Today’s Anthem: PIA TOSCANO







1. Brad Pitt

2.  The Dog Catcher

3. Peggy Preggers

4. The Corpse Bride

5. Retar-Ted (Fred, Patrico, Rizz, Manballs, and Woody all endorse)

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  • A couple weeks ago this weird dude crashed into a house party.  This guy was acting all weird and crazy so the guy who threw the party saw him and said, GET OUT!  Before he left – he whipped out his junk and said, “Check out my MAN GINA.”  Now – two weeks later – the guy who threw the party was asleep in bed and his wife felt someone touching her.  She thought it was the husband, but when she woke up the husband popped up and found the MAN GINA dude hiding on the floor next to the bed.  A knock down hell of a fight ensued and the creeper got his ass kicked until cops got there.  He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and digital penetration with a foreign object.
  • Cops in Indy arrested a dude last week after he was caught on surveillance video breaking into a daycare center wearing nothing but a child’s pink bikini.  He didn’t take much after breaking in…he just kind walked around and tried on the bikini’s.  He faces charges for trespassing.
  • Cops in Pennsylvania picked up some dude who was going door to door and whipping it out.  Was he drunk?! YOU BET! He;d ring the doorbell and when someone answered, they’d find him standing there with his junk hanging out.  Unfortunately for him, the fund didn’t last long – he rang the doorbell of the CHIEF OF POLICE!  He was charged with the following: burglary, criminal trespass, indecent exposure, simple assault, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, and public drunkeness. 
  • Police in Florida arrested this 67 year old dude who they say pulled up to a bank, tried to get a money order, was refused, so he peed in the bank tube.  The customer behind him had NO idea and picked up the tube that was covered in tinkle mess.  He’s been charged with public nuisance.
  • Dippin Dots has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  So much for the “Ice Cream of the Future…”

  • We reported yesterday that Joe Frazier had liver cancer…and last night after a short battle with being ill – Frazier passed away.  Of course, if you’ve been under a rock – you have no idea about his three legendary fights with Muhammad Ali.  And when it was announced he was sick Ali came out and said, “My family and I are keeping Joe in our prayers.  Joe has a lot of friends pulling for him, and I’m one of the them.”  Joe Frazier was 67 years old.
  • The Bears beat the Eagles 30-24 last night in Monday Night Football.  Eagles actually had the lead late and blew a 4th quarter lead for the 4th time this season.  Bears QB Jay Cutler threw for 208 yards with 2 TD’s and Eagles QB Mike Vick through for 213 yards.  After the game, just in addition to Vicks already bad day…reports came out that some woman is shopping a NUDE pic of him.  She says he sent it to her from his cell – and that it’s full front.  All the bizness.  The picture hasn’t surfaced yet…but not a good day for Vick. 
  • So a bench warrant was issued for T.O recently because he missed his child support hearing.  T.O – apparently has FOUR baby-mamas and he is trying to get his child support payments to three of them reduced.  Why the reduction?  HE HAS ZERO INCOME!  He pays around $11,000 a month to a woman who has an 11 year old son.  $15,000 a month to a woman with his 7 year old daughter…$13,400 to a woman with his 5 year old son, and $5,000 to a woman with his daughter who reports didn’t know how old she was.  His rep says, quote, “He has tried to keep paying all of these mothers what they were used to year after year, basically putting himself into a financial crisis.  He has always paid his child support payments and loves his kids.”
  • And finally – Blues are in action tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Scott Trade Center.  New coach Ken Hitchcock makes his debut for the team.  You can watch the game on Fox Sports Midwest – puck drops at 7PM. Before the game tonight – the team will honor Pavol Demitra and Igor Korolev…. Both players died back in September  when the plane carrying their KHL team crashed in Russia.


  • Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter yesterday. You can read more about the verdict and his sentencing HERE. He could face up to 4 years in prison.
  • Lindsay Lohan will be in the January/February issue.  It should be out late December.
  • Mariah Yeater – the Justin Beiber baby mama claims that she has proof that the Biebs is the father of his kid.  What is the proof?  She claims that she is NOT revealing what the proof is…but whatever.  The only proof is the paternity test that Biebs will take soon.
  • Johnny Depp says that people that don’t live in big cities and cultured areas don’t like sophisticated films like Rum Diaries.  It’s all because the film didn’t do well.  He says that folks in Europe and big cities like New York, California are going to enjoy the film more.
  • Radiohead announced they have a U.S tour coming up.  They are going to be in St. Louis on March 9th.

–Lauren Alaina – 17
–Jack Osbourne – 26
–Tara Reid – 36
–Parker Posey – 43
–Tech N9ne – 40
–Courtney Thorne-Smith – 44
–Gordon Ramsay – 45
–Mary Hart – 61
–Bonnie Raitt – 62
–Morley Safer – 80

  • Roxie Deville – 29 – today’s birthday bitch has seen more brown eyes than an eye doctor in the 248 fine films she has starred in including:
    • Make Me Creamy
    • Two In The Chamber
    • Paste My Face
    • BJ Ninjas
    • Club Head
    • Face Invaders
    • Cream Team Vol 3
    • Stinging In The Ring
    • All Anal All The Time


  • A man became angry when he found out about his 20-year-old daughter’s boyfriend and then hired a hit man — the man’s own brother — to kill the young woman and her boyfriend, police say. Robert J. Deja is charged with solicitation to commit murder and criminal sexual assault for allegedly assaulting the adopted daughter, police said. Police began investigating Deja in July after they learned he allegedly had been sexually abusing the woman since she was 16. Investigators learned the woman has a 3-year-old girl fathered by Deja, police said. Police say Deja became angry when he learned his daughter had a boyfriend, asking her to move out of the family home. “The victim is now pregnant again, with either her boyfriend or Robert Deja being the father,” police said in a written statement. Deja then allegedly “contacted his brother and advised him that he wanted the boyfriend and victim killed,” police said in the statement.


  • A homeless dude in Cali beat an elderly guy to death in Walmart with a baseball bat.  He asked the guy for changed, he was denied, and then started swinging and didn’t stop till he was dead.  SUCKS!
  • Two 12 year old boys were messing around at a Target store in New York and thought it’d be funny to push a shopping cart off a 4th floor walkway.  The Cart hit a women in the head and she’s in critical condition in the hospital.
  • A pregnant woman in Hawaii was with her husband and her daughter walked into a grocery store to do some shopping.  The pregnant woman felt dizzy and fainted, so they picked up some sandwiches and ate while they shopped.  After they payed for the groceries, they were walking out and security noticed they didn’t pay for the sandwiches.  They apologized and offered to pay.  The store called the cops and had them arrested.  The three year old was taken away by Child Protective Services.  THAT SUCKS!
  • A 13 year old kid from Philly left a deli holding a meatball sub.  A guy jumped out of a car with a gun and told him to freeze…so they jacked his meatball sub and took off.  SUCKS!
  • A New York city carriage horse collapsed and died in the middle of the street over the weekend…SUCKS
  • An 84 year old man in Minnesota died on Saturday…it was the first day of hunting season…He accidentally set himself on fire with a propane heater fell out of his tree stand.  THAT SUCKS!
  • A couple who were planning to get have discovered they are brother and sister.The South African pair, who have dated for several years, only discovered their true identities when the families met for the first time. They are expecting their first child together next month. The publication said the pair were split up as children and raised separately after their mother and father went through an acrimonious divorce. The man’s father said he dumped his wife in 1983 because she was cheating on him. The girl was raised by her mother, while her brother was raised by his father. None of them knew they had a sibling. The  couple grew up separately with their single parents. They reportedly met at university in 2007 and fell in love. The two families never met throughout the five-year relationship, until they were brought together last week to discuss wedding arrangements. The couple said they had decided to split after hearing the news.


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