In today’s Discount News we talk getting KRUNKED on Four Lokos, a pee pee on a transformer leads to jail time and a dude is an ahole on a plane yelling about ALLAH!
A 13-year-old Parkville boy is dead and his mother says those controversial energy drinks loaded with alcohol are partly to blame. One of those drinks made a 13-year-old so sick he opened the door of a moving car so he could vomit. He fell out of that car and was struck by oncoming traffic. “It just doesn’t seem real that he’s not here,” Kris Keys, the victim’s mother, said. Kris Keys says she now knows the story behind the accident that killed her 13-year-old son Michael Truluck. “He drank one of the energy drinks with alcohol in it that all of these kids seem to think are OK,” Keys said
A thief was attempting rob a UK power substation, when he decided that it was a good time to relieve himself — against an electrical transformer. You can guess what happened! Yep, he blew up! Michael Harper, 36, was permanently disfigured after suffering serious burns in the blast. NOT ONLY that though! His partner-in-crime? Yeah, he totally tried to leave him behind! The father of two was left burning on the floor by his accomplice, 50-year-old Richard Boyce! We’re not done yet either… the explosion left about 2,000 people without power and caused £26,500 ($42,000) in damage. Then, Harper was jailed for a year. The judge said that he had already been punished for almost losing his life and becoming permanently disfigured. The other guy got 4 years.
Check out this story!  A dude being an A-HOLE on a plane started yelling “ALLAH IS GREAT”  – He didn’t last long – people tackled his ass on the pilot turned the plane around!

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