It’s Valentine’s Day, which means millions of men across the country are currently in panic mode!  Check out this list…We also ask you would you rather sleep with an ugly chick who is awesome in bed…or a hot chick who is terrible in the sack…FIND THE RESULTS HERE!
Here’s is the list of the four most common Valentine’s Day mistakes men make:
#1.)  Forgetting to Make a Reservation.  If you’re going somewhere nice for dinner and assume you’ll just walk right in, it’s time to start panicking.
 #2.)  Giving Her Stripper Lingerie.  Something sexy is fine.  But some guys go WAY overboard.  Anything vinyl or crotchless is risky.
 #3.)  Constantly Complaining That It’s a “Hallmark Holiday”.  Yes, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is just a way to sell more greeting cards and chocolate.  So don’t harp on it all night.  You’ll just look cheap.
 #4.)  Buying Her a Last-Minute Present at the Nearest Drug Store.  If she finds out, she’ll be insulted by the cheapness of the gift, and because you didn’t plan ahead.
If you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day, you’re better off buying a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store, and maybe a bottle of wine. Just make sure you take the price tag off the flowers.


WAR POLL: So we asked you guys.  Would you rather nail a REALLY ugly chick who is smoking hot in bed…OR…would you rather nail a SMOKING HOT chick who was terrible in the sack. 

WOODY: Gross but AWESOME in bed.  He says the Hottness wasn’t enough to cover
RIZZUTO: Gross but AWESOME in bed.  He says it’s the adventure of it!
PATRICO: Hot chick but bad in bed.  I’ll get mine.  You can just lay there.  I’ll get it done.

68% of people NATIONALLY folks say that they would take unattractive and good in bed.
OUR LISTENERS?  57% of the Ninjas say that they would rather go with unattractive but great in bed.

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