It today’s CRAP ON CELEBS we talk about how Jay Leno & NBC are involved in a DUMB lawsuit and Simon Cowell’s new reality show.  Plus, your crappy birthdays and WORLD FAMOUS Porno Birthday!
Jay Leno and NBC are being sued over a joke he made about Mitt Romney.  Apparently he offended Indian-American, Dr. Randeep Dhillon who filed a lawsuit against Leno, saying a joke he told last week “clearly exposes plaintiff, other Sikhs and their religion to hatred, contempt, ridicule and obloquy because it falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh.” Dhillon isn’t the only Sikh upset over the joke, in which Leno showed a photo of the Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, and referred to it as “Mitt Romney’s summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee.”  READ MORE HERE. 
All the dudes from The Hangover are looking to get $15 million dollars EACH for the Hangover 3.  It’s gonna be in theaters Memorial Day on 2013 and it will NOT follow the old formulas.
Two dudes claimed that Andy Dick assaulted them at a club 2 years ago…and now they have officially filed the lawsuits.  They are looking for a pay out.  In all honesty…they probably got a decent case.
Simon Cowell is working on a new reality show that involved DJ’s.  Apparently it’s going to be INTERNATIONAL!  WOO HOO!  Neat?
What a joke – Armie Hammer (the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network) was busted for weed at the SAME PLACE where Willie Nelson ANNNND Snoop Dogg were busted.  What a joke.  Come on now! SIERRA BLANCA – STAY AWAY FROM THERE!
Miley Cyrus went down on a penis cake the other night.  The picture is filthy….gross.  Check it out HERE. ((NSFW PHOTO….JUST WARNING…IT’S A BIG DONG))
Charlie Sheen is STILL talking about Two and A Half Men and is STILL talking about Ashton Kutcher.  He says that Ashton is still doing a good job on the show but thinks it should end and be put to rest at the end of this season. FULL STORY HERE!
Rumor has it that NBC may do a show about Dwight Schrute and his farm life.  Funny thing is that had an actual posting about Schrute Farms.  CHECK IT OUT HERE.
–Wayne Gretzky – 51  
–Ellen DeGeneres – 54 
–Anita Baker – 54  
–Lucinda Williams – 59  
–Bob Uecker – 77 
Deja Dare – 30 – Today’s birthday girl has handled more knobs than a cabinet maker in 142 fine films including:
– Throat Lube
– Girth Wind and Fire
– 1 In the Pink 1 In The Stink Vol 6
– I Was Tight Yesterday Vol 2
– Help – I’m Horny!
– Ass Whore From Planet Squirt
– Donkey Punch
– Beauty And The 14 Inch Beast!

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