TUESDAY SHOW BLOG (11/16/2010)

Woody is back and the Mayor is in the studio!  What a great day!  I am mostly excited because in two days and about 12 hours I will be heading down to Gainesville to watch the Florida Gators play at the swamp.  I think Tiny Tim and Lux will be filling in for me those few days.  But – I will tell you this….the rest of this week’s shows are packed!  Make sure you keep checking the blog, the Twitter page, and the Facebook page!

Today’s Anthem: Mr. James Hendrix


Freak Of The Week (11/16/2010)
– Thanksgiving is already next week.  It’s the beginning of the Holiday season and here we go with Politically Correct insanity.  Somewhere in England a school has decided that Gingerbread Man is Politically Incorrect and should now be referred to Gingerbread PERSON.  Really?!  Are you effin kidding me?!
– So yesterday, Riz had mentioned that folks – it’s time to take down the pumpkins and toss them in the trash. Well, luckily for this New Mexico man he didn’t take Riz’s advice.  A guy broke into this dudes house and when he took a bunch of belongings and tried to take off, he grabbed his giant pumpkin from Halloween and threw it at his head.  It was a direct hit.  It nailed the dude right in the head and knocked him out cold.  Shocking news to report here – our robber was high and was found with drugs on him and was arrested and currently sits in jail.
– A Jewish doctor walked out on a surgery once he noticed the patient he was working on had a nazi tattoo.
– The GodHatesFags people were in Oklahoma over the weekend where they were counter protested.  When they returned to the minivan to get out of there – they discovered that two tires were slashed.  Shockingly enough they couldn’t find anyone in tow to fix their van.

-This is going to literally make you sick to your stomach.  A home in Pennsylvania was recently torn down because of the over infestation of rats in the families home.  Neighbors have said that there was something odd about the house for over a year – but called officials last week because they saw a parade of rats coming out of the home.  Neighbors say the couple who used to breed dogs in the home have been moved out of the house since August.  Once exterminators enterted the home they found rats as deep as ONE FOOT PILES in parts of the home.
This broad was CRUNKED up and hit a school bus…and then did a TV interview.  Riz says she looks like Corey Taylor.  You be the judge.   Check out the picture below the video….

– The Eagles DESTROYED the Redskins last night 59-28. Vick was AMAZING
– The Blues lost their 4th in a row to Colorado
– NL Rookie of the Year is SF’s Buster Posey and Texas’ Neftali Perez gets the award for the AL.

– Prince William of Wales to marry! NEAT!
– Mel Gibson has admitted to slapping his ex Oksana but ONLY once.  He did it to stop her from shaking the baby and yelling at the child.  She started swinging the baby and jerking the baby around.
– TLC had 5 Million Viewers turned on to Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Here are the 5 most awkward moments from the show.

No Ordinary FamilyNo Ordinary Mobster NEW
Dancing With the Stars
Detroit 1-8-7Deja Vu; All In NEW

NCISEnemies Foreign NEW
NCIS: Los AngelesAbsolution NEW
The Good WifeBad Girls NEW

GleeThe Substitute NEW
Raising HopeBlue Dots NEW

The Biggest Loser NEW
ParenthoodPut Yourself Out There NEW

The Tonight Show with Jay LenoJulianne Moore, Tom Felton, Nelly
Late Show with David LettermanJay-Z, Jamie Oliver, Rihanna
Late Night with Jimmy FallonBruce Springsteen
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – Chris Hardwick, Matt Smith
Jimmy Kimmel Live – Leah Remini, the latest “Dancing with the Stars” castoff, Trey Songz

Marg Helgenberger is 52
Maggie Gyllenhaal is 33
Lisa Bonet is 43
Dwight Gooden is 46
Terry Labonte is 54
David Leisure is 60

Chelsea Blue – 34 – This birthday hooker had handled more helmets than an NFL team equipment manager is over 120 fine films incudling:
– Anal Inquisition
– Trampled Raw
– NYDP Blue
– Yummy
– Cornhole Kittens
– Ass Good As It Gets
– Dildo Darlings Vol. 4
– Dr. Dom The Pain Giver
TODAY’S HEADLINE HOOSHE COMES TO US FROM GURNEE, ILLINOIS  WHICH IS ABOUT 4 HOURS FROM ST. LOUIS WHERE Carolee Bildsten skipped out on her bill at Joe’s Crab Shack a few nights ago.  Some folks at the restaurant knew who she was so they informed the manager who then passed along the information to the cops.  When the police arrived at her house – she said she would be more than happy to get the money from her dresser drawer.  When she reached into the drawer she pulled out what cops said seemed to be a, “clear, rigid, feminine pleasure device.”  Cops say she held it over her head and came out them in a threatening manner.  This story just keeps getting better – according to the police report cops say the item was six inches long and attached to a nylon harness. Another shocking side note to this story – Carolee was hammered drunk. Here mega sexy mugshot can be seen on the show blog

So here is an email that we got.  A dude named Dave emailed us.  So at work – they all got Hodak’s chicken and were eating lunch and celebrated Veterans Day.  Well their boss said that anyone who was a veteran could leave early WITH pay.  Well a dude at his work went to his boss and told him that since he was in boot camp for a few weeks he was considered a WAR VETERAN!  WHAT?!  He actually left early with all the other vets!  What a douchebag!

Check out this crazy story.  This woman from Belleville is in a little bit of debt.  Well – her daughter just died and she had to plan the funeral and took out even more money so the debt collectors decided to come after her.  Some of these phone messages were OBNOXIOUS.  You have to hear the messages.  Read more on the story and hear the messages by clicking HERE.


GOTT GAME WITH STEVE MANBALLS MASTERS: CHECK THE 9AM PODCAST FOR GOTTGAME WITH MASTERS. Check out his website by clicking HERE.  Also – want to buy or sell used games?  Visit GLYDE.COM. 

Check out this funny ass video where Mario gets roasted.  NSFW audio so be careful. Click HERE.

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2 Responses to TUESDAY SHOW BLOG (11/16/2010)

  1. Angie says:

    Please post the audio from the Tar Sleeze caller! He was

  2. teresa love says:

    i am in debt but a make monthly payments to whoever i owe money to. i also did medical billing for an ER hospital and we were taught to be “nice and understanding” because we dont know what the other person is going thru. we excepted as little as 5.00 a month for ER visits and they can be very expensive. i have seen on a couple of payments that people were making was even as low as 1.00 a month but at least they were paying and they didnt go to collection because of the monthly payments. if people were in collection, we had a really cool collection agency and sometimes we can even pull people out of collection. we were never to threaten anybody under any cercumstance and neither was the collection agency.
    thanx for letting me vent, this lady diserves her bill to be pd for. good for her.!!!!

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