Since today is Freak of the Week day…we have some creepsters in the news for you.  We talk about the guy who wants to smell a hooker.  The naked man busted with child porn.  And a dude takes his hog out at the tax office. We also have some normal news too.  PETA puts down animals & a dude tries to steal a 19 inch TV in his PANTS!  You can read all the details of these stories and more


Last week, a 51 year old guy in Florida wanted a hooker, but only had $15 on him.  So he found a prostitute and offered her a deal:  Not to have sex with her, or even get a mouth party….nope….he’d give her the $15 if he could SMELL HER VAGINE!  She agreed and thens when the dude got a HUGE surprise…it was an undercover cop.  And even though he’d just offered $15 for a whiff it was enough to arrested him.

A 57 year old dude from Texas was just sentenced to 18 years after being caught wandering around the plastics warehouse he works at…naked.  Kenneth Clyde Jackson told the cops that he was the warehouse that day to catch up on some work and stripped naked because he was hot.  When cops took him back to his workstation to get his clothes – they saw kiddie porn on his computer.  When the cops asked to see some type of ID – he said it was in his cars glove box – with a bag of weed.  That was last July…but now he’s in the news again.  He was busted for standing in his garage naked as kids rode by on their bikes.  He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for kiddie porn and 8 years for indecent exposure.  Total time — 18 years.

Last week a 25 year old dude in Connecticut walked into a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Office and chatted with a female employee.  He then stood up, unzipped his pants, and whipped out his hog.  Cops were called and he took off down the street on his BICYCLE…but was caught later.  IDIOT!

HEADLINE GOOOOO: A Texas man wanted for burglary auto theft and arson was tracked to house.  After a thought search of the inside, cops found the guy hiding underneath a HUGE pile of dirty clothes.  I guess you can say his escape was hampered…GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Huzzah residents of Ballwin!  No need to keep those middle fingers in your car.  A judge has ruled that it is now no longer illegal to flick off someone while you are in your car.  Neato!

So we LOVE the folks over at PETA.  Well – did you know that PETA killed more than 90% of the pets they were caring for in 2011.  15 years worth of records show that PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals.  They found homes for only 24 pets last year and put down OVER A THOUSAND! Most of the animals were put down within 24 HOURS!

A 21-year-old Columbia Heights man is accused of stealing a 19-inch flat screen television from an Eagan business by stuffing it down his pants. Eric Lee King was charged Friday with felony fifth-degree controlled substance and shoplifting, a misdemeanor. According to the complaint, an Eagan officer saw King drop a box of candy as he walked out the store Dec. 5, 2011. When he tried several times to get King’s attention, King ignored him. The officer later saw the TV in his pants. He also allegedly had a remote, power cords, a bottle of brake fluid and two Xanax pills shoved down there, too. If convicted, King could face more than five years in prison and $11,000 in fines


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