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Today’s Anthem: Kat DeLuna!



1. Spiderman (Woody, Rizz, Patrico, & The Mayor all endorse!)

2. Mammie Gram

3. The Dirty Dog (MASTERS endorses)

4. Fugly Kid Joe

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Sesame Street’s YouTube Account was hacked over the weekend.  Instead of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and singing about numbers and letters – there was about 7 minutes of hardcore porn!  It was called First Anal Quest: Angelica.  It stayed up for about 20 minutes.  So far, neither PBS or YouTube have commented on the attack. 



  • The mother of the missing baby from Kansas City has admitted to drinking heavily on the night that her baby disappeared. She also admitted to last seeing the baby HOURS before then she admitted to the cops.  She then says she MAY have blacked out as well.  The husband came home from work and the front door was unlocked, the window was tampered with, and the baby was gone.  Her attorney says that her admission of guilt of drinking proves she has nothing to hide….but….everyone, including the cops, think that she probably killed the girl. 
  • Back in 2006 a dude went door to door and convinced women that he was a doctor given mobile breast exams.  Well – he was in jail and just got sentenced…to 55 years in prison.  But his attorney worked out a deal and he won;t be spending the rest of his life in prison.
  • In Delaware – a dude stripped naked at a Burlington Coat Factory and knocked over a 72 year old woman.  Employees took him down and ended up holding him to the ground until the cops showed up.
  • A state rep in Texas says that they want criminals to not get off easy.  They want to bring back the mother effing firing squads & the electric chair.  And this rep is dead to real.  First of all? Get Off Easy.
  • A State rep in Louisiana is trying to pass a bill that will require Welfare recipients be drug tested.  This is the same guy who about a year ago tried to pass a bill that would give them the $1,000 to have women on welfare get their tubes tied.  Which, by the way, is a genius idea!

  • Last nights Monday Night Football game was pretty one sided as the Jets beat the Dolphins 24-6.  The Dolphins fell to 0-5, and the nail in the coffin was a 100 yard interception from Darelle Revis.  No word on the firing of head coach Tony Sparano…but we think he’s officially on the clock..
  • The Rams made a big trade yesterday.  In exchange for a 6th round draft pick, the team got wide receiver Brandon Lloyd from the Denver Broncos.  Lloyd had a hell of a year last year – but has been struggling as of late….but a reconnection with former head coach Josh McDaniels could help.  The Rams are banged up too.  Sam Bradford may not be in action over the weekend as he is in a walking boot right now with a high ankle sprain.
  • If you’re curious as to what Nolan Ryan (president of the Texas Rangers) thinks the outcome of the World Series will be…he says that they Rangers will win it in 6 games.  In which I respond: Eff You Nolan. 
  • Real quick note: sources close to Mizzou and SEC say that their application to join the SEC is almost for sure.  Sources also say that Mizzou could be playing in the new conference as early as next year.
  • And finally – The Blues are in action tonight.  They take on the Kings in L.A.  Puck drops at 9:30PM


  • Two men have been hospitalized after a fight over a deer carcass in northeastern Pennsylvania. State police say the altercation happened on Saturday. That’s when 33-year-old  Jason Frey says he shot a deer and tracked it to a property owned by 48-year-old Anthony Contino Sr. A fight ensued involving the two men and others. Frey and another man, 57-year-old Arthur Frey, had to be taken to hospitals. They were reported in stable condition.


  • The chick from E! News announced yesterday that she has breast cancer.  She says they caught it early and she should be ok after radiation and surgery.
  • Susan Surrandon called the Pope a “Nazi”…people are mega pissed about it now.  And in all fairness – Pope Benedict was a member of the Hitler Youth Movement….but that was a requirement and he chose not to participate as much as he could.
  • Soulja Boy was arrested this morning.  He was in the car with 4 other dudes.  $70,000 cash and a whole bunch of cash.
  • Jaleel White – who wants to come back and do some more acting…says he doesn’t mind being known as Urkel all the time.
  • Shia LaDouche was in a bar fight over the weekend…check this video:

Mike Ditka is 72
Bristol Palin is 21
Zac Efron is 24
Martina Navratilova is 55
Jean Clause Van Damme is 51
Ne-Yo is 29
Chuck Berry is 85
Erin Moran is 51
Dawn Wells is 73

  • Azlea – 35 – Today’s birthday girl has been hit with more slop than the front row of a Gallagher show in 85 fine films including:
    • 75 Nurse Orgy
    • Anal Angels Vol 3
    • Flesh Peddlers
    • In Thru The Out Door Vol 7
    • Slit Happens
    • Between the Cheeks
    • Stop My Ass Is On Fire
    • Please Don’t Eff My Wife


  • In Canada, the body of a 55 year old deer farmer was found in a field.  Cause of death – stabbed to death by deer antlers! SUCKS!
  • In Collinsville, 26 year old Patrick Wayne Gregory had been accused of criminally transmitting the HIV virus.  Cops say he used Craigslist to meet chicks and that he’s openly admitted to having unprotected sex with at least three of those women.  Cops found out when this dudes girlfriend came to them after she heard about it from a third party.  After some questioning, Patrick admitted to knowing he had HIV and showed no remorse about it.  THAT SUCKS!
  • A woman from California is suing the maker of her sex toy for negligence and emotional distress and medical bills after a session with a vibrator went terribly wrong.  She said quote, “During usage – I felt an intense sharp pain in my vagina.  My boyfriend removed the toy, and it was covered in blood.”  She said she lost consciousness and required a blood transfusion.  The company that makes the toy is denying any compensation.  SUCKS!
  • In Indiana – two sisters ages 11 and 14, were alone at their house when the 11 year old somehow found daddy’s shotgun, and was pretending to be in a scene from CSI.  The girl had no idea the gun was loaded.  And shot the 14 year old in the head through a bedroom door!  She survived…but still…that SUCKS!
  • A guy in Kansas was stabbed in the scrotum with a hypodermic needle during an argument….and part of the needle broke off in his package!  The guy had to undergo surgery to remove the needle.  SUCKS! 
  • An 80 year old woman in Cali had to be rescued after spending more that 4 days trapped between her bed and wall in her house.  She was discovered after authorities got a call for a welfare check.  She hadn’t been seen for several days and her pets weren’t being fed.  She’s not in the hospital.  SUCKS!


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