In Today’s Discount News – we talk about a ballsy local theft, the soap star who killed his dog…then himself, and a dude calling 911 looking for a fight!
This happened on Friday just after midnight.  This is crazy.  25 year old Tonia hart called the STLPD and told them that her and her boyfriend stole her keys.  Cops came and picked her up and went to the boyfriends house and went to go get them.  Cops went inside and left her in the ride.  They found nothing and thought it was over. Just a few minutes later – they get a call.  A woman was using a suspicious credit card.  It was Tonia…and she was using one of the cops debits card!  And she ganked $50 bucks! HOLY BALLS!  She was arrested. BBT!
This dude who was a soap opera actor named Nick Santino overdosed on pills and took his own life because he put his dog to sleep.  He left a note that said, “Today I put down my best friend.  Rocco trusted me and I failed him!”  A member of the board from the apartment building denies that they were in any way responsible for his death saying, “I’m sorry the man is dead, but it has NOTHING to do with our pet policy.”
A 38 year old man in Illinois called 922 at around 4AM and told the dispatcher, “wanted to see an officer because he wanted to see an officer because he wanted to fight with them”  Naturally an officer was sent to this dudes house and the guy immediately pushed the cop and was arreted.  He was charged with aggrivated battery amoung other things.  Cops also found this dude was a registered sex offender. He’s gonna be spending a LOT of time in jail!
Whose side are you on?!  This women posted about her cheating ex boyfriend – and now he is claiming that it’s libelous and slander and is suing her.  She claims she can post whatever she wanted.  What happened?  He said he would def marry her…and then he bailed on her.  12 days later – he married someone else.  Oofah! We were all for it…but…she now hired Gloria Allred…we’re out…you’re a joke. We ask you – what side do you take? 53% of people side with the dude.  Woody, Rizz, and Patrico side with the dude.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY

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