• – Blues have the Senators tonight at Scottrade.  We’ve lost 5 straight. Face off is at 7 and is being shown on Fox Sports Midwest.  It’s The Point Student Night so bring your ID for a discount ticket.
  • -Bears/Dolphins game was not a fun game to watch if you like offense. One touchdown recorded by the Bears which shutout the Dolphins 16-0
  • -Mizzou Basketball had its first home game of the season last night. They squeaked by Western Illinois by 5.
  • – Mizzou Football plays Iowa State tomorrow at 7pm.  Illinois (who cares) plays Northwest at 3:30… good luck!
  • – Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida face off at UFC 123 tomorrow night.  Machida got some training from Steven Seagal.
  • – Seattle’s Felix Hernandez has been named American League’s Cy Young Award winner.  Runner up was David Price of Tampa.  Sabathia from the Yanks finished third in voting.


–Tiger says his soul has yet to heal from his slutting incident.  He said “The physical pain from that car accident has long healed. But the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling; it has been far more difficult to ease—and to understand.”   WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

–Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D get mobbed at a campus and the cops were called.  I can’t upload the video but check it out!

DJ Pauly D’s 10 Most Brilliant Tweets Since Election Day Note:  To
preserve the careful touch and nuance of DJ Pauly D’s Tweets, we chose
NOT to change any of his spelling or grammar.  Here ya go:

–“Suxx I Cant “Whip My Hair Back And Fourth” Like Willow Smith ):”
–“Tony Parker Musta Seen How Eva Was Looking At Me @ The EMA’s .. Now
There Divorced !!!  Sorry Tony”
–“Chix Soup On This Tour …. Faaaaak I Dont Feel Good ):”
–“I Love Googleing MySelf ,,, I Find Out Soo Much About Me That I Didnt
Even Kno …. Lol”
–“Im Crayz But You Like It !!!!!!!”
–“What Makes You Think This Hairs Gonna Move Ina Gelato Shop !!!!”
–“Feel Like Ive Been Flying All Day !!! Ooh Thats Because I Have Been
Lol !!! Oooh Yeaaa Jet Lagg Yeahhh !!!”
–“Spanish Chocolate Milk !!! Mmmmm !!! I Love Spain !!!”
–“Oooh I Love It When @Sn00ki Sits On My Lap In The Car !!!! Were Going
Over All The Bumps !!! I Love Madrid !!!
–“The Pope Is Hereeeeeeeeee !!!! Lol Madrid Baby !!!!”

–DMX in jail again for violating his probation.  Hearing set for Nov 24th.  It makes his 6,000,000th arrest

–Here’s the video of DMX impersonator, Aries Spears, from Woody’s show in San Fran:

Oprah is giving away a poop load of stuff today!  Check it out on CHANNEL 5


FOX:  The Good Guys

SNL:  Anne Hathaway Hosts,  Florence and the Machine-musical guest.  LIL Wayne and Eminem on December 18th SNL


Letterman: Billy Bob Thornton
Leno: Garth Brooks, “The Situation” from Jersey Shore
Jimmy Fallon: Jake Gyllenhaal, Scott Caan

Nadine Valazquez is 32
Ken Griffey Jr is 41
Mike Wilbon is 42
Troy Aikman is 44
Mike D Beastie Boys is 45
Sen Dog Cypress Hill is 45
Jodie Foster is 48
Meg Ryan is 49
Nicollette Sheridan is 47
Bo Derek is 54
Goldie Hawn is 65
Harold Ramis Ghostbusters/Writer is 66
Richard Dawson Family Feud is 78
Stan Musial is 90
Larry King is really old today

Angel Long  aka  Sarah Slick  aka Taz – 30
Today’s Birthday girl has had her turkey stuffed in 237 fine films including:
-Face Down Ass Up
-Give a Dog a Bone
-Caution Your Azz is In Danger Vol 4
-Glazed and Confused
-Honey, We Blew Up Your Vahina
-Negro in Mrs. Jones Vol 4
-Swallow My Pride 2
-Tinkle Time

FAIL STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • –Guy in California almost ran over his ex-girlfriend after he was denied when he proposed to his girl.  Stacy Will You Marry Me was written on his back window.
  • –Guy in Tennessee stopped to save an owl on the side of the road but was hit by an SUV.  Hit and run put him in the hospital and he is not doing well.
-Wrecked company vehicle
-Called out girlfriend for cheating, she was buying Christmas presents for HIM! They broke up
-Got arm cut up from trash truck blade… major surgery
WINNER——-Tried to take some laps on the race track… arrested for trespassing

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  1. Patrick says:

    It’s Greg Gory in the Aries Spears Clip, complete with CD
    camouflage shirt!

  2. GT says:

    Woody I’ve seen that Aries Spears video probably 50 times
    and I can’t believe that’s you. I’m a retard for not noticing. Sux
    it Sir I’m out. GT

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