Today’s Anthem: Kat Deluna flashes it up big time!

From Michael:

I particularly didn’t care for your comments this morning about how our Military was “retarded”.  As a member of the Armed Forces for the past 23 years, I take pride in the everyday missions that I receive. To have someone such as yourself call us “retarded” is a slap in the face.  I don’t know if you have ever served and those comments just show that you have no respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday so people like you can make so called comments about how we do business.  Missions of this sort take and enormous amount of people and resources to ensure the information and whereabouts of such people are correct.  To go and eliminate a threat and to not have any civilian casualties is a very delicate matter at hand. From your comments about the Military this morning, I will no longer listen to your morning show and will make sure that all of my comrades know what you really think of us.

Here is the deal…if you want to talk ish on the show..know what you are talking about.  That text was sent from A LISTENER!  NOT OUR WORDS.  GET OVER YOURSELF MAN…COME ON!


1. Brad Pitt (Woody, Riz & Patrico all endorse)

2. Mark Summers (Terry Endorses)

3. The Naked Chef

4. Ginderella


Here is today’s DISCOUNT NEWS. Remember – these stories may be a few days old…but if you haven’t heard it – it’s news to you!

  • A woman who was a Playboy Playmate…in the 50’s….was found dead in her house at 82 years old.  She had been dead for so long that her body had begun to mummify.  Her body had been laying there for about a year….and it literally had already showed signs of mummification.  A neighbor found her….in a room….with a space heater still on.  Apparently the body was so gross and decayed…you couldn’t even recognize her….
  • Coin Operated Tanning Bed out of his bed ran by a chubby handlebar mustache wearing creepster was video taping girls as they tanned.  Really?!  NO WAY was this obvious as hell.  He tried to tell people it was just for his use…but that doesn’t make it better. 
  • Osama Bin Laden is still dead.  The NY Times actually had to yell, “STOP THE PRESSES,” when they got the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  The woman killed in the raid was NOT one of Osama’s wives. When the SEALS went in, the needed to ID who Bin Laden was…and how did they found him?  One of his wives accidentally called his name. Bin Laden was shot twice, once in the head, and once in the chest.  The mission was Project Geranimo.  The SEALS were the special forces unit that hunts terrorists. Check out the pictures of the Bin Laden compound.  Also – check out the raid taking place while the White House watches by clicking HERE.


  • Kyle Loshe got roughed up yesterday giving up a grand slam, a solo homer, and a triple as the Florida Marlins went on to beat the Cards 6-5.  Last week’s NL player of the week Lance Berkman hit a 3 run homer in the loss.  Tonight – the two teams are at it again…first pitch is 7:15pm. On a side note – David Freese won’t be in action.  His broken hand will put him on the bench for at least 2 months.
  • Last night an overtime goal by Boston put them up 2 games to none against Philadelphia…tonight Tampa looks to go up 3 games to none in their series against Washington and the Canucks and Nashville take the ice with their series tied at 1 game a piece.
  • In the NBA – the Hawks beat Chicago in game 1. Derek Rose rolled his ankle in the final seconds of the game.  It’s rumored he’ll be announced as the leagues MVP today but he’s listed as day-to-day with his ankle injury.  In the late game, the Mavericks win a close one with the Lakers in game 1.  Tonight Boston and Miami take the court with Miami leading that series 1-0 and the Thunder look to even their series with the Grizzlies at 1 game a piece.
  • Other NBA news….remember this audio….well it’s even funnier because it was for no reason now.  The owners of the Sacramento Kings have decided to stay in Sacramento for one more season.  They say they will stay put – as long as a new arena plan is put into effect sometime next year.  The team was rumored to be heading to Anaheim, but after petitioning from city officials and the fans, the team will remain in Sacramento.


  • Here are some more Celebrity Tweets about Bin Laden’s death. Click HERE to check em out.
  • What was Corey Feldman doing the weekend that Osama Bin Laden was taken down?  Check out THIS movie…it’s a bunch of entertainers that were in Afghanistan attempting to take down Bin Laden.  This looks terrible…
David Letterman: Caroline Kennedy, Ty Burrell
Jay Leno: Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin
Jimmy Kimmel: Anthony Hopkins, Andre Agassi, the latest “Dancing with the Stars” castoff
Craig Ferguson: Geoffrey Rush, Reese Waters, OK Go
Jimmy Fallon: Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Elmo
Carson Daly: Jason Eisener, Shane Smith, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Conan O’Brien: Steve Martin, Atticus Shaffer
Lopez Tonight: Kaley Cuoco, Idris Elba, 2AM Club

Anne B. Davis who was Alice from Brady Bunch is 85
Greg Gumbel is 65
“Dancing With The Stars” dancer Cheryl Burke is 27
Ron Popeil is 76

Saliva lead singer Josey Scott
Singer/songwriter Christopher Cross
The Four Seasons singer Frankie Valli is 77
‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown is dead…but it would have been his b-day today.

Celeste – 39 – today’s mattress actress has taken more shots to the face than Osama Bin Laden in 163 fine films including:
– Best of Spanking
– Poetry of the Flesh
– Single Tight Female
– Backdoor Brides Vol 4
– Chateau Du Cheeks
– Bosoms Are for Loving
– Dripping with Desire
– Anal Ski Vacation

Today’s headline hooshe comes to us from Charleston West Virgina, where a 19 year old got himself high on bath salts and kidnapped his neighbors goat.  Cops got a call from the neighbor that said the dude stole her goat that was a gift for her 4 year old neighbor.  Someone tipped them off that the goat was at the house….so they went to get it.  They found the dude…who killed the goat…wearing bra and panties….and laying right next to a porno magazine.  WTF?! Is this a foreal story?! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!  Unfortunately yes…this is real life hooshe!

That Sucks!
– A woman tried to lose weight and she had what seemed to be a pregnant belly….she finally went to the doctor after a year of not losing weight.  And she found out her answer.  She had a 15 pound cyst on her ovaries. GROSS!
– A woman met a dude in a chat room.  She thought she was talking to a fireman.  They sent letters, pictures and notes to each other.  She was married…but unhappy.  She left her husband and went to go marry the dude…and he eventually died of liver cancer.  But – there’s more.  There wasn’t a real person..it was all a joke played by some other bitch.  THAT SUCKS!
– A bunch of deaf guys were at a bar signing to each other.  A female gang member thought that the deaf guys were throwing up gang signs and she left and brought back her crew and stabbed three of them.  IDIOTS!  SUCKS!

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  1. Seth says:

    My mother called Petricco a sick bastard for the pickle thing hahahaha

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