TUESDAY SHOW BLOG (11/15/2011)


Today’s Anthem: Patrico Anthem FAIL! ((I’ma so sorry!))




1.  Little Orphan Andy

2.  The Dairy King (Rizz, Manballs, & Patrico Endorse)

3.  James Brown (Woody &The Mayor Endorse)

4. Angry Johnny

  • CREEPER NEWS! Sandusky Speaks.  Jerry Sandusky the main target in all this Penn State Sex Scandal spoke with Bob Costas last night.  Sorry of the $#!##y Youtube clip….it’s the best one we could fine.  But check out the full interview below….dude makes himself sound about 1,000 times worse! Ha!  IDIOT!
  • NERD NEWS! A guy in K.C. just picked up his copy of MW3 – and an SUV pulled behind him and pulled out a shotgun and demanded the game.  This guy – refused and came at the attacker.  A shot was fired and cops actually found the dude waiting at the same store where the first guy bought the game.  What an idiot!
  • A 31 year old dude in Colorado went to Best Buy and preordered the game.  Well – he went to pick it up – and the copies were out.  He got pissed and told the employees he would shoot up the store and blow everyone up.  He was arrested.  Idiot!
  • PETA is so retarded…they released a press release saying their next target is Super Mario.  They claim that in the past few games…Mario has been able to wear a squirrel suit to fly….and PETA says it puts across the message that it’s OK to wear fur.

  • The Green Bay Packers HAMMERED the Vikings last night 45-7 during Monday Night Football.  The Packers are still the only undefeated team at 9-0.  Aaron Rodgers threw for 250 and 4 touchdowns.  Ravey said it would be close….she was WAY wrong.
  • The Blues are in action tonight against the Detroit Red Wings at the Scott Trade.  The Blues look to improve their 5-1-1 home record this season.  Puck drops at 7:00PM.
  • The Missouri Tigers beat Mercer 81-63 last night.  The Tigers are currently ranked 24th in the country.  
  • Speaking of college basketball – it may be the only type of hoops you get to see this year. Yesterday, the NBA Players Union rejected the league’s latest proposal for a new labor deal . . . and then DISBANDED. And that means the players are preparing to SUE. The players felt that they had given enough and that the NBA was not willing to continue to negotiate. But the league isn’t backing down.  Commissioner DAVID STERN says, quote, “They seem hell-bent on self-destruction and it’s very sad. It looks like the 2011-12 season is really in jeopardy.” Whether there’s a season or not, both sides have already lost HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS due to the games that have been missed so far.


  • Courtney Love was at a show in Brazil…she ripped her top off, ripped Dave Grohl, and then smashed some equipment….and then someone held up a picture of Kurt Cobain.  She yelled: “You stupid a-hole…i don’t need to see him.  I have to deal with this everyday and have to deal with his kid everyday.  I don’t need to deal with this…I’ll have you removed.”  What a crazy bitch. She storms off the stage – and then she comes back after about a minute…
  • Kat Von D says that Jesse James cheated on her with at least 19 different gals….she admitted it all on her blog that you can read HERE.
  • JWoww claims the TSA went overboard with her over the weekend.  She says she was randomly selected but really wasn’t RANDOMLY selected.  A spokesperson says that they just happened to randomly pick her.  Woody and Rizz both have had it done to them.  She says that people are abusing their authority.
  • Van Halen is getting back together.  Neato!
  • Gene Simmons says that Axl ruined Guns N Roses….if he would have gotten his ass beat – it probably would have been better.
  • Kamala – the legendary WWF wrassler – had to have his leg amputated that other day.  He says luckily it was just his leg and not his life.
  • Bradd Pitt claims he will only be acting for three more years.
  • Anna Kornikova will NOT return to the Biggest Loser.

–B.o.B – 23
–Sean Murray – 34
–Jonny Lee Miller – 39
–E-40 – 44
–Chad Kroeger – 37
–Kevin Eubanks – 54
–Beverly D’Angelo – 60
–Sam Waterston – 71
–Ed Asner – 82
–Judge Wapner – 92

  • Candy Hill -49- today’s birthday girl has been packed tighter than van sneaking over illegal Mexican immigrants at midnight in 186 fine films including:
    • Creme De La Face Vol 23: 8 Dolls & A Dyke
    • California Reamers
    • Rectal Rooters
    • Put Out or Get Out
    • BungHole Harlets
    • The BJ Girls in Dildo City
    • Anal Fever Vol 8
    • Take My Wife But Leave The Money


  • During a domestic confrontation this morning, a Chicago man bashed his girlfriend over the head with his guitar, prosecutors said. Edwin Summers, 52, was fighting with his 59-year-old girlfriend at her home early Sunday morning when he hit her on the left rear side of the head with the instrument, authorities said. “When a woman messes with my guitar, she messes with my world,” Summers told officers, according to a police report.


  • A 74 year old woman from K.C suffered a stroke and needed to go to the hospital…but had been left sitting in a vinyl recliner for so long that her skin had fused to the chair!  Cops were called and the woman was described as a “rotting corpse that was still breathing.”  She later died….SUCKS!
  • A guy and his buddy were hiking in the woods….but a hunter thought he was a deer and shot and killed him.  SUCKS!
  • A woman with her service dog were kicked out of a clothing store.  The store felt bad and gave her a $25 gift card.  She went back into the store to use it…and was kicked out again..SUCKS
  • A home in England burnt to the ground after their smoke alarm shorted out and caught fire…the alarm was given to the house by the Fire Department…FAIL & SUCKS!
  • A man on a ladder was trying to duct tape a hole that had a hive of bees living in it was attacked by the bees and fell to his death.  The next day his body was found with 60,000 bees surrounding him.
  • A 72 year old man in Michigan picked up a prostitute, had sex with her, and then passed out and died behind the wheel of his car while driving her home.
  • A guy met this chick online and agreed to have sex with her.  He got on a bus and traveled the 1,800 miles to meet her.  When he got there the woman and her friend agreed to have a threesome with him.  Well – it wasn’t what he thought.  They tied him up and had sex with him, and then stabbed him 300 times.  What happened?  It was a satanic sex ritual.  Cops found this dude shockingly alive!   He is currently recovering…SUCKS!
      • We asked you….would you travel 1,800 miles on a bus to have a threesome with two EXTREMELY hot chicks….if you knew you were going to get stabbed 300 times at the end of the threesome?
          • 33% our Listeners….who are sick as all ish……said that they would do it!


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  1. Evan says:

    Where can I find the Homeless Depot sound byte?

  2. Kerri Cato says:

    Where can I find that homeless depot thing you played this morning?

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