Fans of Back to the Future rejoice!  Mattel is coming out with new toys from the classic movie.  Actually – it’s just one toy…but it’s probably the most bad ass toy EVER! NOTE: It doesn’t really hover.  That WOULD be bad ass though.
First, the Back to the Future Nikes came out. Now, Mattel has announced that it’ll be making the pink hoverboard Marty McFly made infamous in Back to the Future II. Life is officially complete! The Mattel hoverboard doesn’t actuallyhover as it’s only a  replica of the movie version but that’s okay! The ad for the BTTF hoverboard at Toy Fair claims its “movie accurate” (there’s a hole where Marty ripped off the pole) and can “glide over most surfaces” (though it doesn’t work on water).  Check it out!  Pretty sweet!

Check out the full article about Mattel’s Hoverboard.  CLICK HERE


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