MONDAY SHOW BLOG (11/15/2010)

What it do Ninjas?! Mega tonos to all you Ginobilis. Just a heads up – Woody is out today but will be back tomorrow! He’s in Pittsburgh mega pissed about the fact they lost to the Patriots. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about it tomorrow – I’m surprised he didn’t light a car on fire….or did he?! Great show with myself and Rizz today! Holler!  



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  Today’s Anthem: Sir James Hendrix

Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

Here are some stories about dudes getting shot in the junk.  Oofah!
#1 –  A dude went into a deli to get some sammiches.   When he left – he heard some gunshots and got hit twice.  Once in the arm….and once in the junk.  Now – this dude was in pain but….for sure this guy wasn’t going to waste the sandwich. He went home – ate it – THEN went to the hospital.  Dude is O.K. with no major damage.

#2 – A guy and his lady were playing Monopoly when she pulled out a gun.  No one knows why – but she pulled it out and pulled the trigger…and blasted him in the balls. OUCH!  She claims she didn’t know it was loaded.

Buyers beware…if you are looking to buy smokes and don’t like graphic images – buying a cigg could become sickening to you.  As early as June we can see the graphic images appearing on a pack of smokes.  Here is an example: Click HERE. ((Graphic image warning))


A woman in England who is a school teacher was given over $200,000 in compensation after he developed painful nodules in her throat.  Put this into some perspective for ya….a solider…in England who got his foot blown off while over in Iraq was compensated $7,000.  CRAZY!

– The Blues lose 5-3 agaisnt Phoenix over the weekend and take on the Avalanche tonight @ 7PM
– Mizzou beats Kansas State, sits at 15th in the BCS standings
Week 10 NFL Recap.

– Jenna Jameson says she is quitting Porn for good since she has twin boys.  She says she won’t even pose sexy again.
– Here is the list of the 18 films that may be to UN-PC for todays release.  Click HERE to see the list!

  The Tonight Show with Jay LenoRussell Crowe, Anna Torv, Annie Lennox
  Late Show with David LettermanEmma Watson, Scott Caan, Rascal Flatts
  Late Night with Jimmy FallonDaniel Radcliffe, Quincy Jones, Grinderman
  Late Late Show with Craig FergusonDennis Miller, Bianca Kajlich
  Jimmy Kimmel LiveKathy Griffin, Miranda Cosgrove, Jason Aldean  

Chad Kroeger is 36
Johnny Lee Miller is 38
Kevin Eubanks is 38
Randy Macho Man Savage is 58
Beverly D’Angelo is 59
Judge Wapner is 91
Candy Hill – 48 – This hooker for hire has been spread more than cream cheese on a bagel in more that 180 fine films including:
– Ass Wide Shut
– Bag Ladies
– Booty Duty Vol 7
– California Reamers
– Jiggly Queens 4
– Put It In Reverse Vol 3
– Rectal Rooters
– Take My Wife – But Leave the Money

A man loved his pet stag.  It’s similar to a deer.  He loved it so much that even though people said that keeping it in a pen could cause it to flip out and become hostile – he still kept it.  Well – he went to go feed it and the damn thing attacked the hell out of him.  The 500+ pound deer charged and trampled him and killed him instantly.  If you are wondering what happend to the red stag.  They killed it.

#1 – Phil….his gf’s dad is dying and he said, “Maybe its a good thing he’s going to pass..” becaue he was suffering some much.  She didn’t see it that way.
#2 – Justin….got mega crunked and puked in his gf’s purse
#3 – Danielle….is calling in on her husband who paid the babysitter $25 to flash him…and she did!
#4 – Josh….his gf put her dog down and he forgot to grab the special paw print the Vet game them and she went crazy on him.



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