We’ve offended another listener.  When covering a Paula Deen story and we had talked about a QUOTE in the story that used the N-WORD.  Well someone emailed in and got super mad and emailed Tommy the Boss. Well – this complaint pissed off Woody and Rizz to ALL HIGH HELL. 

Before we get into this…read this.  It’s an article that says ROCK MUSIC could be making people RACIST?!  Seriously – you have to take a second and read this article.

So here is the overall general idea of the email that Corey sent it.  He says that anyone can hide behind the use of the word if it is in direct quote of someone else.  To him he said it is unnecessary and the story could have been read with out the N word.  Well…we even gave a DISCLAIMER!

It brought us to think why can we say RETARD, FAG, QUEER, and other words but we can’t say the N word?  What other offensive words SHOULD we avoid but aren’t illegal?!

Scientists in the UK may have stumbled on a cure for racism. While testing a common heart disease drug, researchers say that those who took Propranolol showed  lower ”implicit racist attitudes,” than those who did not take the drug. Dr Sylvia Terbeck, of Oxford University, led the study. She believes that the results backup the idea that a person’s racist attitudes are founded on fear. Terbeck explains, “Our results offer new evidence about the processes in the brain that shape implicit racial bias.” Dr. Terbeck and her team also found that racially biased attitudes can occur in those who are not overtly prejudice (also known as, “I’m not racist, I have ______ friends” syndrome).


We have a FULL list of words that you should totally AVOID! Check out the full LIST by CLICKING HERE!

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  1. Grandspartan117 says:

    Boo Hoo! Get over it. Woody and Rizz are awesome and everyone is jealous!

  2. Tracy says:

    Tommy take your skirt off and ask your wife for your pants back. I listen to the show because they say what we all feel and woody and riz say it how it should be said. Nigger, honkey, faggot, chink, whatever everyone is too sensitive now a days if you don’t like it turn the station. Tommy if you want to sensor something go work for Bob & Tom and leave the point alone. Point dj’s your all great keep being as real as you can.

  3. Big James says:

    Just wanna say that I’m a bi-racial (half white, half black) guy and I don’t give F weither you say Nigger or not… You were just quoting the broad! Haters gonna hate! The show is hilarious, people are just overly sensitive.. Tell em to suck it!

  4. Mike says:

    Let me guess, he was a white guy.

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