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Today’s Anthem: Scott Stapp serenades us sweetly!

Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

  • Japan got hit with an 8.9 Earthquake and now the threat of Tsunami’s are headed right to Hawaii and California.  That’s all we really now right now.  We’ll keep you posted.  Tons already reported as dead.
  • A woman found out that her husband was on a vacation with some other broad.  They live in different states for work.  He lives in Illinois, she lives on the East Coast.  Well she found out and went to the hubbys house.  She then cut the crotch out of EVERY SINGLE CROTCH out of the woman’s clothes.  It literally was almost $2,000 worth of clothes.  Here is the funny part.  The husband says the wife is crazy and the woman he vacationed with…is just an old friend.  REALLY?!  What a ritard.
  • This broad and guy in Britain had only been dating for a month and they broke up. He took it hard.  Facebook, texts, and mega calls.  Just begging her to come back.  She called the cops and got a restraining order.  And then he took it a step further.  He created 35 websites that bashed this chick.  He now has a lifetime restraining order against her.
  • Cops in Connecticut say that a woman is now facing charges after she made her son sleep in a locked dog crate because he was acting out and peeing in his bed.  The mom – who was just released on $100,000 bond – was charged with risk of injury to a minor.  The mom was arrested after cops say the kids sister told someone at school that she kept getting up at night to let her brother out of his “sleep locker”.  The crate was 3 feet by 1 ¾ feet and just under 3 feet high. The mother is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.
  • What is it with moms and getting their toddlers involved with their pot habit?  A 30 year old New York woman is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child after cops say she let her 3 year old daughter wander onto the road while holding a baggie of pot.  Mom was of course – sleeping in her apartment – when the 3 year old opened the front door and began walking into oncoming traffic.  A driver pulled over, grabbed the child and called 911.  Cops say when they pulled up the kid was holding about 15 grams of pot.  She was arrested for child endangerment but later released.
  • WHO FRIGGIN CARES?!?!?!?:  Ashton Jones was eliminated from American Idol.
  • The Blues got their 3rd win in a row last night after beating the Canadians 4-1.  The team is off today but takes on the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday at home.  You can see the game on Fox Sports Midwest @ 7pm.
  • Mizzou officially eliminated from Big 12 tournament play last night.  They lose to Texas A&M 86-71.  The Tigers finish their season 23-10 and now have to wait for an at-large bid to get in to the NCAA Tourney.
  • The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire…for the second time…at 4pm today.  Both sides still can’t agree on a deal.  The NFLPA says there will no longer listen to the idea of an 18 game season and they want to see all financial reports from the league and league isn’t budging on that.  Regardless – reports are coming out that it looks like there may be ANOTHER extension…it just needs to get done.
  • So the Miguel Cabrera DUI arrest just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Cops released the dashboard cam and the in car camera from when he was busted a few weeks back.  I’ll put a link to the video on the blog but it’s kind of boring.  But now the manager of the BBQ place where Cabrera apparently got hammered is saying that Cabrera threatened to kill him saying, QUOTE: “You don’t know me…I’ll kill you.” Then after he bounced, Cabrera apparently walked into the middle of the highway after cops stopped him and said, “Go ahead effin shoot me….kill me!” You can see how actually drunk this dude is on the video.  He mumbles and starts yelling for his brother in Spanish.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


  • Cops went to Sheen’s house yesterday.  Is this ever going to end?  They were looking for weapons. They found an antique gun and some bullets – but he wasn’t arrested.  Now – because of the restraining order..he’s not allowed to have weapons…All is good.  Sheen also sued Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre for $100,000,000.
  • Gallagher collapsed during a performance yesterday.
  • Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake broke up.  Wahhhh…

David Letterman: Howard Stern, Naughty By Nature (R 2/3/11)
Jay Leno: Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, John Legend (R 2/14/11)
Jimmy Kimmel: Howard Stern, Michael Franti and Spearhead (R 3/3/11)
Craig Ferguson: Amanda Peet, Phil Hanley
Jimmy Fallon: Ann Curry, Patrice O’Neal, Raekwon with Ghostface (R 2/18/11)
Carson Daly: Michael Rapaport, Yelawolf (R 2/16/11)

Benji And Joel Madden is 32
Johnny Knoxville is 40
Terrance Howard is 42
Lisa Loeb is 43
Vinne Paul is 47
Joey Buttafuoco is 55
Bobby McFerrin is 61
Sam Donaldson is 77
Rupert Murdoch is 80
Aaron Eckhart is 43
Darryl Strawberry is 49
James Taylor is 63
Liza Minnelli is 65
Danny Masterson is 35
William H. Macy is 61

Ron Jeremy – 58 – who has speared more fish than an Aborigine fisherman in 1,916 fine films including:
– Frankenpenis
– 21 Hump Street
– The Babes of Bonerville
– Mistress Hiney
– The Beverly Hills Butt Broker
– Ally McFeel
– Fag Hags
– Bone Alone
– Generally Horny Hospital
– Hung Wankenstein
– I Ream A Genie
– Super Hornio Brothers
– Ass Gas And The Mystical Glop
– Let Me Tell Ya Bout Fat Chicks

where a mom thought that her and her boyfriend where just a little too tipsy to drive.  She didn’t want to go to jail.  But unfortunately for her – he decision is probably going to end her up there anyway.  33 year old Audrey Willoughby was arrested for child abuse after she let her 10 year old daughter drive her home after her and her boyfriend had too much to drink.  The little girl smashed into three vehicles and a house on the way home.  The boyfriend decided it might be best if the little girl was to drive the group of bar goers home and mommy totally agreed.  She handed the 10 year old the keys and jumped in the back seat with her other 8 year old brother.  Almost immediately after pulling into traffic, the 10 year old started crashing into cars.  In a panic, the girl hit the gas instead of the break and went smashing their super sweet Toyota Corolla into a house.  No one was injured but the mom is looking at almost 18 months or more in prison if found guilty.

-A Connecticut man is in the hospital after cops say he stabbed someone in the middle of getting his haircut.  David Davis was sitting inside an apartment getting his hair cut when a dude walked up to him and started arguing him.  Davis felt threatened so he picked up a pair of scissors…and slashed the dude in the back. Davis also had a cut on his back but nothing was too serious.  The best part about this whole story?  Look at this cracked out a-holes hair when he had his mugshot taken.  You would think you’d at least have waited till the haircut was finished to do the stabbin’. He currently sits in court and is being held on $5,000 bond.

– On Monday – a dude breaks into a house in Oregon.  The homeowner comes home while he’s doing it.  So – he calls 911 on himself.  Then he gets arrested and released.  But wait – there is more.  The same dude was arrested AGAIN in Washington State two days later.  What an idiot.

– A dude pulls over in the breakdown lane…because he found a nice shiny hubcap.  He tried to make it back across the highway and was crushed by an oil tanker and died.
– A woman was wearing a fake pregnant belly that was full of 21 POUNDS of ecstasy.  She is SUPER in trouble like HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE CHARGES.  Ecstasy fail.

– A couple of guys were cock fighting…with birds…where one man got a little to close to the action and a bird with razor blades attached to his legs cut the bejesus out of him and the mad bled to death and died.

– A woman walked into a sex shop and held up what she thought was the lone employee at the store. Well she wasn’t.  When the criminal tried to bounce…two dudes who were joing in the back tackled the robber and caught her.  JOING WIN!

– A 400 million dollar rocket is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.  Mega launch fail.

Cops got a call about a car that was stopped in the middle of a busy road.  When they got there – they asked the guy behind the wheel what the hell he was doing and he said he was “talking to God” and God wanted him to go to a dance club.  The man was aware of what state he was but said he was too busy adjusting because he was from the year 33 A.D.  The man is seeking psychological treatments in prison. WHAT STATE? OHIO

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  2. Whitty says:

    I think you should have all the past female loser get together and confrence call this lil bitch and have the “Losers”(who are really winners ) Go off on him and his dumb gf…and record it for us to listen to.. Suck IT

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    We need to find that douche ASAP before he reproduces more mini douches!

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    Epic Show!!!

    That guy is a tool. Keep up the good work!

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