During today’s CRAP ON CELEBS we chat about buying a bottle of Tom Cruise Water, Boobie Feeding on Sesame Street, and Teen Mom Stars are back in jail. We also talk about Jessica Simpson and her CRAZY PREGNANCY CRAVINGS and that lead us to talking about TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.”  Drywall?  Yum!  Of course – you can also get caught up on your Crappy Birthdays and your WORLD FAMOUS Porno Birthday!
Someone is selling a 4 oz bottle of water….from a pool…in which Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and their daughter Siri has once swam in.  We asked – is there really a market for this?!  The seller says that Tom Cruise water can be used in potions and can also be used in blessings.  If you are interested in buying TOM CRUISE WATER – click HERE.
Some online petition is trying to bring Breast Feeding to Sesame Street…wait…bring it back?!  Apparently back in the 70’s and 80’s breast-feeding was shown on the show – but now it’s only showing bottle feeding.  Well – people are OUTRAGED.  Really?  Come on…If you want to see this petition check it out by clicking HERE.
Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been in jail for about a month now.  She wrote her brother a letter from prison and said that she doesn’t want people to think that she is a terrible person.  She says she is scared to go to prison and wants to be a better mom.  She goes to court on the 27th because of probation violations and is looking at 2 years in prison.  On a side note – Teen Mom 2 broad Janelle Evans got arrested yesterday for harassment.
The IRS is going after Lindsay Lohan for not paying taxes….which is probably her attorney’s fault.  But also a member of the paparazzi is suing Lohan because someone driving a car she was in about two years ago. 
The PTC is probably going to be going after Modern Family next.  ABC’s sitcom will be having an episode in which the 2 year old adopted girl that Mitch and Cameron adopt – learns the “F-Word”.  Now – ABC wasn’t very cool about the idea at first…but eventually came around.  So – we’ll wait and see how long it takes for the PTC to put something out about it.
AMC is developing a show based on Goodfellas.  One of the executive producers is someone who helped write the screenplay for the movie.
Jessica Simpson is putting butter on PopTarts…it’s some weird pregnancy craving that she has been having.  She also puts Lowry’s Seasoning Salt on Kraft Mac & Cheese.
      – This reminded us about the show Strange Addiction or My Crazy Addiction.  Some of these hookers have     been eating drywall, dryer sheets, toilet paper, tarter sauce and more.  WTF!  Check it out by clicking HERE.
And your daily Tebow Tidbit – The pass that Tebow threw in OT against the Steelers on Sunday – it generated almost 9,000 tweets per second.  Beyonce’s baby generated about 8,800 tweets. The all time record?  An Anime movie called Castle in The Sky generated 12,000 tweets per second. 
–Amanda Peet – 40  
–Tom Rowlands – 41  
–Mary J. Blige – 41  
–Tom Dumont – 44   
–Jason Connery – 49 
–Darryl Dawkins – 55  
Kim Chambers – 38 – Today’s Birthday girl has been in 222 fine films including:
– Sheepless in Montana
– Anal Thunder Vol 2
– Beaver And Buttcheeks
– Battle of The Glands
– Witness For The Penetration
– Intercourse With The Vampire
– The Bridges of Anal County
– Inseminator 2: Domination Day

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