– Patrico opens up with his true feelings about Tool.

– On the Morning Meltdown we find out what type of family members people hate.

– An interesting commercial from “Divine Rags”


– A dude in Chicago killed his dad with a weed whacker. IN THE FACE!

– A man in Texas breaks into a woman’s apartment, bites her, and tries to drag her out of the apartment. Only in his boxer. When the police arrest him, he claims he is a vampire.

– The worlds largest stove burns to the ground.

– A Louisiana man decapitates and dismembered his seven year old handicap child because he was tired of taking care of him.


– The Cardinals lost to the Pirates last night.  now the Cards are now 7 games behind the Brewers in the NL central.

– Ex Cardinal Jason Isringhausen and the New York Mets.

–  A felon in jail claim to have hooked tons of ex Miami football players with money, cars, and hookers.

– All read to you like a goodnight story.

– A great moment in sports history read by mono Tim.

Top 10 most entertaining crappy movies from
10. maximum overdrive
9. varsity blues
8.bad boys
7. shoot em’ up
6. Independence day
5. They Live
4. The Skulls
3. Showgirls
2. Crank
1. Road House

Celebrity’s who have nicknamed their shlong’s.
Gary Busey’s is named BIG WEDNESDAY.
Hugh Jackman’s is “Old James Roger”
Rainn Wilson from the office calls his member the “FAIL WHALE”
– To hear what listeners nick-named their wieners, hit up the 7am podcast.

Late Night TV:

Conan has Paul Rudd

Kimmel has Joel McHale (from the soup)

Letterman. Leno, Craig Feruson, Jimmy Falon, and Carson Daily are all repeats.


Robert De Niro – 68

Montana Fishburne- 20 (Daughter of Laurence Fishburne, and porno star)

Bryton McClure- 25 (Riche on “family matters”)


-The top ten best food combination’s.

10. eggs and bacon

9. butter and popcorn

8. pizza and beer

7. salt and pepper

6. burger and fries

5. Spaghetti and meatballs

4. cheese and crackers

3. Tortilla chips and salsa

2. Mashed potoes and gravey

1. Oreos and milk

– For listeners texting in their favorite weird food combination’s, hit up the 8am podcast.

Top 10 reasons why Patrico hates hipsters

1. Kings of Leon, radiohead, vampire weekend, and Arcade Fire.

2. The corporations you support are just as bad as the ones you hate.

3. Life’s tough. Get a helmet.
4. Hypocritical much?

5. Sports are not the anti-Christ

6. People eat animals. they taste real good.

7.  It’s OK to like things without being ironic.

8. Starbucks is tasty. Organic coffee tastes funky.

9. STAG is gross.

10. Smile.

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2 Responses to PATRICO SHOW WEDNESDAY SHOW BLOG (8/17/2011)

  1. mandy says:

    patrico i didnt have the radio on that early, what are your true feelings about Tool?

  2. Aaron Lombard says:

    Come on Patrico, you are doing an awesome job, love the show, but Stag is not gross. Just because some beers are cheap, does not mean that they taste awful. Tacos from Jack in the Box are cheap, and those things are delicious. Keep up the good work. I do miss the porno birthday, but I also appreciate how you are keeping it fresh and not regurgitating the Woody and Rizz show. Happy Birthday to Rizz (for real) and suck it.

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