• Chris’s Pancake House
  • Gingham’s
  • South City Diner
  • Uncle Bill’s
  • Benton Park Cafe
  • Ghettemeyers – the love stack
  • Main Street Cafe
  • Cozy Corner in Illinois
  • White Castle – breakfast sliders
  • Schneithorst – German utopia
  • Boardwalk Cafe
  • Hodak’s
  • Eat Rite
  • pot brownies


Tribal Band Around Bicep

  • What you think it says: I am totally badass and everyone is gonna be able to tell that I hit the gym regularly.
  • What it really says: I only do curls at the gym, so I need to circle my one muscular body part to divert attention away from my scrawny legs.

Celtic Symbol on Back

  • What you think it says:  I’m out of the house now, so I’m totally getting that tattoo.  I’m freaking rebellious, and when school starts, everyone is gonna know it!
  • What it really says:  I can’t go swimming when Granny is around.

Butterfly on Small of Back

  • What you think it says:  This is a cute accent to my already attractive body.  It will draw attention to my waist, which is a good feature of mine.
  • What it really says:  aim here…

Poem on Forearm

  • What you think it says: I’m artistic and creative.  I went to a Liberal Arts college for a while, and my experiences there made me a better person and expanded my world view.  My new outlook on life is best-represented by this particular poem, so I wear it on my body at all times.
  • What it really says:  Hi, I’m a bike messenger.  I’m here to deliver some important documents.

Small Heart on Pelvis:

  • What you think it says:  This tattoo is a special gift for someone who I care deeply about…when they perform an act.
  • What it really says:  I paid a hairy, sweaty tattoo artist $35 to rest his hand on my special are for an hour.

Flower on Foot

  • What you think it says:  I’m officially the coolest R.A. in the dorm building!  The other grad students are never going to believe I went through with it, and they are gonna think I’m so awesome!
  • What it really says:  I will regret this when I graduate and have to get a real job.

Funny Cartoon on Ass

  • What you think it says:  I’m going to be the life of the party now with this hilarious ass tattoo!  Everyone is going to pay attention tome!
  • What it really says:  I let a stranger put his hands inches from my b-hole for three hours.

Spider on your Skull:

  • What you think it says:  I’m not satisfied by just freaking people out with my normal piercings and tattoos.  I need something that lets people know that I really, really don’t give a damn about anything.
  • What it really says:  I’m on probation and there’s a good chance I might kill you.


  • Cops in Tennessee arrested a music teacher after he was busted having sex in the parking lot outside of a local elementary school.  What makes it even better…is that he was having sex…with a sex doll.  Cops showed up after getting calls that there was a white male, with a duffle bag, hanging out under a bridge on school property.  Cops showed up and saw the man performing sex acts on a child-like doll where the dude had cut holes into.  The report says that this dude was naked and could be seen from the road.  He said, “I happened to be there and I didn’t even know I was on school property.”  Needless to say – he was arrested and we can only imagine he was soooo fired.
  • A family in Texas noticed that their dog had been out roaming the neighborhood.  It wasn’t that big a deal because little Fido or whatever the dog’s name was known as an “outside dog.”  It was around 8:30 AM when the dog returned home…and the lab had gotten itself a prize from the streets…a HUMAN HAND!  Cops searched the area and around 2 1/2 hours later they found the body of a man.  They say it appears he had been there for at least 2-3 weeks and paperwork found in the man’s pocket led them to believe he was an illegal immigrant.  On a related note – the border states are looking to hire this dog full time.
  • A man high on drugs broke into a Pennsylvania home of 3 women over the weekend and was found taking a shower.  When police arrived, they found a window on the first floor open and a window screen broken.  They also heard a man yelling from inside the home and found this dude naked in the shower.  At the police station the dude told police he had smoked some pot and did a little coke earlier in the day.  Here is where the story gets awesome…this drugged up douche started ranting about President Obama and continued his rants at the police station, saying he was “the coolest mother effer on Earth,” and “I bit my own umbilical cord off when I was born.” He was charged with criminal mischief and public drunkenness.
  • Police in Big Beaver, Pennsylvania say they’re searching for the ex-boyfriend of an exotic dancer who was robbed after he robbed her after hiding in the back of her SUV.
  • Hilarious audio clip out of  Sedalia, MO – A man, who probably has less teeth than a newborn, killed his wife…while trying to hang up his flatscreen TV…check out the 6AM podcast for the clip!


  • The Cards lost last night to the Pirates in Pittsburgh 6-2.  The two teams are back at it again tonight…first pitch is scheduled for 6:05.
  • A career milestone for Jim Thome last night.  The Minnesota Twin hit his 600th homerun of his career.  He did it last night by hitting homerunns 599 and 600 in consecutive at bats.  Thome becomes the 8th player in MLB history to reach 600 dingers.
  • Some sad news out of the NHL…Winnipeg Jets center Rick Rypien was found dead in his home on Monday.  Rick had taken a leave of absense from the team to take care of some personal matters…and just a few weeks later was found in his house by family members.  No cause of death has been named…he was 27 years old.
  • A quick NFL note: The San Franscisco 49ers are bringing in 34 year-old Daunte Culpepper for a tryout for the team.  The team made it very clear – if he does well…and outshines both Alex Smith and his back up…he could be a starter.


  • Adam Carolla is in trouble with GLAAD for insulting transgendered people.  It happened last week on his podcast, “The Adam Corolla Show”…and it all started during a conversation with his co-host about that petition someone started to get the “Sesame Street” puppets Bert and Ernie married.   When his co-host mentioned the LGBT community, Adam said, “When did everybody get [expletive] lumped in with the gays, you know what I mean? What percentage is transgendered?” Then he added, “When did we start giving a [expletive] about these people?” Then, discussing the abbreviation “LGBT” itself, Adam said, “Shouldn’t it be  something that spells something like YUCK?”  Of course GLAAD was pissed about it and released a statement saying that they were not too fond of the way that Carolla talked about them on the airwaves…so Carolla apologized, saying “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful.  I’m a comedian, not a politician.”
  • Tara Reid had a busy Saturday.  First she Tweeted, “I just got engaged!”  Then, a few hours later, she followed it up with, “Just got married in Greece. I love being a wife.”
  • Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have a new daughter.  Jessica gave birth to Haven Garner Warren on Saturday.  They also have a 3-year-old daughter named Honor.
  • Former Disney Star & previous Patrico crush Hilary Duff is having a baby.  This will be the first child for Hilary and her husband, NHL star Mike Comrie.  Hilary and Mike just celebrated their first anniversary yesterday.  Hilary Tweeted, quote “We are extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives.”  There’s no word on the due date.
  • Here’s something that will REALLY rock your boat: Justin Bieber has topped a new list of the Richest Teenagers in Hollywood.  Didn’t see that one coming, right?

Here are a few other rich teens, and the estimated amount they raked in:

  • Taylor Lautner – $16 million
  • Nick Jonas – $12.5 million
  • Two and a Half Men” star Angus T. Jones – $6 million
  • Selena Gomez – $5 million
  • Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith – $5 million
  • And his sister Willow Smith – $4 million
  • and teen-heart throb and morning show producer Tony Patrico…didn’t come close.
It’s the end of an era, folks.  The GOSSELIN family is vanishing from your TV…for the most part.  TLC says they’re NOT renewing “Kate Plus 8” for another season.
  • The series finale is set to air on September 12th.  However, TLC adds that they may “check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.”

Late Night TV:

Letterman” –  Chaz Bono

Conan” – Anne Hathaway

Leno” chats it up with Change Up star Ryan Reynolds

Jimmy Kimmel” – Crockett and Affion and Jamie Foxx

Craig Ferguson” –  Rosie Perez

Jimmy Fallon & Carson Daly” – both repeats and not worth seeing again.


James Cameron is 57

Steve Carell is 49

Madonna is 53

Greyson Chance is 14

Rumer Willis is 23

Vanessa Carlton is 31

Timothy Hutton is 51

Angela bassett is 53

Kathie Lee Gifford is 58…and Frank Gifford is 81

Reginald Vel Johnson is 59


Blue October releases their 6th studio album

The Breaking Benjamin Greatest Hits CD that broke up the band is in stores today

Everclear put out a live album that was recorded last year

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8 Responses to TUESDAY PATRICO SHOW BLOG (8/16/2011)

  1. Jason says:

    Where’s the links for any of the videos?

  2. chris says:

    where is the guy removing his wifes name with a power tool!

  3. Marlene says:

    Seriously. sometimes I make myself late to work just to listen to this shit in the AM… Hilarious. Makes my day.

  4. Rita, C says:

    Here’s the air grinder thing:

    Enjoying the show. Miss Woody and Rizz but don’t miss some of their mean comments–can be just as funny without some of them. Hope things keep getting better each day.

  5. Carla Weis says:

    Here’s the link that I got.

  6. nathan r says:

    Where is the link of the guy gettin a tat removed by an air grinder???

    • david tanner says:

      i couldn’t wait to get home from work so i could watch the tattoo removal with a air grinder, patrico where is it at?

  7. Tim says:

    Good STL breakfast place is Billie’s Fine Foods at 1802 S Broadway next to Bar 101. Try the meatloaf omelet

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