In today’s CRAP ON CELEBS we chat about the KONY 2012 SCAM and will the Hogan sex tape ever see the light of day? Plus today’s PORNO BIRTHDAY is a LEGEND! 


So this KONY thing that is going down is gaining some steam.  Who is Kony?  He steals kids from families…kills the families…and then has them fight for his army.  Here is the video…in case you haven’t seen it yet:

SCAM?  Yup – What makes the video seem like a “scam” is the solicitation of donations and purchase of the action kit which includes two bracelets, t-shirt, stickers, buttons and posters for $30. Invisible Children has made almost $14 million dollars with approximately 31% going towards helping anyone, according to news site The Daily What, and backed up by the organization’s own financial records.  READ MORE ON THIS HERE.

Oprah will talk with Whitney’s family this weekend — Check out a PREVIEW HERE.

Ellen Degeneress talked to Megan Fox about tattoo removal.  It’s gross. 

Check out an interview on 60 Minutes with Aerosmith….check it out HERE.

Vivid wants to distribute the Hulk Hogan sex tape.  But – he said he doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Antonio Banderas had his wallet stolen by crazed fans in Budapest.

Britney Spears could be the next judge on X-Factor…it is like almost a done deal.  Crazy!

John Carter

1,000 WORDS

Silent House

Friends With Kids

–STLs own Jon Hamm – 41 (“Mad Men
–Olivia Wilde – 28 (Dr. “Thirteen” on “House”…she’s one of those chicks who can look hotter than hell one minute, then the next she looks like a starving gecko.)
–Emmanuel Lewis – 41 (“Webster”!)
–Carrie Underwood – 29
–Johnny Knoxville – 41 (“Jackass”.)
–Chingy – 32 (Always chillin’ at the Holiday Inn. Maybe once he’s more famous, maybe he’ll start staying at Courtyard by Marriott.)
–ABC news legend AND living, breathing Vulcan! Sam Donaldson 78
–Brian Bosworth – 47
–Terrence Howard – 43
–Charles Gibson – 69 (Former host of “Good Morning America” and ABC’s evening news)
–Neneh Cherry – 49 (Looking good in a “Buffalo Stance”.)
–Shannon Tweed – 55 (Gene Simmons’ unofficial wife)
–Sharon Stone – 54
–Jeff Ament – 49 (Pearl Jam’s bassist.)
–Benji and Joel Madden – 33 (Good Charlotte)
–Vinnie Paul – 48 (Pantera)
–Kato Kaelin – 53 (O.J. Simpson leech)
–Chuck Norris – 72 (Thanks to Chuck Norris….we have the never ending, never tiresome, ALWAYS funny Chuck Norris fun facts like: Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer . . . too bad he has never cried!….or my personal favorite Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky Goooo!.)

–Ron Jeremy 59 – he’s laid more wood than Lumber Liquidators in 1,916 fine films including:
“21 Hump Street”,
“The Babes of Bonerville”,
“Mistress Hiney”,
“The Beverly Hills Butt Broker”,
“Bone Alone”,
“Generally Horny Hospital”,
“Hung Wankenstein”,
“I Ream A Genie”,
“Super Hornio Brothers”,
“Ass Gas And The Mystical Glop”
“Let Me Tell Ya Bout Fat Chicks”

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