In today’s CRAP ON CELEBS we chat what actually WAS that running between Christina Aguillera’s legs and we breakdown the GAYEST Superbowl Halftime shows of all time! As always – you can also find your crappy birthdays and the WORLD FAMOUS Porno Birthday!
What was the substance running down Christina Aguillera’s legs during the Etta James funeral?  It was sweat and spray tan.  Gross.  People were first saying it’s period blood or doodie…but actually just ended up being thigh sweat. GOO!  Check out the picture of it.  Sick.
Here are some quick Super Bowl ads that will be running this Sunday.
Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller) for Honda:
Jerry Seinfeld and Soup Nazi Acura Commercial:
Regis Philibin and Pepsi Max Commercial:
It’s a BLOOD BATH over at X-Factor. Nicole Sherzinger will not be a judge and the host – some Steve Jones…and Paula Abdul is ALSO out as a judge. 
Mike Tyson will join the WWE Hall of Fame….check out the video of him in the ring. He joins Pete Rose, Drew Carrey, and William Perry.
 Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but some Super Bowl Halftime shows tend to be on the GAY side.  And others are pretty STRAIGHT.  If you’ve ever had trouble figuring out which category certain shows fell into, I can help. The website Deadspin.com has put together an interesting graph rating all the past Super Bowl Halftime shows on a scale from “Exclusively Heterosexual” to “Exclusively Homosexual”. Three shows rated Exclusively Heterosexual.  They were: The 3D Diet Coke Spectacular from Super Bowl 23 in 1989 . . . U2’S 9/11 tribute at Super Bowl 36 in 2002 . . . and PAUL MCCARTNEY’S set at Super Bowl 39 in 2005. Only one halftime show was rated Exclusively Homosexual.  It was the show featuring GLORIA ESTEFAN and figure skaters BRIAN BOITANO and DOROTHY HAMILL at Super Bowl 26 in 1992. DIANA ROSS at Super Bowl 30 four years later ran a close second. Meanwhile, two Super Bowl Halftime shows were rated ASEXUAL.  The first one was the BLUES BROTHERS, JAMES BROWN and ZZ TOP performance at Super Bowl 31 in 1997. The second one was the BLACK EYED PEAS at Super Bowl 45 last year. CHECK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST!
–Justin Timberlake is 31
–Joel Courtney – 16   
–Kerry Washington – 35  
–Portia de Rossi – 39  
–Minnie Driver – 42   
–Daniel Moder – 43  
–Anthony LaPaglia – 53 
–Johnny Rotten – 56 
–Nolan Ryan – 65 
–Ernie Banks – 81 
–Carol Channing – 91 
New episodes of Arrested Development will appear on Netflix sometime soon.  Neato. We’re talking 10 episode season in 2013 and a movie in theaters apparently by Summer 2013.
Jack White is streaming a new song from his solo project.  Oofah.  Check it out by click HERE.  It’s terrible. 
Charlie Laine  – 28 – handled more loads than a forklift in 223 fine films including:
– Saturday Night Beaver
– Boobs of Hazard Vol 2
– Finger Lickin Good Vol 3
– Decline Of Western Civilization
– Power Munch 5
– Fire Bush 2
– Lick-a-licious Vol 4

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