We’ve decided – it’s time to let someone go.  A listener from the 573 has texted in hate, told us that he is never going to listen again, but yet continues to text in and cause trouble. Guess what – it’s time to lay down the hammer.  YOU ARRREEEE FIRRRRREEEEDDDD!
Wow – it’s time that someone needs to be let go.  Kyle from the 573 is on the phone and is pissed that us “faggots” only talk and don’t play music.  And Woody and Rizz have had enough.  It’s time to let him go.
Check out the AUDIO HERE:

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8 Responses to YOU’RE FIRED!

  1. Casey Langley says:

    “all these people some pot” F you man shoulda gave his number out on air wanna hear music? download the mp3 or buy a CD damn!!!!

  2. will says:

    that dude sounds like he is hill billy as hell tell him to go f- his cow like like hill billy f$$kers do

  3. Meredith says:

    I love The Point! I’ve been to pointfest 1-4, 6, & another in ’07 (that one sucked). My husband took our nephew to one in ’11. They said it rocked! Z said the venues were getting as good as the “old” Pointfest. Anyway, I work in Springfield, I’ll & the radio stations suck! I can’t wait until the Litchfield exit on I-55. The Point comes into tune & I can finally hear great music! Springhell only knows about dance music (J.T., Lady Gaga) & Country Music. Thank you for sanity by the time I get home!!!

  4. Misty Mangan says:

    omg my i.q. is going down from listening to this asshat…You guys do a great job and I have met you other djs from the point and you are very polite even when you have asshole like this.. I am not doing a happy dance for doing what you did 🙂 Nice touch for the Vince “your fired” quote it is classic…. and his lawyer lives IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome 🙂

  5. Michael Bell says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? Let me just say: I’m a newer listener, and within the past few months, the Woody and Rizz Show has become my favorite things on the radio. I travel aroud the tri-state area for work each week and listen to a lot of FM stations; and trust me – you fine folks at The Point are unsurpassed in both the addictiveness of your radio personalities as compared to other stations, as well as your variety of consistently kick ass music. You all do wonderful work, and dramatically brighten the workdays of St. Louisans.

    P.S: While traveling south back towards St. Louis after spending a chunk of my time each week working in Iowa, I actually know the precise spot on U.S. 61 at which point my radio begins to pick up your station. Lux is always starting the Last Letter Game, and it’s always a reminder that I’m almost home.


  6. matt carosone says:

    Holy shit!!!!!!!! Thats hilarious. You guys should do this more often. Suck it

  7. Randy says:

    Damn! For someone who hates the point, he sure didn’t want you to block his phone number. HAHAHAHA

  8. Schevus says:

    Against the constitution – LOL!

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