Today’s Anthem: HENDRIX!


1. The Blue Man Group (The Mayor, Rizz,  Woody, Manballs & Patrico all endorse)

2. Mad Max Beyond Thunderbone

3.  Master of Ceremonies

4. Where’s Waldo?


Some broad in Maryland bought a Nintendo on eBay and it has the image of Jesus on it.  It actually looks pretty good.  But – really?  Holy Nintendo?!

Last night on Dancing With The Stars…it was a sad, sad, sad day….Chaz Bono made it to the next round.  Neat.  SheHe was NOT in the bottom two.  David Arquette & Elisabetta (George Clooney’s Ex) were at the bottom and the former Clooney Banger went home.  Neato. On a related note…Hope Solo is hot.


  • Kim Kardashian is the most annoying celebrity.  There is a huge list put out by People Magazine and Yahoo.  Charlie Sheen is number 2 and Snooki from Jersey Shore is number 3.  Check out the full list by clicking HERE.
      • Lady Gaga
      • Kate Gosselin
      • Joe Buck & Tim McCarver
      • Rosanne
      • Bobcat
      • Kanye West
      • Jeneane Garofalo
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger created 3 bronze statues of himself as Mr. Olympia.  Damn things are 8 feet tall!
  • Michael Jackson death trial started yesterday.  Check out his death photo…it’s pretty crazy.  Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for apparently killing him.  Doesn’t look good for him.
  • Nancy Grace is claiming that her nipple DID NOT slip during her DWTS performance.  She claims that it was a pasty under her dress….a nipple shaped pasty?!
  • Two and A Half Men….the second episode….still did pretty damn good. 
  • Rumor has it Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore on their 6th anniversary.  Apparently it was a random 23 year old broad.

Jeneane Garofalo is 47
Bam Marger is 32
Hilary Duff is 24
Ben E. King is 73
Mira Sorvino is 44
Naomi Watts is 43


Chelsie Rae – 27 – Today’s bday bitch has been rode harder than Seabiscuit in 235 fine films including:
– Oh No! There’s a Negro In My Daughter
– Armpit Worship
– 1 In The Pink 1 In The Sink
– Masturbation Nation Vol 6
– Prying Open My Third Eye Vol 2
– Black Snake Boned
– Dirt Pipe Milkshakes
– Gangbang My Face
– Anal Full Nelson Vol 6
– Dr. Probe’s Lab of Perversion.

  • Summer’s Eve – the douche makers – put together a pretty basic quiz about how many women could recognize their basic parts…and….way fewer then you think actually could.  70% of women couldn’t identify the vulva, clitoris, labia, vagina, and anus on a diagram.  50% of them got it right on the second time.
  • If you have a newer car, and are one of the millions of people who have OnStar – check it out…There’s a huge story about how OnStar not only tracks your location but they could be selling your information to a third party! Crazy!
  • A dude in Texas served 26 years in prison for stabbing someone to death.  He got released back in April and couldn’t handle the outside world.  So…he burned down a house and got sent back to prison!


  • Talk about exciting…both Wild Card races will now come down to the final day in the regular season baseball.  With the Phillies beating the Braves 7-1…the Cards were down by 5 at one point last night in Houston.  But, a HUGE rally put the team on top and the Cards ending up winning 13-6 and tying the Braves for the lead in the NL Wild Card.  The Cards play Houston tonight – the Braves play Philly – if the Cards win and Braves lose – Cards get it.  If the Cards lose and the Braves win, ATL goes on.  But, if both teams win or both teams lose, a 1 game playoff will be played at Busch tomorrow night.  The Red Sox and the Rays both won yesterday to keep their AL Wild Card race tied and they both are in action today…if the two teams both win or both lose – they play a 1 game playoff tomorrow in Tampa.
  • The Blues scored twice in the 3rd period last night to get the win against the Wild in Minnesota during their preseason game.  The team is back home at the Scott Trade tomorrow to take on the Avalanche.  
  • Other Hockey News: During the Rangers/Flyers preseason game the other night, Wayne Simmonds from the Flyers got into a little fight with the Rangers Sean Avery.  And apparently let his mouth get away from him.  No one knows exactly what he said, but Avery claims Simmonds used a homophobic slur.  Rumor has it he called him the word that rhymes with bag-it. He said he wasn’t sure what he said and his QUOTE “Mouth got away from him.”  The league will not punish him but Simmonds says if he offended anyone he’s sorry.  This isn’t the first time Simmonds has been making headlines lately…. Last week, Simmonds – who is a black player – was taking a shootout attempt; someone threw a banana on the ice.  The league was looking more in depth into both incidences and if further evidence comes up, the league said they may take action.

  • PhotobucketCops in Florida  arrested a man who allegedly choked his wife during an argument surrounding their Yahtzee game. The wife of Ian Stuart Wood told them she was playing Yahtzee with her husband Saturday at home when they began to argue and she attempted to leave the home to calm down. The woman told cops Wood shoved her to the ground, pushed his knee into her back and placed his hand over her mouth while telling her to stop screaming. She said he then rolled her over and placed his hands on her neck, choking her. The victim said she was able to escape and called authorities from a neighbor’s house. Wood denied attacking his wife and told deputies she had fallen while walking down the hall.





  • An 85 year old dude from Georgia was trying to remove a possum from a chicken pen when he got shot in the face by a woman….who was aiming for the possum.  Luckily, the man’s going to be ok.  The woman did wind up shooting the possum before calling the cops.  BBT
  • A woman picking up her friend for a day of shopping crashed into a house while turning around.  Both women are OK but the owner of the house said it’s not the first time she’s crashed into his house, it happened once before.  The second crash damaged the bathroom.  The owner said, “I walked up and saw a car in my bathroom.” BBT.
  • Last month a woman in Florida posted on her Facebook page, “I LOVE BEING SINGLE”  Turns out..just before posting that message, she got into an argument with her husband, shot him, and  buried him behind their house.  She had been going around telling people that the husband had just up and bounced her her.  Now she’s charged with murder.  BBT!
  • Cops in Colorado were called after peope saw a woman driving down the street going about 15 mph.  Well – she also had a Chihuahua running on a leash beside it, huffing and puffing trying to keep up.  The woman told cops the dog’s owner approved of that.  They didn’t.  She was arrested.  BBT!


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