In today’s Sports Report we chat ALL STAR WEEKENDS, Mizzou taking on Texas Tech, and who would ladies rather bang…Eli or Brady?!
Somebody forgot to tell Brandon Marshall that nobody cares about the NFL Probowl game. Dude caught 6 passes for 176 yards and a Pro Bowl record 4 TD’s. His performance led to the defensive heavy score of 59-41. The 100 points scored was just shy of the NFL Record for the Pro Bowl game of 107 points scored back in 04. Scoring a touchdown in each quarter of the game Marshall earned the MVP award as well.
In other All-Star news the NHL All-Star game took place last night as well. Team Chara beat Team Alfredsson 12-9 in big thanks to three goals scored by Marian Gaborik from the New York Rangers. The Blues lone rep in the game goaltender Brian Elliot…he got scored on 3 times in under a minute and a half…wasn’t pretty. Gaborik was awarded the nights MVP.
Some quick college basketball news: Mizzou bounced back from their loss to Oklahoma State and got the win against Texas Tech. They are back in action tonight as they take on TEXAS Tip off is at 8pm on ESPN.
This is just funny. According to a new survey 54% of women say they’d rather nail Eli Manning than Tom Brady. The main reasons that people picked the less attractive Eli…they think Brady is too much of a hot head or they are intimidated but Brady’s wife Gisele. Regardless…we’ll see who the better QB is this Sunday in Indy. If you’d like to take on Ravey during out Beat a Woman contest email me by Wednesday and tell us why YOU think you can Beat a Woman.

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