RING THE BELL (3/20/12)

Sometimes you see some questionable male behavior and you just have to call it out.  You have to RING THE BELL on some of these actions.  Check it out…


A chick found a stash of penis lollipops in her dudes car – like broads use at bachelorette parties – and he says he just liked the flavor.  Is he gay?! ((On air listeners said 93% – YES HE IS GAY))

Remember this story? Check out this turd!A radio station in Oregon has fired a popular Eugene radio show host after his allegedly abusive behavior prompted a former employee to file a $2.5 million lawsuit against the company and the host. The host Chad “Tanner” Haney had been terminated from his job as host of “The Donkey Show,” which airs weekday afternoons on 101.5 KFLY-FM. Haney, 29, could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Haney announced to fans via his Facebook page that he had lost his job. “The last few years hosting ‘The Donkey Show’ have been the best few years of my life. I am going to miss you all. Don’t worry … this won’t keep me down,” the Facebook post reads. The papers reported on Friday that Michael Fleming of Eugene had filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against Bicoastal and Haney. According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Lane County Circuit Court, the 48-year-old Fleming resigned last week after working 12 years for the company. Fleming gave regular traffic reports and sometimes appeared on “The Donkey Show.” According to the lawsuit, Haney last month took to the airwaves to publicly fire Fleming from the show. The lawsuit states that Fleming suffered “severe emotional distress” after becoming the target of age discrimination and sexual harassment on “The Donkey Show,” which is known for its raunchy comedy bits, outrageous public stunts and Haney’s personal candor.

Nearly everyone on Facebook has been tagged with an embarrasing photo, but most people don’t sue the person who tagged them. Eric Olson did. And the person he sued was his uncle, Randall LaBrie. After LaBrie posted childhood photos of Olson in front of a Christmas tree and added snarky comments, Olson got angry and sued his uncle for harassment. Sadly for Olson, he not only lost the case but his appeal to a higher court was also denied. The state Court of Appeals decreed that “comments that are mean and disrespectful, coupled with innocuous family photos, do not affect a person’s safety, security, or privacy…” and therefore do not count as harassment.

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