JoePa is back in the news with an interview he never should have given, a perverted husband who filmed a volleyball slumber party, a discussion about PJ’s in public because of a law in Louisiana and a woman with a flesh-eating infection from Bath Salts! 
So Joe Paterno is back in the news and has released his first statement about the whole Penn State/Jerry Sandusky thing.  And….to be honest…he probably should have kept his mouth shut. Dude said that he wanted to tell someone, but he didn’t know how to handle it so he went to a couple different people and asked them to handle it.  Those people?  The Finance Official and the former Athletic Director.  READ THE FULL STORY HERE.
Some interesting things from the story….
+ He wasn’t sure how he should have handled the situation
+ Paterno said he had never heard of RAPE & A MAN…((WHAT?!))
Of course – the JoePa apologist texted in…you won’t believe some of the things these people are saying:
– He donated tons of money and was great for the university & people are shocked Woody wished cancer on people.  Seriously?!  Come on….The man let his friend and coach RAPE A LITTLE BOY!
– Someone texted in and said JoePa is smart because he didn’t want to be a snitch….It’s A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY WHEN YOU ARE RAPING LITTLE KIDS! IDIOTS!

You have to listen to Woody read these texts and deal with this idiot texter during the 8AM Podcast!

Prosecutors in Seattle have charged the husband of a volleyball coach at a highschool after he filmed girl in the bathroom at the building where the team was having a sleepover.  He admitted to it but said he didn’t mean to spy on girls…he meant to spy on a co-worker…how less creepy.  Full story HERE.
A 34-year-old woman from New Orleans went to the emergency room complaining of a pain in her forearm..turns out – she had been injecting bath salts and now she had an infection.  End results? A flesh eating infection that resulted in having her arm, shoulder, & collarbone amputated.  OOFAH!
Woody and Rizz are both for less government control….but Michael Williams is a district commissioner in Louisiana and is pushing that it should be ILLEGAL to wear pajamas in public.  AGREED!  Click here for the full story! We were talking about the Monkey Brand clothes…It’s Paul Frank..CHECK IT

WAR POLL: WEARING PAJAMA PANTS IN PUBLIC RETARDED?! Check out the 9AM Podcast for callers on the Pajama Debate….but out listeners said that it IS retarded with 86% of the vote!

On Friday, around 10:00 A.M., cop in Florida was patrolling a park when she noticed something going down in a parked car. She saw a man in the driver’s seat with a woman on top of him. It was unmistakably MORNING SEX. But the car was parked too close to where some kids were playing, so the officer went over to break things up. When she approached, the woman quickly DISMOUNTED and started putting on her pants. The man pulled up his shorts. And then, in a VERY classy move… HE BOLTED and left the woman to handle the cop by herself. There’s more. After he bolted, the cops searched his car and found some stolen watches and a stolen camera. Here is his MUGSHOT!


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