Today we chat about some DUMBASSES in the news.  Seriously – some true dumbasses.  Homeland security fail?  The dumbest rapist ever.  And a robber – who answers a stolen phone.  DUMB!
Before this big trip to L.A. a 26 year old dude from England sent out a message on Twitter saying he was going to “Destroy America.”  What he meants was that he was going to get drunk and party! “Destroy” in England means party.  Well – Homeland security didn’t realize that and they DEPORTED HIM!  FAIL!  Check the full story HERE!
How about this – a dude pulled over while a woman was walking home and asked if she wanted a ride.  She said no – but he got out of the car and grabbed her and tried to force her inside.  She drove away and he went back to find her…and gave her HIS NUMBER and told her to call HIM!  IDIOT!
Finally – a couple in North Carolina had their car broken into and some stuff stolen – including a cell phone.  Well cops called the phone and the thief answered it and said he’d return their stuff in exchange for some cash.  Funny thing is – he also offered them some weed.  He gave them HIS OWN ADDRESS to come pick the stuff up!  IDIOT!  He was arrested!
Cops in Utah was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation and was unconscious.  He was put behind a curtain and a medical tech went in to give the drunk some medical attention.  A cop was filling out a report and the guy was still passed out when the cop went to check on him.  He saw…the tech…GIVING THE DRUNK A MOUTH PARTY!  GROSS!  It was dude on homeless drunk dude MOUTH PARTIES!  Sick.
Eugene Foster wanted to embarrass his girlfriend’s teenage daughter when he discovered a naked picture of her on her cell phone. So to teach her a lesson he sent the image to all 38 of her contacts including school friends. Foster, 31, is now in custody on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a minor. He had a confrontation with the girl after discovering the full-frontal snapshot which she had taken. Cops said: ‘They got into a fight and [he] decides I’m going to teach you a lesson I’m going to send this out to 30 plus contacts on her phone and that’s what he did.  You can’t distribute images like that, no one can, its illegal… there was nudity, clear full frontal picture.’ Detectives are now checking with all of the girl’s contacts to ensure they have not forwarded it to anyone else.

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