Today’s Anthem: Hendrix!

23% of women purchased flowers yesterday…for themselves.  Seriously?!  WTF.
A Broad was pissed her boyfriend took her Red Lobster…that’s amazing…WTF?!
A broad broke up with her boyfriend because he only got her flowers, candy, and chocolates and wanted to watch a movie….she wanted more.  W…T…F?!?!?!








Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

  • Police in Tulsa found the body of a 55 year old woman who was dead in her home…she didn’t have her head.  Well – they ruled the cause natural causes.  The woman hadn’t been seen since Christmas….so they think she died then.  Well, her dogs began to get hungry…and they were starving…so then they ripped her head off and dragged it to another part of the house and fed themselves.
  • A man who pretended to be a cab driver, then led cops on a high-speed chase from JFK Airport with 5 French tourist in the back of his van was sentenced to one year in prison over the weekend. This dude told the tourist that their van was a taxi service back in 2009 and then began just driving reckless and flying all over New York.  When the cops caught up to them, the driver bailed leaving the speeding vehicle, and the five tourists, still inside the van.  It finally stopped when it crashed into a mail truck.  The driver, who was promptly arrested after trying to flee on foot, pled guilty to once count of reckless endangerment.
  • A dude was pantless and in the middle of street and JO’ed.  A witness made three different circles around to check it out and then waited for cops to arrive.  Why drive around so many times?! Was the guy drunk….YOU BET!
  • WHO FRIGGIN CARES: Britain’s Prince Harry is to be Best Man at the wedding of his brother William on his upcoming marriage. Kate Middleton has also, as expected, chosen her sister Pippa to be her Maid of Honor when the couple tie the knot at London’s Westminster Abbey on April 29. Other bridesmaids and page boys are made up of young children from friends and members of the royal family including…….WHO FRIGGIN CARES!
  • Last week – a dude was delivering pizza. He pulled up to the house and went to the front door.  A random dude threw bleach in the face of delivery guy and stole the pizza and then yelled, “You ain’t supposed to be here white boy.” The driver is expected to recover but the dude was arrested and he’s gonna be charged with assault.
  • There’s a show on TV…oh I’m sorry….Not TV…the BBC…. called Top Gear. It’s a car show.  They talk about the different types of cars whether be muscle cars or the new breed of sports cars.  Well, they offended Mexico the other day and the ambassador is looking for some apologies.  He claimed that the comments made by presenters were insults and offensive.  You be the judge.  Here is what they said….#1 – “Why would you want a Mexican car? Because cars reflect national characteristics don’t they? Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.”#2 – “That’s why we won’t get any complaints about this because at the Mexican embassy the ambassador’s going to be sitting there with a remote control like this,” said one of the hosts , pretending to slump in a chair, snoring. The irony in that last comment is that he DID complain and is now demanding an apology.
  • Last week this dude bought a bunch of chicks at a bar and just started buying them drinks.  At some point – he discovered they were drag queen…and he was pissed.  He started breaking bottles and actually had a massive knife with him.
  • The Blues got a victory over the Canucks last night beating them 3-2.  The team is off for the next couple of days and then heads to New York to take on Buffalo.
  • While here in town everyone is wondering what will happen next with Pujols, in Washington D.C, a Cardinal Legend is being honored with the President Medal of Freedom.  Stan Musial is in D.C today to be honored.  With Musial, 11 other people, including former President Old George Bush, poet Maya Angelou, and Celtics great Bill Russell will be given the highest civilian award given out by the President.
  • The NFL filed an unfair labor practice suit against the players’ union yesterday.  Basically the NFL is saying the union, “(QUOTE) consistently has failed to confer in good faith” during negotiations.  Basically it’s the NFL saying the player’s union aren’t willing to listen or talk about anything.  The current collective bargaining agreement expires March 3rd and everyone is saying we can expect a lock out.  The NFL is saying the union wants to let time run out so it can file an antitrust lawsuit against the league.
  • Tiger Woods is in trouble again.  Big trouble.  He spit on the green during a recent event in Dubai and…whoa…the European Tour is pissed.  The say he breached the code of conduct and will be fined.  Tiger Tweeted yesterday and said, “I know better, I just wasn’t thinking and I want to say I’m sorry.”
  • And here’s something kind of sad…if you care.  One of the dudes from the VISA “Never Miss A Superbowl Club” died last week.  It’s the guy who missed his first Super Bowl a few weeks back because of an illness.  He was the dude who had the white goatee.  He was 79 years old.

  • Serene Branson did NOT have a stroke.  She was checked out and she is O.K.
  • Lindsay Lohan announced that she did take the necklace…and wanted to return it the day after…because – she was too busy. What?! Are you effing kidding me?!
  • Charlie Sheen says he tried to go back to work and no one was there.  Was he?
  • Tonya Harding is pregnant
  • The Grammy’s were watched by 26 million people
  • Michael Vick will be on Oprah next Thursday
David Letterman: The 2011 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model, a Top Ten List with Joy Philbin, Josh Groban
Jay Leno: Liam Neeson, Dave Salmoni, Gretchen Wilson
Jimmy Kimmel: Jeremy Renner, Eric Stonestreet, Black Dub
Craig Ferguson: William Shatner, Gillian Jacobs
Jimmy Fallon: Victoria Beckham, Jeff Probst, Joe Mauer, Drive-By Truckers
Carson Daly: Kevin Smith, Alex Pardee, A Perfect Circle
Conan O’Brien: Dr. Phil McGraw, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jump City: Seattle
Lopez Tonight: Justin Bieber, Diane Kruger, Far East Movement

“The Wedding Crashers” actress Jane Seymour is 60
“Glee” star Amber Riley is 25
Incubus singer Brandon Boyd is 35
“Simpsons” creator Matt Groening is 57
Hockey Star Jaromir Jagr is 39 

Jasmine Tame – 25 – Today’s birthday girl has dished out more head than a key of beer at a high school party in 153 fine films including:
– The Da Vinci Load
– Weapons Of Ass Destruction 5
– Boning Bonita Chicas
– King Dong
– Load Warriors
– In Thru The Backdoor Vol 2
– Camel Toe Obsessions
– Down The Hatch 17
– Face Time
– I Was Tight Yesterday Vol 4
– Tonsil Train


In Michigan, police arrested a 5 foot 2, 400lbs woman.  She was riding her motorized cart through her store.  She jammed about $600 worth of equipment (like electronics and stuff) and when she made a getaway…she got stuck in between the door.  The alarm was going off.  When employees came to see what was going on – she punched the security guard in the face.  She was then tazed by cops and taken off to jail.  Jesus…sexy!

A guy put 11 packs of meat in a shopping cart and try to get out of the store…Well – he ran over a four year old’s foot…then tried to flee but he got caught and was arrested with about 1,000 charges. What state? STATE: FLORIDA!

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2 Responses to TUESDAY SHOW BLOG (2/15/2011)

  1. Michael Opich says:

    Hey Woody or Rizz, you guys played a song “Time of My Life” by two handicapped people. Where can I find it cuz it was Fuckin AWESOME!!!

  2. Rich taylor says:

    BURTATION TAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!

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