire
Late Night with Jimmy FallonTracy Morgan, Dick Cavett, Kings of Leon
Late Late Show with Craig FergusonBilly Gardell, Carrie Ann Inaba
Jimmy Kimmel LiveRerun TBA

Anne Hathaway is 28
Ryan Gosling is 30
Tonya Harding is 40
Prince Charles is 62
Sammy Sosa is 42
Megan Mullally is 52
Neil Young is 65
Al Michaels is 66
Wallace Shawn is 67
Gerard Butler is 41
Jimmy Kimmel is 43
Whoopi Goldberg is 55
Chris Noth is 56
Travis Barker is 35
Curt Schilling is 44
Patrick Warburton is 46

Wendy Divine – 39 –
Today’s birthday girl has seen more Brown Eye than an eye doctor in 214 fine films including:
– Missionary Impossible
– Interracial Anal Vacation Vol 3
– Saturday Night Beaver
– Milf-O-Maniacs
– Cotton Panties Half Off
– Deep Throat This Vol 6
– Eating Alone
– Thighs Wide Open
– And 18 and Lost In New Jersey

A guy was sleeping in a random home and the cops came and attempted to wake him up and the dude flipped out.  Cops then tried to taser him and nothing happened…they then tased him again…nothing. Then they tackled him and then they hogtied him.  The found out 2 things….#1 – he was high as hell on Mushroom.  #2 – He had A MOUSE LODGED UP HIS B-HOLE! Umm…IT WAS A COMPUTER MOUSE.. GOO!
GUESS THE STATE: Two guys walk into a liquor store looking to get their crunk on.  The dudes leave and then come back with a hammer.  They chase down the employee and smash him in the head.  They also bash a customer over the head as well.  What state?! FLORIDA! 

Zack – Had a motorcycle that when he went to work on it – blew up and caught on fire
Cliff – Accidentally led his friend to be stabbed in the ass cheek.
Kristina – Thought the hermit crab was dead..bought a new was alive…it killed the other hermit crab! (WINNER!)
Matt – Snuck out when he was grounded in high school, broke 4 toes and had to have surgery.

The Tonight Show with Jay LenoDiane Keaton, Kevin McHale

Late Show with David LettermanKelly Ripa, Greg Fitzsimmons, Reba McEntire

Late Night with Jimmy FallonTracy Morgan, Dick Cavett, Kings of Leon

Late Late Show with Craig FergusonBilly Gardell, Carrie Ann Inaba

Jimmy Kimmel LiveRerun TBA

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2 Responses to FRIDAY SHOW BLOG (11/12/2010)

  1. Ninja says:

    Hi guys, i Live in Mexico, love your show,and i always download it … i try to see the video of Collen Thomas on swim suit, but it says unavailable in my country, is there a way yo put it so people outside the US check this hot but crazy MILF ???

    Suck It !!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for posting the audio from the interview with Coleen! My husband came home from work telling me about it and laughing his butt off, I was sad to have missed it. So I came to your site and low and behold there it was. Didn’t think you fit that much crazy into one segment, but you guys managed to find someone that could! Lol. Thanks again for exposing me to that crazy B I feel I am a better person for listening to and laughing at her!

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