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Devin writes in and asks if skinny jeans are really that big of a deal breaker?!
RIZZ: Yes – deal breaker
WOODY: Depends – some chicks dig that type of stuff.


Melissa writes in and says she’s a decent lay in the sack…she says her boyfriend says she is too – but the past 3 dudes have also said that.  She wants to know…do dudes lie about how good women are in the bed?!

Ray writes in…he wants to know should we just stay away from used up single moms?  He went into great detail of a plan he had completed involving a single wasn’t great…but we discussed the disadvantage of the single mom. Check out the 6AM podcast for the full discussion.

  • A fat dude saw a guy in Idaho around 3:00AM saw someone breaking into a truck ran outside and took the guy down and then sat on him until cops showed up.  That’s awesome.
  • There’s a fatty in New York who is suing a White Castle because he is too fat to sit in the booth.  He wants to have the booths and chairs become non-stationary so his 291lb fat ass could sit there and enjoy his meal. 
  • A man who owns barbecue restaurants in Montana is SUING company that make the local phone book because instead of his restaurant being listed under restaurants but put him under ANIMAL CARCASS REMOVAL.  Oofah!  Not good.
  • A man in Florida was ticketed for flashing his lights to warn drivers of a police speed trap back in December of 2009.  The man got the ticket thrown out and is now suing because he claims the light flashing is a freedom of speech.  Oh come on!
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg got to use the slide on a plane the other day.  There was some technical difficulties the plane hadn’t even left the ground yet but still…Woody is mega jealous.

  • The Cards beat the Pirates last night and are now 5.5 back in the NL Central and still 4.5 back in the Wild Card.  The team is off tonight and take on Philly tomorrow and Matt Holliday will not be making the trip – he has headed back to ST. Louis to have his hand looked at. Speaking of Philly – they are the first team in baseball to clinch a playoff spot.  They beat Houston yesterday and with the win clinch at LEAST a wild card spot.  Their magic number is 4 to win a 5th straight title.
  • A Colorado Rockies backup catcher named Eliezer Alfonzo has become the first major league baseball player to get the 100-game suspension penalty for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs twice.  Back in April of 08 dude was caught using the juice – and claims that he has not taken any performance enhancing drugs and will fight the suspension.  If he is caught a 3rd time…the penalty is a lifetime ban from the game.
  • Finally – a couple former Patriots are getting after Chad Ochocinco for something he tweeted the other day.  Chad put something on Twitter about his QB Tom Brady saying: “Just waking up after a late arrival, I’ve never seen a machine operate like that n person, to see video game numbers put up n person was WOW.” Well Teddy Bruschi – a former Patriot- went OFF on Ochocinco saying: “Drop the awe factor, OK, Ocho, Chad, drop the awe factor. You’re not a fan, all right. You’re not someone who’s on another team or watching TV. You’re not an analyst. You’re a part of it. Stop tweeting and get in your playbook. Wake up! If you execute out there you don’t think it’s amazing. You know why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do.” If you’re wondering Tom Brady said he doesn’t mind what Chad said and New England Head coach Coach Sweatshirt said he didn’t have a problem with the tweet either.

  • According to police, Shover, pictured left, opened packages of raw ground beef and raw stew beef, eating portions of each before returning them to the shelves. A loss prevention officer and the store manager followed the 53-year-old Shover out to the parking lot where, conveniently, a police officer was found. The officer was able to bring Shover into custody without incident after threatening him with a taser.The Walmart estimates that Shover ate about $24.53 worth of product. He’s charged with retail theft and, due to being a repeat defender, Shover’s crime will be charged as a felony

  • You know that the Scarlett Johansson nude pics are dead to real because the FBI has released a statement.  You can see them for yourselves on our Twitter page.  This is unreal. 
  • Now that Charlie Sheen is sober – he says that the whole Tigers Blood thing was kind of retarded.  Apparently – he’s been sober for a while and he’s spending more time with his ex wives and his kids.  Good for Chuck!
  • Clint Eastwood is a registered Republican….and his thoughts on gay marriage? He says opposing gay marriage was a big mistake by the Republicans.  Who cares who wants to get married.
  • Sarah Palin loves her some cocaine and black guys…at least apparently to Joe McGinnis who rented a house right next door to Palin and her family who just put out a book.  She claims she had a one night stand with Glenn Rice…which is hilarious.  Joe also says she had a six month affair with a business partner of her husband Todd.  And the nose candy? Both her and her husband digs it! All according to Joe McGinnis.
  • Family Guy’s History of the World trailer:
  • Nic Cage woke up one night to a naked man eating a fudgesicle while wearing his leather jacket.  He didn’t press charges because he thought the dude “wasn’t all there.”
  • The White House Crashers The Salahi’s reported the wife missing this week…and she contacted authorities that she is O.K.  Where was she?  With Journey is Tennessee.  So….the wife left the husband for the guitarist in Journey.  Neat.

Heidi Montag is 25
Tommy Lee Jones is 65
Dan Marino is 50
Gaylord Perry is 73
Oliver Stone is 65
Dina Lohan is 49
Prince Harry is 27

Melanie Stone – 37 – today’s birthday bimbo has handled more hogs than a pig farmer is 101 fine films including:
– Behind the Sphinc Door
– Choose Your Cooze
– Flesh Peddlers Vol 3
– Viagra Falls
– Only The A-hole
– The BJ Adventures of Dr. Fellatio
– Street Meat Vol 3
– Gluteus To The Maximus
– Come Poke Me Hole

  • Today’s Douchebags of the Day are two grown ass adults, a man and a woman, who grew up in a wealthy Chicago suburb, in a $1.5 million house have spent the last couple of years trying to sue their mom for “bad mothering.” So here is why they are upset: mom failed to take the daughter to a car show, she at one point told the son to buckle his seat belt or she would call the police, the mom once haggled over the amount of a party dress, not to mention she once called the daughter at midnight to ask that she come home from a party because it was late.  that’s not all.  The mom once sent the son a birthday card that was apparently: inappropriate.  Why? Because it didn’t include cash or a check inside.  Sounds like spoiled bitches to us.  The judge threw the case out.  Two…….spoiled….DOUCHEBAGS!


CONTESTANT #1 -Bruce from St. Louis

QUESTION: TV TRIVIA: Who got their mail from Mr. McFeely?

ANSWER: Mr. Rogers


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One Response to THURSDAY SHOW BLOG (9/15/2011)

  1. Erik.J.Schifferdecker says:

    Dear Woody,Rizz, and Patrico (aka DJ Ham Hands)

    So just thought i would let you guys know that over the past year ive lost 106 lbs, and with the help of the 1db overdrive fast pack its been giving me even more stamina to last the whole day. I started taking it in about march after i heard you all talk about it on the show. I just needed that extra kick to keep my days going through ought the summer while mowing lawns and while im working out at night i can really tell its kicking my ass into gear. Im still taking it 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. A big thanks to you guys for introducing me to it and another big thanks to the guys over at the Shiloh Supplement Super Store for helping me out. Thanks again and as always suck it.
    P.S Happy birthday rizz

    Millstadt IL

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