Today’s Anthem: Basketball failure

Rizz claims that someone at the Post Office dropped a nasty bomb and no one claimed it.  That led us to talking about loving our own farts.  And then we got on the subject of women farting.  Rizz says he’s SUPER OUT…but Woody and myself just think it’s hilarious.  Who cares?  Women farts are hilarious.  That led us to this disgusting conversation…. asked folks if they mind peeing in the shower.  53% of people said they don’t mind peeing in the shower as long as it’s their own shower.  Rizz says he doesn’t mind it…and Woody – thinks its disgusting.  I thinks it sucks because the hot water amplifies the pee smell and it makes me want to vomit….88% of our listeners says peeing in the shower is cool!

  • The ToeSuck fairy has finally be caught!  A woman identified the man and this isn’t the first time this dude has been in trouble for sucking on some toes.  What an idiot.
  • A 10 year old kid from Florida walked in on his mom getting beat by her boyfriend.  So he walked out – grabbed a shovel – and walked back inside the house…The boyfriend charged him and he swung the shovel.  He blasted him and knocked him out cold.  Cops showed up and arrested the dude.  AWESOME!
  • A Saudi woman got 10 lashings for violating the country’s NO WOMAN DRIVING law.  This is the first time that lashings have been given out for breaking this rule.  Crazy! Reason being was they just did this whole GIANT campaign against removing the ban on women driving.  Woody says: They may be on to something here….(Not on the lashings)

  • Lots of baseball in the news today. First things first.  The NL Wildcard.  The Cards did their part in big thanks to Chris Carpenter – who pitched a 2 hit shutout against the Astros in their 8-0 win.  Then they had to play the waiting game.  If Atlanta beat Philly – there would be a 1 game playoff tonight in STL.  Well – it took a little longer than 9 innings to decide that.  It was the top of the 13th when Philly scored the go ahead run and Atlanta hit into a double play with a runner on 3rd in the bottom of the inning to eliminate themselves from the post season.  No 1 game playoff needed – the Cards win the NL Wildcard. 
  • In the AL – The Rays were losing to the Yankees 7-0 in the 8th but a solo homerun from Dan Johnson tied the game in the 9th and sent it to extras.  Then in the 12th inning, the Rays scored again putting them up for good 8-7.  If Boston could beat Baltimore, there would have been a 1 game playoff….but – in the bottom of the 9th ….in dramatic fashion, the Orioles scored two runs off closer Jonathan Papelbon and went on to win 4-3 sending the RAYS to the postseason.
  • Here is how the playoff picture looks: The Cards plays Philly IN Philadelphia starting on Saturday and The Diamondbacks play the Brewers. In the AL – Detroit plays the Yankees and the Rangers take on the Rays.
  • Former MLB stud Milton Bradley he was arrested Tuesday for allegedly swinging at his wife….with an effin baseball bat.  His wife called 911 and said he was taking swings at her..and much like the latter of his MLB career…he missed.  He was booked on felony assault charges and posted a $30,000 bail.  Dude has been in trouble A LOT! He was arrested this past January for making threats to his wife and in 04 he confronted a cop in a traffic stop. 
  • Finally – the Blues are in action tonight against the Avalanche at the Scott Trade.  The game is at 7PM.

  • A San Carlos Park man is accused of duct taping his girlfriend during an altercation over their pet iguana. When deputies arrived to the home, they could hear a woman screaming from inside, according to reports. The victim was in the living room with duct tape around her arms, torso, and ankles. She told deputies she and Lockhart were arguing over the family iguana when they began pushing each other. She picked up a fishing pole and started striking him with it and then Lockhart held her down and duct taped her.

  • Lesbian actress Leisha Hailey – who was on the “L Word” – was kicked off an Southwest flight because she was kissing her girlfriend.  Southwest claims that she was removed because Southwest is a FAMILY airline and that it was not tolerated.  She is now demanding an apology.  SW says they were kicked off for excessive behavior not because it was two women kissing.
  • If you have ever wondered if a celebrity is gay…Google has something that will make life easier.  If you search “Is Neil Patrick Harris gay?”  There is a posting up top that will say: “Best guess for Neil Patrick Harris sexual orientation is Gay”
  • Michael Jackson’s Death Trial continued yesterday…Prince and Paris – his two oldest kids – watch their dad die.  Oofah!  Sucks.
  • Tyrese was on some radio station in Delaware….he was saying that it was crazy that a liquor store was right across the street from a school and that someone should do something about it.  Well – the program director didn’t allow him back on the air and then told him to leave the building…why?  Because apparently he was “disrespecting the community.”
  • Remember the dude who heckled Bristol Palin?  He apologized now.  Weird. Maybe he got mega paid.
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore getting divorced?  Probably so…Here is the piece of tail that Ashton has been apparently plugging ((CHECK IT ON THE RIGHT))
  • Andy Rooney is leaving 60 Minutes….See Ya!

Andrew Dice Clay is 54
Zachary Levi is 31
Bryant Gumbel is 63
Les Claypool is 48
Mackenzie Crook is 40
Jerry Lee Lewis is 76

Ariana Jollee – 29 – Today’s ho fa-sho has been on her knees more than a carpet installer in 583 fine films including:

– Go Eff Yourself
– Blame It On Daddy Vol 3
– Anal Teen Horny Force
– It Barely Fits Vol 2
– Plump Poopers 4
– 3 Way or No Way
– Bang Goo
– Long Schlongs
– Anal Ultimatum
– The Dr Is In..You
– One In the Snapper, One In The Crapper
– Buy A Whore, Get A Slut Free


Here at the 5 signs that your lady might leave you…for a woman:

  1. She has a bisexual or lesbian history
  2. She condones other women cheating with women
  3. She brings up a desire to experiment
  4. She spends excessive time with one girlfriend
  5. She dolls up to visit a female friend.



QUESTION: TV TRIVIA – In the show Frasier what is the name of Frasier’s brother?

ANSWER: Niles (He had NO IDEA)



QUESTION: WILD CARD – How many feet are in a yard?



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2 Responses to THURSDAY SHOW BLOG (9/29/2011)

  1. TinaW says:

    ok, found it on the podcast… nope…don’t know her!! LMAO!!!!!

  2. TinaW says:

    where is the “Tonya” lesbian story? I just caught the end of it today… I think I know her!! I have to hear it all, BTW I am not gay. Happily married!

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