Tuesday is done and that Taint of the Week has come and gone.  If you missed anything here is where you can get caught up and everything you missed today.  It’s the 2012 debut of Get The F$%! Outta Here, we Make Rizz Laugh with the Dumbass Contest of the Day, we talk cheaters and of course New Years Resolution’s and how easy it is to break them.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS AND HOW QUICKLY WE BREAK THEM: Did you know that 75% of people have already cheated on their New Year’s Resolutions?  What are some of the more popular resolutions people break? Check it out!
DISCOUNT NEWS: Today’s Discount News is all about Dumbass Criminals.  We chat about a guy who wore a jacket that showed people how to make crack on it…at his court appearance, Someone who stole money and hair extensions & someone who stole thousands of dollars of a coin collection to get about $450 bucks from Coinstar….with an update that will for sure have you saying…Oofah! CHECK IT!
DISCOUNT SPORTS: What’s going down in the world of sports?  Well our favorite story has to be how an NHL player injured his back.  Lets just say this – it’s a total Patrico injury! Also you find out who is heading to the White House on Jan. 17th! READ MORE HERE!
TERRY AND HIS POP PHONE:Terry from Big St. Charles Motorsports popped in today and had one of the most ridiculous  gadgets that we have ever seen.  It’s called the POP PHONE and it’s a working handset for your cell phone. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
CRAP ON CELEBS: In Today’s Crap On Celebrities we chat if Little Blue Ivy Hova really took the travel out Beyonce’s lady door or did she come out via C-Section and we posted the trailer to the new Betty White show called, “Off Their Rockers.” Plus – today’s Crappy Birthdays and WORLD FAMOUS Porno Birthday! GET ALL YOUR CRAP ON HERE.
CHEATING AND WHAT’S YOUR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS?!: We chatted about CHEATING today.  Not only did we find out what day of the year is the biggest cheating day, we found out how many relationships end because of the EVIL FACEBOOK.  Also – if you have a pair of your wife’s panties and want to have the DNA tested…we have the place you can get that done. We then ask you what you statute of limitations is when it comes to cheating.  An Italian dude found out his wife cheated on him 70+ years ago and is now getting a divorce!  What’s YOUR limit?! READ ABOUT IT!
DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY: After reading this story you will probably think that I have just had a stroke or it is a major typo. A dude in Wisconsin was just arrested and he actually has a legal name that is dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Simply…douchetastic! As a bonus – we share a text message we got yesterday from a true douche! ALL THE DOUCHINESS HERE!
GET THE F$#! OUTTA HERE: This was one of our favorite segments we tried out late last year.  We tell you a story and you have to tell us if it is a legit story or is a story that just makes you say, “GET THE F$%! OUTTA HERE!”  We talk about finding mice in Mountain Dew, Kim-Jong Il, Cattle Funerals, A Ring growing on a carrot and the most ridiculous lawsuits of 2011! GTFOH…AND CHECK IT OUT HERE.
HEADLINE HOOSHE: Gentlemen – have you ever been rejected?  I’m sure we at some point have all been turned down by a lovely lady.  Well – for 28-year-old Omar Stevenson – he didn’t take it very well.  It’s just a shame that it all went down at a Bowling Alley so Omar had a weapon within reach.  His weapon of choice?  A bowling ball….CLICK TO READ THE HOOSHE STORY FOR TODAY!
DUMBASS CONTEST (MAKE RIZZ LAUGH): What are the two things that made Rizzuto laugh today?
Joke #1 – If Master P was a fruit what would he be?  A Bah-na-na-na!
Joke #2 – All Mexican and Black jokes are the same…Once you’ve heard Juan…You’ve heard Jamal.
That’s all for today Ninjas!  Make sure you are following us on Twitter and you can do so by clicking HERE and get all caught up by listening to the Woody And Rizzuto full show podcast by checking it out HERE.
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