Check out this RING THE BELL STORY.  Imagine if this is how Patrico felt.  The show would be screwed.  There is a guy in Oregon  who worked for a radio show and is now SUING THEM because they made fun of him!
Check out this turd!A radio station in Oregon has fired a popular Eugene radio show host after his allegedly abusive behavior prompted a former employee to file a $2.5 million lawsuit against the company and the host. The host Chad “Tanner” Haney had been terminated from his job as host of “The Donkey Show,” which airs weekday afternoons on 101.5 KFLY-FM. Haney, 29, could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Haney announced to fans via his Facebook page that he had lost his job. “The last few years hosting ‘The Donkey Show’ have been the best few years of my life. I am going to miss you all. Don’t worry … this won’t keep me down,” the Facebook post reads. The papers reported on Friday that Michael Fleming of Eugene had filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against Bicoastal and Haney. According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Lane County Circuit Court, the 48-year-old Fleming resigned last week after working 12 years for the company. Fleming gave regular traffic reports and sometimes appeared on “The Donkey Show.” According to the lawsuit, Haney last month took to the airwaves to publicly fire Fleming from the show. The lawsuit states that Fleming suffered “severe emotional distress” after becoming the target of age discrimination and sexual harassment on “The Donkey Show,” which is known for its raunchy comedy bits, outrageous public stunts and Haney’s personal candor.

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  1. Ozlanthos says:

    Personally I’ve never liked Tanner. The guy is a douche to everyone he interviews without exception. And really, before you go flaming me, consider this, Tanner went through people on that show like toilet paper. They went through at least 2 long term co-hosts, and now Fleming…At the heart of all of these departures has been one continuous factor….conflicts with Tanner over his treatment of them. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern of behavior….It could be that not only is Tanner a douche on the radio, but also be that he is an A$$HOLE in real life! .


  2. adam says:

    I for one really enjoyed KFLY on Monday when they actually played music in the afternoon. While the Donky Show had it’s entertaining moments, for the most part it was just obnoxious. Chad spouting off about whatever poped into his little head, Calling his mother and grandmother to ask them sexual questions on the air. Belching and farting into the mic, talking listners into puting permanent tatoos of a failed show on thier bodys. Complainning about everything, and putting people down for anything. It was some real infantile crap that you wouldn’t want your kids hearing while driving around. I suppose as a young college boy one might still find farts and burps to be hillarious. I would rather hear music thanks. Not sure what the managers at KFLY were thinking when they dcided to go to a mostly talk format. We have Bob and Tom all morning, the Dumbass Show all afternoon, and then a wrap up show where they talk about the mistakes on the Dumbass Show the rest of the night. Really? Thats your programmming? If this station didn’t play the only hard rock in town, I would not even know they existed. Get a clue guys, fire all the talkers and play some music. There is plenty of talk on TV. Music is the only reason people still listen to radio.

  3. What a whiney bitch. Some dude got f’d with and had to go suckle his mothers teet some more just to feel like the world was full of rainbows and butterflys again. F**king COME ON!

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