Today’s Anthem: Some Crack Head Butchers it!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are racist?! HAHAAHAHA!

WHICH ONE CHARGED THE LEAST?  One hooker in the pictures below charged $17.00 for oral sex, the other charged $500….can you guess which one?!

If you guessed the hooker on the left….you are very correct!  What a discount!


1.  The Milkman (Masters Endorses)

2. Clark Jizz-wald (Riz & Patrico Endorse)

3.  Marty Party (Woody & Fred Endorse)

4. Benjamin Dover

Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

  • Sad news this morning….the man who invented Super Glue has died this morning at the age of 92.  He died of congestive heart failure.
  • Remember baby Jessica?  Well she just turned 25 and now she can pick up her $800,000 trust fund that was started for her back in the day.  Well she is all grown up and she is NOT the looker.  She’s not quite the cute baby Jessica you remember.
  • Jail’s in New York are thinking about putting Flat Screen TV’s in the holding cells to advertise to the prisoners.  It could generate almost $15,000 in return revenue.  NEAT!
  • WHO FRIGGIN’ CARES: The Women’s Final Four has it’s first 2 members.  Notre Dame and Stanford.  Neat!
  • Jessi Slaughter (the girl from the Ya Done Goofed internet video craze) is back in the news.  Why?  Her father was arrested after she reported him for punching him in the face.  Check out the NSFW video by clicking HERE.
  • Researchers say that kids are now becoming FACEBOOK depressed. The constant in your face friend tally and liked statuses are really effected the youth.  Awww…boohoooooo!
  • In Houston, a deaf dude is accused of biting another deaf dudes ear off.  The reason?  The first deaf guy was signing a conversation, and the other deafy interrupted.  So one guy dumped malt liquor on the first guy…and then ran out into the street where he was hit by a Dodge Durango.  He was taken to the hospital and was arrested and handcuffed to a wheelchair and then escaped.  But – he was eventually narc’ed out and cops tracked him down and put him in jail.
  • Here is the video that Woody was talking about about the Computer nerd getting revenge on the A-hole that stole his computer:
  • Jose Canseco keeps getting douchier.  Over the weekend he was to participate in some celebrity boxing match vs. no one you’ve ever heard of and believe it or not…he’s still cheating.  When the pre bout weigh ins started, Canseco , who was wearing sunglasses and a tshirt left people starting to wonder…where did the tattoos on his arms go?  Well – they weren’t there because……it wasn’t Jose but it was his TWIN BROTHER OZZIE.  Now the fight promoter is looking for the $10,000 that Jose was paid for the bout to be paid back to him.  No word from Jose.  He’ll probably have his brother do the talking.
  • So for the past week, Chad Ochocinco has been playing football.  Well – actually here in America we call it soccer.  He has been trying out for the MLS team Sporting KC.  And it’s a legit tryout.  And believe it or not – he’s actually doing pretty damn well.  Soccer analysts said that if he worked at about 20% of his game (including his touch and his headers) he’d have a decent chance of making the team.  Ochocinco said if there is an NFL lockout, even if he doesn’t make the team – he’d like to stay on and work with the team on their practice team.
  • Yesterday was kind of a strange day for the Blues.  TJ Oshie was a no show at their morning practice and all the team is saying is that it was an unexcused absence and they will be handling it internally.  Now – this could be a simple as oversleeping or something much more severe.  Of course the team is being pretty hush hush on it all.  The team will take on the Minnesota Wild tonight at the Scott Trade.  You can watch the game on Fox Sports Midwest…faceoff is 7pm.
  • And finally – one quick college basketball note: Purdue’s head coach Matt Painter will meet with folks from Mizzou basketball today in talks of taking over the head coaching position left by Mike Anderson.


  • Apparently the Sheen Tour were the “tickets sold out in minutes” REALLY didn’t sell out.  Scalpers bought most of the tickets.  As of last night, STUBHUB had 1,200 tickets from a theater that holds on 5,000 people.  Apparently most of the tickets that were bought were purchased by scalpers.  And they are having trouble unloading them.
  • Apparently Willie Nelson could get let off easy if he sings a song inside the courtroom.  If he sings a popular song in the courtroom, it would only warrant him a $100 fine.  That’s it!  WILLIE…do it!  GET OFF WILLIE!  GET OFF!
  • The cast of Jersey Shore is about to hit up Italy to start filming the 4th season.  Italians – they aren’t happy.  What are they saying? “They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians.” “When I see this – I wonder if Osama Bin Laden had a point.” No premiere date for the 4th Shore yet…
  • Elizabeth Taylor left behind a $600 million dollar fortune…also left behind a $100 million dollars worth of jewelery.
  • Will Ferrell is hinting at that he could be the replacement on The Office.  Don’t take it too seriously.
  • Check this out.  When you get on a flight…would you want to see THIS?

David Letterman: Snoop Dogg
Jay Leno: Howie Mandel, Dierks Bentley
Jimmy Kimmel: Johnny Knoxville, the latest “Dancing With the Stars” castoff, Britney Spears
Craig Ferguson: Larry King, Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Jimmy Fallon: Liv Tyler, Copyright Criminal All-Stars
Carson Daly: Neil Strauss, Death, Freddie Gibbs
Conan O’Brien: Paul Giamatti, Olivia Munn, Panic! At The Disco
Lopez Tonight: Vanessa Hudgens, Sergio Mendes

Comedian Eric Idle is 68.
Actor Christopher Lambert is 54.
Singer Perry Farrell of Porno for Pyros and Jane’s Addiction is 52.
Comedian Amy Sedaris is 50.
Model Elle Macpherson is 48.
Singer-harmonica player John Popper of Blues Traveler is 44.
Actress Lucy Lawless is 43.  

Emma Cummings – 24 – more dudes have gone deep on today’s bday girl than on Carlos Zambrano in 395 fine films including:
– Broke Down Bitches
– Smothered And Covered
– Culos Gigantes
– F My Wife Mandingo
– Low Ridin’ Latina’s
– Goo Girls Vol 31
– Interracial Demolition
– Oops! I Squirted
– A Bird In The Hand…2 In The Bush
– We Wanna Gangbang the Babysitter

TODAY’S HEADLINE HOOSE COMES TO US FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA WHERE A bride was arrested at her own wedding reception after she kicked a police officer.  Cops say 28 year old Angela Davito was having the day she has always dreamed of…until a large brawl in the back yard of the house they were having the reception at.  Cops tried to stop the fight but officers had to use pepper-spray to calm the crowd.  That’s when people got angry and got aggressive toward the officers and then Angela charged at a guest. When a cop tried to stop her she kicked him and was placed under arrest.
What do you do when a local news station flashes your picture and your name as a suspect in an arson case?  Well – if you are this dude – you go down and file a formal complaint and then go rob a bank right across the street.  And have it all caught on camera.  What state?! FLORIDA!

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