To be sure, people have won lotteries before with equally staggering odds. But that is a bet not even Las Vegas would take, and the concept of how much of a super-long shot such a win would be is hard for people to grasp. One old standard is the odds of being hit by lightning in a give year, which is currently about 1 million to 1. So what are the odds of other things?!  Check it all out here and more info on today’s MEGA MILLIONS DRAWING!


Winning tonights jackpot or Getting Struck by lightning TWICE?
19 times more likely getting struck by lightning!

Dying in an airplane accident or getting killed by fireworks?
Dying in an airplane accident

Becoming a pro athlete or dating a supermodel?
Dating a supermodel

Getting attacked by a shark or becoming the president of the US?
Shark attack!

Being audited by the IRS or being born with 11 fingers or toes?
Being audited

Winning the Jackpot or being killed by bees in the next year?
Killed by bees

Getting injured and dying in the next year or getting cancer in your lifetime?
Getting cancered!

Finding a pearl in an oyster or being struck by lightning?
Finding a pearl in an oyster

Wining tonights Jackpot or get dealt 5 blackjacks in a row?


What can you buy if you win the JACKPOT today?!
Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is up to a record $540 million.  And, with everyone buying tickets, it could end up higher.  It went up $64 million yesterday alone. Of course you don’t GET all the money.  If took the lump sum, after paying taxes you’d be left with about $260 million.  Here’s what that would buy: 100 of the world’s most expensive cars:  That’s the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which costs $2.6 million.   Four of the most-expensive private jets:  The Gulfstream G550 at $59 million. Tuition, room, and board for MOST of Harvard:  There are 6,655 undergraduates paying over $52,000 a year.  You could cover 4,938 of them. A hockey team:  The NFL, NBA and MLB are still out of your price range, but the average NHL team is worth $240 million.  In fact, the Phoenix Coyotes, Atlanta Thrashers, Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning, and St. Louis Blues all sold or were offered for sale for less than $200 million within the last few years.

According to the NY TIMES:
Here’s a step-by-step guide on the RIGHT way to deal with winning the lottery.

 #1.)  Sign the back of the ticket.  That’s the first thing you do.  That way it’s yours, guaranteed.  Then make a photocopy, take a photo of yourself with it, and lock it in a safe.

 #2.)  Your first call should be to a . . . lawyer.  Yes, before you tell your relatives, you need to get a lawyer involved.  Hundreds of millions of dollars complicates EVERYTHING.  You want to be airtight legally from day one.

 #3.)  Think realistically about how much you won.  After you take the lump sum and pay the taxes, you’ll wind up with about half the jackpot.  And if anyone else also had the winning numbers, you’re splitting it with them too.

 #4.)  Try to shield your identity.  Some states will make you pick up the jackpot in person.  Others will let you form a trust.  If you can, have your lawyer form a trust and stay anonymous.  It will save you an incomprehensible amount of headaches.

 #5.)  Plan one good splurge.  Now that you’ve taken care of all the boring logistics, think about one or two amazing things you’re going to buy.  It’ll also get it out of your system.  But wait until you have the money in the bank before you buy.

 #6.)  Get the money locked into investments.  Suddenly, every family member and friend will expect money from you.  The more you lock into investments, the less guilty you have to feel about saying “No” 200 times a day.

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