1. Morimoto (Woody, Riz, & Mayor Fred Endorse)

2. Tootsie (Masters Endorses)

3. Body By Bud

4. Fire Marshall JO (Patrico Endorses)




Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

  • Last Friday a dude in Pittsburgh called into a radio show about a ticket he had got.  So he asked them what to do.  They said (when you’re not high) go to the Police station.  Well he did…when he was high…and the cops were listening.  So they busted him as soon as he walked in.
  • Remember Serene Branson who everyone thought stroked out during her broadcast?  Well I guess it’s contagious.  Check this out….
  • People are pissed at Steve Jobs because they say he approved an app that “cures” homosexuality.  Ha! What?! Really?!  Who believes that?!  There REALLY is an app for everything.
  • Apple has been carefully monitoring the iPad 2 returns.  When people return one – they are asked why…he returned his BRAND NEW iPAD 2 because “His wife said No.”  Well his response worked its way all the way to the top of the company.  So what did they do? They sent him a BRAND NEW iPAD 2 with a note that say, “APPLE SAYS YES!”
  • WHO FRIGGIN CARES: Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79.
  • For the 4th time in 5 games, the Blues lost last night against as the Phoenix Coyotes got the win 2-1.  The team is off today and take on the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow at the Scott Trade.  It’s the last Blues Student Night, so you can get cheap tickets with a student ID.  Got to 1057thepoint for more info.
  • As we mentioned yesterday – Barry Bonds perjury trial started. Bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in ‘03, when he told them he never knowingly took steroids. And his attorney laid out Barry’s defense in his opening statements.  He said Barry didn’t know he was taking steroids, because his trainer LIED TO HIM. The guy supposedly told Barry he was giving him flax seed oil and arthritis cream. (REALLY?!)  Barry’s attorney said, quote, “I know that doesn’t make a great story.  But that’s what happened.” In other words, Barry may have taken steroids, but he didn’t take them KNOWINGLY.  Thus, he didn’t lie to the grand jury. And then I love this…The prosecutor called that alibi, quote, “ridiculous and unbelievable.”
  • A quick college basketball note:  Reports came out last night that Arkansas will OFFICIALLY offer Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson their head coaching position.  However – it’s unclear if Anderson will stay in Columbia, or if he will accept the position.  If something happens this morning – we’ll let ya know.
  • The NFL made some rule changes yesterday.  Starting this year – kick offs will be moved up to the 35-yard line BUT touchbacks will still only come out to the 20.  Reason being? They want to make kickoffs safer.  The only other rule that was voted on – ALL scoring plays are now reviewable by the replay official and the refs.  These all go into effect this year….if there is a season.


  • Chris Brown had a breakdown on Good Morning America last night.  He was there to talk about his album and he had a little bit of a temper tantrum because the host asked him about his Rhianna incident.  He lost it and went home and smashed a chair into a window and shattered the glass.  Of course – he ripped off his shirt and went nuts.  ABC is NOT going to press charges and that’s good news for Brown because he’s on probation.
  • That crazy broad that sings that “Friday” song….she’s mega popular/not popular right now.  The Youtube clip has reached 36 million views.  Well – is she making money?  She is pulling down about $24,000…..A WEEK!
  • Lawrence Taylor has got some good news and some bad news…he’s getting NO jail time for the rape charge of a 14 year old prostitute.  He’s getting 6 years probation and he will have to register as a sex offender. The prostitute may still sue via Civil Courts and the hooker…she’s hired…Gloria Allred.
  • When Paris Hilton was 18 she said if a dude is 1% black..she wouldn’t date him.  She says she would never touch a black guy…she thinks they are gross.
David Letterman: Ben Stiller, Dario Franchitti, the Strokes
Jay Leno: Carol Burnett, Jason Ritter, Keith Urban
Jimmy Kimmel: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jerry Weintraub, Quinn Sullivan
Craig Ferguson: Jim Parsons (R 2/2/11)
Jimmy Fallon: Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Geoffrey Canada, Friendly Fires, Bootsy Collins
Carson Daly: Ben Schwartz, Duncan Jones, Biffy Clyro
Conan O’Brien: Vanessa Hudgens, The Miz, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Lopez Tonight: Matthew McConaughey, Micky Ward, Ron Artest featuring George Lopez, Fat Joe, B Real, Lenny and Max from Aventura and Taz


Singer Chaka Khan is 58.
Actress Amanda Plummer is 54.
Actress Catherine Keener is 52.
Actress Hope Davis is 47.
Actor Richard Grieco is 46.
NBA’er Jason Kidd is 38.
Perez Hilton is 33.
Actress Keri Russell is 35.

Champagne Pendavis – 41  – today’s bday hooker has done dirtier jobs than Mike Rowe in 98 fine films:

– Put Em On Da Glass
– Blackdoor Babes
– Yo Yo Yo
– Jiggy Juice
– Anal Pool Party 6
– Booty in the House
– Dyke Land 3
– Truck Stop Angels
– It Don’t Matter Just Don’t Bite It
– Violation of Cinnabuns!

A man was running from cops and crashed his truck but when he was finally caught he had a very believable excuse.  He said Dr. Phil warned him of an alien attack.  Before he left the house he ripped out the phones and the smoke detectors and swore he saw a helicopter that he promises was the aliens.  Then he didn’t stop because the lights and sirens from the cops…he thought they were from aliens.  He said he got high and then heard the warning…but…getting high had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT according to him.  Total hooshe!




– A man who lost his foot in a car crash is suing a paramedic who STOLE a man’s foot from the crash.  Umm…simple enough.  BITCH BE TRIPPIN!

– A woman in Chicago called 911 and told them that her boyfriend was attacking her.  The cops showed up and she confessed what was going down.  She wanted to SCARE her boyfriend into proposing to her.  She was arrested and he broke up with her.  BITCH BE TRIPPIN!

– During a break up a man stuck his tongue out at his ex.  Well – he had his tongue pierced and she BIT DOWN ON THE PIERCING AND RIPPED IT OUT OF HIS MOUTH! BITCH BE TRIPPIN!

– A woman who has been collecting disability for years who claims she could only walk with crutches or a walker is in some serious trouble after she was caught RUNNING A MARATHON!  BITCH BE TRIPPIN!

– Check this out – a lesbian broke up with her girlfriend….and then married a dude.  Well fast forward a few years and the lesbian asked to stay with the couple.  They agreed.  And then woke up with the lesbian…holding a knife…standing over their bed…talking on the phone saying that she was probably going to prison for murder.  WTF.  Bitch be TRIPPIN!

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