We had a story today about complainers and a woman who didn’t tip.  But – she wasn’t really in the wrong…or was she?  Regardless – it brought us to a very interesting topic…complainers and how much we F#%^$!ing HATE THEM!
Listen along by clicking on the PLAYER below:
So here is the story – a BBQ place in Atlanta called Boner’s BBQ (first of all…) – went onto Facebook and wanted to get back at a customer who didn’t leave a tip for the waitress.  They posted a picture of her on their Facebook page along with a message that said, “NOT WANTED! Stephanie Stuck left the waitress ZERO tip on a $40 tab even after she received a discount.  If you see this woman – ask her to go outside!”  She went nuts and claimed that the restaurant just wanted to get back at her for her bad review on YELP.  The owner then broke down and said he would pay for her meal or refund her money and took down the post.  But – we ask…who’s side are you on?! The customer or the owner of Boner’s?
With 82.4% of listeners said that they are on the side of the restaurant!
This reminds us of the Jimmy Dean Sausage Call….there is some NSFW audio!
It was JO time for a woman in NY.  So she went to her local Starbucks and ordered her usual caramel frappuccino…but there was a mix-up with her order.  the woman says that she joked about their screw up for a minutes…they wrote BITCH on her cup.  So – she complained and the manager gave her free vouchers on the condition she would not associate the cup with location.  Moral of the story is: The key to getting free Starbucks is to write a curse word on the side of your cup and bring it back to the store…NOTED.
NSFW! He worked at Starbucks and when this came out…this dude was mega fired!
This reminds us of this guy…TOTALLY NSFW audio.  CHECK IT HERE!
THE BOOK THAT WOODY WAS TALKING ABOUT – Customer Service is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless.  CHECK IT OUT HERE!
We then asked you guys about things that you’ve seen with complainers at your workplace! OOFAH!

AND FINALLY – THIS IS GREAT!  A Dell customer complaint:

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