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Manliest Drinks:

  1. The Gibson –  Gin or vodka, a few drops of vermouth
  2. Boilermaker – Beer with a shot of whiskey or rum dropped in it
  3. Buffalo Sweat – 3 parts bourbon, one part Tobasco sauce
  4. Thunder – 1.5 ounces brandy, pinch of cayenne pepper, one egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
  5. Black Sunday – 1 oz Everclear, 1 oz Wild Turkey 101 Proof Bourbon, black cherry soda to taste
  6. Spicy Sandstorm – 1 oz scotch, 1 oz gin, ground black pepper, splash of Tobasco sauce
  7. Manhattan – 1.5 oz Maker’s, splash of vermouth, dash of bitters
  8. Enpinyo and cow blood – distilled African liquor, fresh cow blood
  9. Moonshine
  10. Courvoisier
  11. Straight gin
Two drinks you have to try:
  • Capri Sun – Cherry vodka, triple sec, sprite, sour mix
  • Red Skittle – dragonberry, cranberry, sprite


  • Last week in Russia, a wife in a happy marriage was just an on-looker as her husband, who was an aviation enthusiast, was getting ready to shoot off a homemade rocket.  The launch suddenly went terribly wrong when the missile blasted off and veered directly at the wife…nailing her directly in the head  The wife was rushed to the ER by paramedics but died shortly after the accident.  The 42 year old husband could see 2 years in prison for manslaughter, but no formal charges have been made.
  • Check this creepster out.  A dude from Naperville, Florida was arrested after allegedly luring two minors into his apartment.  Cops say that this 25 year-old was sitting in a car when he saw the two young girls around quarter to seven.  Police said that one of the minors told her she was led into the man’s bedroom and gave them both chocolate bars.  After they both began eating them…he leaned over…and licked the lips of one of the girls.  The two girls ran out of the apartment and told their moms what happened.  The cops were called and this guy is now charged with battery and child abduction.
  • As we’ve discovered today – the entire staff of the Patrico show hates cats.  Well unfortunately this couple from Florida clearly doesn’t.  Penne and Steven Lefkowitz, owners of Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary ,are now EACH facing 35 counts of animal cruelty.  Animal Services in the area removed nearly 700 cats from the sanctuary.  Of the 700, about 100 of them had to be put down.  Apparently this place was advertised as a “country club for cats,” but turned out to be more like a hoarding safehouse.  Pennie claims that she spent nearly $33,000 on the shelter last year alone.
  • A man walked into an abortion clinic in New Orleans and asked the clerk at the front desk if his girlfriend had just been in to get an abortion.  Two men were buzzed into the clinic and one man asked the clerk the question.  After he asked, he pulled out a gun and forced three employees in the back office and then demanded money.  Cops say one of the women gave the robber money from her purse, but the cops couldn’t catch the men ran out of the store.
  • A 54-year old guy was out fishing with his two sons when he spotted something that he had never seen before..a dude fishing completely naked.  What makes matters worse was that the man stood up and fully exposed himself as the boat passed.  When the cops showed up, they told the man to put on some clothes…and he put on some shorts and just keptfishing.  Here’s a shocker…when the cops ran this guy’s name…they found he had a warrant out for his arrest for stalking.  He was charged with indecent exposure…for the second time.  He got caught showing his johnson in public back in 2009 as well.


  • Two homeruns from Allen Craig helped the Cardinals beat the Pirates last night 7-2.  A win by the Brewers didn’t help the Cards in gaining any ground in the NL Central….but this weekend should be a good series.  The Birds are in Chicago to take on the Cubs.  That series starts tomorrow.
  • Former Mizzou stud and St. Louis native Jeremy Maclin, who is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been officially cleared to start playing football again.  Maclin started having night sweats, fevers, loss of weight and appetite – all signs of lymphoma.  But, after 5 months of tests all came back negative, he should be ready to go during the season opener against the Rams here in St. Louis.
  • This University of Miami thing is getting ugly..and it’s right here in Missouri.  A former Miami booster has said that MIzzou new head basketball coach Frank Haith showed gratitude for a $10,000 payoff to seal a commitment of a player to his old team, the University of Miami.  The booster says that Miami assistant coaches received the money to pass along to the recruit.  In a statement issued by Missouri, Haith issued a general denial and said he would cooperate with NCAA investigators.

MR. SKIN has unveiled his list of the Top 100 Nude Celebrities of All Time…and the top spot goes to Angelina Jolie.
Here’s the top 10:
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Alyssa Milano
  3. Halle Berry
  4. Pamela Anderson
  5. Helen Mirren
  6. Anne Hathaway
  7. Monica Belluci
  8. “Foxy Brown” superstar Pam Grier
  9. Marisa Tomei
  10. Penelope Cruz
Kim Kardashian’s $20 Million Wedding by the Numbers
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting married on Saturday.  AOL says they’re spending $20 million on the wedding which, incidentally, is 20 times what Donald Trump spent on his last wedding.
Here are some other interesting numbers that AOL dug up:
  • $35 million – Kim’s estimated net worth
  • $8 million – Kris’ estimated net worth
  • $100  – The cost of a bottle of Kim’s new fragrance Love, which guests will receive
  • 1,000 – People invited to the wedding
  • 4 – Hours E!’s wedding special will be
  • 20.5 – Carats in the diamonds on Kim’s engagement ring

Late Night TV:

Conan” –  Louie C.K.

Jimmy Kimmel” – Zoe Saldana

Letterman, Leno, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly are all repeats


Andy Samberg is 33

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is 41

Edward Norton is 42

Christian Slater is 42

Everlast is 42

Masta Killa is 43

Denis Leary is 54

Martin Mull is 68

Robert Redford is 75

Roman Polanski is 78

Rosalynn Carter is 84


Strangest Pizzas:

  • Japanese “Mega Pizza” – The crust is made of hot dogs wrapped in bacon and rolls of cheese.  The center is built with hamburgers, cheese rolls, sausage, bacon, ham, bacon bits, mushroom, onion, peppers, garlic and tomato sauce.  It also comes with two toppings – ketchup and maple syrup – and a world of shame once you’re done.
  • Fried Egg – How can something so simple be so disgusting? This fried-egg pizza combination is initially repulsive, then intriguing and then repulsive again
  • Happy Meal Pizza – Possibly the most calorific pizza ever photographed, this is a lesson in learning when to pull back from the brink of insanity.  In short, this is a selection of McDonald’s famous fat kid snacks placed on a pizza base and covered in loads of cheese.  That’s it.  The problem?  We still might eat it.
  • Squid Ink – There is a time and a place to celebrate man’s victory over the sea.  Sitting down for a slice of pizza is not that time or place.  And seriously, squid ink?  Doesn’t that taste like, well, ink, or squid poo?
  • Fruit and Cream – This fruit pizza might be a delicious vitamin c-rich snack.  Or it might be a creamy, disturbing dessert pizza nightmare.  Either way, there’s something about topping a pizza with icing that’s wrong, no matter what course of the meal it comes with.
  • Pickle, Port and Grape – This pizza is made with port wine and gorgonzola cheese.  But despite the undoubted weirdness of those toppings, does anyone else think this actually looks pretty amazing?  In any case, dousing your pizza in alcohol is always a worthy experiment.
  • Rice “Mizza” Pizza – We’re not really sure if this Korean pizza, made out of rice, counts as a pizza at all.  But the curried chicken topping looks unexpectedly appetizing.  Once you’ve crunched through the dry, tasteless inch-thick rice patty, that is.
  • Chocolate – Putting marshmallows and dark chocolate on a pizza might bring back pleasant memories of making s’mores at camp, but that won’t last when you’re throwing up in a bucket.

Best Pizzas in St. Louis:

  • PW pizza downtown
  • Pantera’s
  • Gettemeier’s
  • Hot Shots – hot wings pizza
  • BJ’s supreme pizza
  • PI
  • Black Thorn
  • Joanie’s
  • Faraci’s
  • Nellie Glen’s
  • Pio’s
  • Little Ausie’s
  • Dewey’s

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  1. Angie says:

    What was the name of the pizza place that you mentioned that puts about 5 pounds of cheese on their pizzas? I really want to try it. Thanks!!

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