POPE BENEDICT THE SIXTEENTH made his first-ever trip to Mexico.  As he drove in the Popemobile through a crowd in Silao, Mexico, he put on a SOMBRERO.  The crowd loved it.  He looks . . . uncomfortable…..which is odd……you would think he’d be used to wearing silly hats. We asked you to come up with a CAPTION. Listeners voted and the winner is…………….

“For the 100th time, NO, I CANNOT turn your water into tequila!!”

Congrats to TOM SLICK! He won himself a pair of 2 DAY PASSES TO POINTFEST!

Thanks for all your votes!!

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  1. Brad Kinzel says:

    This week on ‘Undercover Boss’…

  2. Cord says:

    And not a single fuck was givin on this day

  3. Brittany says:

    sometimes you gotta live mas

  4. garrett wadley says:

    the popes face after being shocked by all the people waiting for work outside home depot

  5. todd says:

    that was some damn good weed now get back to the fields.

  6. alta says:

    POPE’ LOPEZ for the caption contest

  7. Van says:

    Damn i was hoping this hat would make me blend in, now everyones gonna know im here for the donkey show

  8. Brandon Frerich says:

    “Pope Jalapeno on a stick”

  9. Brandi Mahoney says:

    I don’t always wear a sombrero,
    But when I do it costs Mexico millions.

  10. john says:

    Always look in the bag when you pick up your dry-cleaning

  11. Tom Taylor says:

    The Amazing Carnac the Pope with read us the question that is in the sealed envelope after giving us the answer, never seeing what is in the envelope.
    His answer – “All of these people you see.”
    He opens the sealed envelope and reads the question – “What jumped out of the Popemobile’s trunk shortly after crossing the border into the U.S.?”

  12. Brian says:

    Finally it has been confirmed that the name Jesus really is Mexican.

  13. john says:

    Peace be with you, please don’t steal my wallet. Peace be with you, please don’t steal my wallet.

  14. Jeff says:

    Off to the donkey show…….

  15. Drake says:

    And the lord said, “let there be cheap labor”

  16. chris says:

    God damn airport lost my bag with the hat.

  17. john says:

    The Vatican needs new floors, I need 5 guys that can do tile.

  18. jeff parker says:

    I don’t care who bless is the water in mexico, don’t drink it!

  19. Don says:

    They wouldn’t let him wear those in the Hitler Youth.

  20. Jack Smith says:

    “Livin la vida pope-a”

  21. Sam says:

    You know what they call a Mexican baptism…Bean Dip!

  22. Tom Taylor says:

    When the Popemobile rear-ended an old beat up pickup truck the family got out to get his insurance information…

  23. Tom Taylor says:

    Bobby’s mom sent him to the store to get bread, milk and butter.
    He returned with bread, milk and a toy turtle.
    His mom was disappointed that he did not get butter.
    He explained the turtle was for Rizz because it was his birthday.
    He was grounded from his X-Box for a week.
    There is no God.

  24. feldie says:

    Yo quiero little boys!

  25. joe says:

    Accepting applications for the vatican lawn service

  26. Drew says:

    The Pope must have gotten that hat from Mexicos only man with two right arms. It also appears that he is now waking up as illustrated in the bottom right corner of this photo.

  27. Drew says:

    “To prevent El Niño this year I will need many niños to bless with my burrito!”

  28. Jeff Appel says:

    “I spanked that pinata like a young alter boy–Ole’!”

  29. Lornce says:

    Soy capitan! Soy capitan!

  30. Derick Maxsonderick says:

    Silly pope Doritos tacos are for kids……exactly!

  31. Steve says:

    What the hell is this burrito? I prefer mine with skin and 10 years old.

  32. Drew says:

    The Pope believes that due to the launch of the new Doritos Locos Tacos, Jesus has returned and now resides in Mexico. He has called for all people names Jesus to meet him in the town square. It looks like he has his work cut out for him.

  33. Andrew Brunner says:

    It seems that the pope has finally gotten word of “el niño” and hopes to solve it by blessing many niños with his chimichanga. Boys watch your corn cake!

  34. Andrew says:

    “F” tradition!!! this year I propose baja blast and doritos locos tacos Easter Sunday!

  35. James says:

    “The one Sombrero to rule them all…”

  36. Bill Miller says:

    Holy Water my ass! That was tequila! Wait a minute, wtf happened to my mitre? Pancho, I keel you!

  37. Nick says:

    If you think that’s strange you should see the Pope Mobile’s new hydraulics. Also the 10 naked 8 year old boys just out of frame. Yeah I kinda buried the lead there.

  38. Chad says:

    TONO TONO……… TONO tono tono!!!

  39. Ryan says:

    glad i’m tight with the G-man. my publicist is soooo going to hell.

  40. Chad says:

    Im here for the beer and the bitches!!!!!

  41. Wes says:

    “Happy Birthday, Rizz!”

  42. Adam says:

    I need to get back to rome. If these people find out what i did ealier they will take my sombraro. Who knew you bring a rooster to a youth cock fighting tournament.

  43. steve says:

    take that zoro!!

  44. A.J. says:

    The Doritos Locos tacos are so amazing the pope decided to convert to being Mexican!

  45. Mark C. says:

    “God, where am I? Last thing I remember was having communion and some holy water with a special worm inside. The altar boys said it was given to them by Jesus.”

  46. Larry says:

    “Does this hat me look phat?”

  47. greg fross says:

    I broke the communion bowl so I brought my hat.

  48. Joel says:

    arriba! arriba! andelay! andelay! yeehaw!

  49. Matt Stewy says:

    Thinking, *Since wearing a 13 y/o boy isn’t considered tasteful, guess the sombrero it is*

  50. Jeremy says:

    Olẽ, olẽ, olẽ Lord. God of power and might…

  51. Jay says:

    Wow, this sombrero makes me about as Mexican as George (aka Jorge) Zimmerman is a white man…

  52. Brandon says:

    “in the name of the father ,whose name I can’t pronounce, his twelve sons, and the 14 year old mother, amen”

  53. Brandon says:

    “dear lord, please get me the hell out of mexico!”

  54. Rick willerton says:

    The pimphand is strong and swings with ease!

  55. Pat says:

    “alright, seriously, where the f*ck did this sombrero come from? i told myself no more tequila, even if i was in Mexico.”

  56. matt says:

    ” i heard you guys are making tacos out of doritos now?!”

    ” MAAN, F*ck yo momma!”

    “Roll em up”

  57. Dan says:

    This sombrero is going over better than the turban and fake bomb I wore in Afghanistan.

  58. floyd denton says:

    1 beaner, 2 beaner, 3 beaner, 4 beaner. ahh ahh ahh the count loves to count beaners.

  59. Justin Bradbury says:

    “In the name of the Father,the Son,and the… Holy S**t there’s a lot of fine lookin boys here ! “

  60. Justin Bradbury says:

    “Does this hat make me look like a Pedophile ? “

  61. B-rad says:

    hope my depends hold up from those tacos

  62. Matt Thudium says:

    Follow me Christian Beaners……and I will show you the way to the nearest Lowes!

  63. Dulany says:

    Anyone else notice the two girls laughing at his hat in the front row?

  64. Darrell says:

    Wait, wait tell me if you heard this one; two mexicans and a demon walk into a bar,…………

  65. Joe says:

    Maybe I can hear God with this dish on my head.

  66. Jonathon Antoine says:

    I was gonna wear a hoodie but I didn’t wanna get shot by a mexican too so I figured I’d wear this to blend in!

  67. Jeanna says:

    May Christ be with you, and also witchu’ man.

  68. Dave says:

    I’m just here to get a tuck-and-roll and some hydraulics for my Popemobile esay.

  69. David says:

    I knew we should’ve made a left back there. Quick, act like we belong here.

  70. David says:

    I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito, now I have to take a holy shit.

  71. Scott says:

    even the pope gets lazy…

  72. Kenny says:

    Take me to Bucho!

  73. Ehrich Smiddy says:

    A lot of people are upset about the New Pope. Personally, I prefer the taste of Pope Classic…….

  74. Corey says:

    “I don’t always get to have fun, but when I do…..I FIESTA!

  75. Troy cain Harter says:

    I knew the water was bad, but no one said anything about the altar boys, has anyone got any tums?

  76. Jake S says:

    Sweet f#*ckn Jesus! Now I get it Arizona! You’ve got my full support!

  77. Courtney Meyer says:

    Dorito tacos for everybody!!

  78. nick says:

    Be honest….Does this hat make the little boy between my legs look big?

  79. chris turner says:

    Now “Jesus” said he’d be here but when I call out his name half the people think I’m talking to them…

  80. Jason Pilarski says:

    The Pope just lost a bet to Jesus that Tim Tebow was indeed going to be traded to New York so Jesus told the Pope he had to drive through Mexico wearing a silly hat!

  81. Tom Taylor says:

    I’m a cyborg sent back from the future looking for the father of George Zimmerman to make sure he doesn’t procreate again. No more child killers!! We don’t want to see any more young boys go to waste.

  82. Chris lane says:

    Will there be ….. Buttsecks?

  83. Tom Taylor says:

    Turd Ferguson visits Mexico. It’s funny, because it’s a big hat.

  84. Eric says:

    East LA was saved that day by the holy sombrero!!

  85. Mike jackson says:

    Damn! Now that’s what I call a donkey show!

  86. Jim handshy says:

    Hey driver…there’s a bunch over here….Im sure they will help fix up my house.

  87. dusty says:

    “I don’t always touch Mexican boys but when I do, I wear this hat.”

  88. Bill Carter says:

    Pull my finger Cardinal Garcia !

  89. Tricia says:

    Little boy, wanna play with my dangly balls?

  90. Casey says:

    Maybe with this hat on they won’t notice me…

  91. Katy says:

    Father, Son, Holy Burrito!

  92. Leonard says:

    Dirty Sanchez? No it’s a Holy Sanchez when I do it!

  93. Joe Kline says:

    Pull the f¥€k over, im staying here

  94. Rita M says:

    Holy Mother! Even the old ones look like alter boys. So many choices.

  95. Logan Clendenin says:

    The mexicans are now taking hostages

  96. Joe Kline says:

    Getting my suck off on from a thumbless freak, God I love mexico

  97. Brian stoessel says:

    His Oléness

  98. alexajo89 says:

    Some Mexican stole my hat… they told me you couldn’t tell the difference.

  99. Kyle McKenna says:

    God, bestow your many blessing upon this land…. so they will actually stay here….

  100. James knight says:

    Mexican hat 5 dollars, gold bling ring 400 dollars, another 10,000 illegal aliens…… PRICELESS!

  101. John Hamilton says:

    Being the Pope is awesome!….I get to hand-pick my own lawn crew.

  102. Johnny says:

    Who said little boys aren’t into role play?!?!

  103. Ryan says:

    I herd that this hat keeps me safe from…. U people… Dear god I understand why u run to the U.S…… I cannot find a working job here anywhere!

  104. Darrell says:

    When in Rome,…….

  105. David Niswonger says:

    God, I hate Jews!

  106. Jimmy Q says:

    Are you goin to eat that?!?!

  107. Phil says:

    Viva los dorritos tacos locos.. putos

  108. Drew N. says:

    “I am here for only 2 reasons, to see Ricky Martin and play with my chimichanga.”

  109. Jakeg_mp says:

    I don’t care how many you have to run over! Get me the f to the united states!!

  110. chris fitz says:

    No.. all of you can’t hide in the back on the way to America but thanks for the hat! Adios

  111. chris fitz says:

    Ahhhh I knew I shouldn’t have touched that little Mexican boy……. Now his whole family is after me!!!!

  112. Steve Perry says:

    This one has more gerth than the one im used to….Thats what she said Gooooo….

  113. Wes V. says:

    Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire takes a break from kicking Jedi ass to visit his minions in Mexico.

  114. Josh K. says:

    Weekend at Bernie’s 3…coming to theatres this summer!

  115. austin says:

    “Latino bitches dig the sombrero”

  116. Nandor690 says:

    You got a bag of skittles and some tea….I will forsake you.

  117. Rita M says:

    I know Latin not Spanish. Sombrero not Some bimbos. Now I have a big hat,but tonight I will have a sore hand. Hello senorita’s…..

  118. josh Greear says:

    Remind me to go to confession when we return to the Vatican. The tequila and whores I’ve consumed are gonna take atleast 5 hail mary’s

  119. Le Jo says:

    Where can I find some Doritos Tacos in this taco bell

  120. Robin says:

    “Wait….who am I and what the f**k is on my head?”

  121. Josh says:

    Roll the windows up… this place smells like donkey shit.

  122. Joshua G says:

    Things I do to make all Catholics feel like they belong. Little do they know I was a trained Nazi.

  123. Matt says:

    (look at his left hand) “F*ck Roll the windows up, They’re trying to hitch a ride”

  124. Alaric Rays says:

    Reblogged this on Alaric Rays and commented:
    Local radio station has a photo caption contest going on to win tickets to a local concert. I think mine is best but I may be a little biased. Enjoy.

  125. george brown says:

    I cant believe god reincarnated me as on of the freakn three amigos

  126. john lockett says:

    now they tell me about the water holy ish

  127. Dustin Wemple says:

    Hey Pablo, who said you could stop playing with my maracas!!! (Note the hand on the rail)

  128. Jared says:

    LOOK! We the same! Throw beer!

  129. ramie says:

    Ohhh no! What happened last night? Where the f**k am I? Why am I wearing this hat?

  130. “The guy at the gift shops name was Jesus… Like I’m not gonna buy the hat from him and wear it?”
    -The Pope

  131. Tim D-C says:

    I’ll wear the hat but, I’m not doing ANY landscaping!! Now kiss the ring BITCH! Suckit!

  132. will says:

    aloha to the popeola

  133. Chelsea says:

    (In the words of Mayor Fred himself with some alterations)
    Anyone in the area a pervert like me? I will pray to the gayness gods and take care of you. I would love to be your tour guide into the dirty muddy waters.

  134. kyle says:

    Wear a funny hat and they forget all about the 6
    year old boy tied up under my seat.

  135. Alaric Rays says:

    I’ve not been this uncomfortable since my first night as an altar boy. Oh Father Hidethesausage how I miss thee. Suppose the name should have been a bit of a giveaway.. Oh well, can’t wait for tonight. No more sloppy seconds for this Pope. Benedict in you.. Ha. Im so punny.

  136. Chucktastic says:

    Okay I’m here… now where’s my hundred thousand pesos bitches!?

  137. Marc says:

    El Tio Pope-ay

  138. Mike G says:

    El Guapo-” Give me my F’n Hat Back!”

  139. Ninja314 says:

    “Pope Jesus” ( Pope Hey_Zeus )

  140. Tammy says:

    Tequila make his clothes fall off….

  141. Jared says:

    And I thought Patrico was ugly…

  142. Mark says:

    Take me to the Doritos Locos Taco!

  143. Lacy says:

    Suck it Marino. I got a super bowl ring!!!

  144. Jack says:

    And all of Mexico rejoiced as a portrait of Jesus appeared as one of the Popes liver spots.

  145. slippy says:

    This is how I get in America?

  146. john minks says:

    oh god where is the drug lords

  147. Double Jay says:

    Ok I was wrong, you people should start using birth control.

  148. Paul Kozik says:

    “I don’t know which was better, those new Doritos tacos, or that “Donkey Show” in Mexico”!?!

  149. Paul Kozik says:

    “I’m not sure which was better, the new Doritos tacos, or that “Donkey Show” in Mexico”?!

  150. Chad says:

    “makes me look less like reverend Kane.”

  151. Chad says:

    “I ate the worm!!”

  152. Joe says:

    How am I going to know which is the real Jesus I see atleast 10 of them right now. Aye Aye Aye

  153. Bob Junior says:

    “I understand a bunch of black folk have mistaken a Hispanic for a ‘cracker,’ so this ought to really throw them off!”

  154. Bill. Cushman says:

    The pope looking for a taco bell, to get his Doritos taco fix.

  155. nicole says:

    In order to get all 350,000 Latin American’s out to see Pope BENEDICT THE SIXTEENTH, the pope sent out 20 mini vans to transport them, and posted Help Wanted signs on the outside of the popemobile. The pope then smuggled a couple of lawn care specialists past the border, getting away by hiding under his holy sombrero.

  156. Luke Howe says:

    Authentic mexican sombrero: 1,000,000 pesos
    Authentic mexican mr t starter kit: 1,000,000 pesos
    Drive by whoring vatican style, priceless.

  157. Luke Howe says:

    That’s right, Los Ninjas. This is a Drive by Whoring, Vatican style.

  158. Ryan says:

    When do we get to break out the pinata filled with little boys?

  159. Chris Sherman says:

    Who thinks Trayvon Martin got what was coming……..I’m joking, I’m joking…….or am I ??????

  160. Nicole C. says:

    Looks like he chose just the right outfit to join the wet t-shirt contest. Wonder if he wins.

  161. Patrick says:

    I need to get out of here in time to read the Craigslist Freak of the Week

  162. Mitch says:

    Don’t drink the Holy water.

  163. tim pruitt says:

    Where’d that Virgin María go… I wanna do another body shot!

  164. t0ast says:

    The Lord spoke unto Benedict, “Wear thine sombrero and none shall be noticed but you.” And so it came to pass that the wails and pleas of Benedict’s children of the altar — though they were but one cubit away from Benedict — fell upon blind eyes and deaf ears. Benedict hushedly proclaimed, “Soon, my pretties. Soon.”

    Wis. 42:6-9

  165. doug says:

    Just lock the doors and don’t make eye contact.

  166. Russ says:

    Green cards for a sombrero! Worst trade ever

  167. JP says:

    Sir Mix Alot – My Hooptie blaring on the radio and he is pulling into PointFest

  168. JP says:

    1. Yo quiero Taco Bell
    2. Hey Rizz… Happy Birthday
    3. What’s Up Grandma
    4. There’s the pope . . . it must be big hat day here at Wrigley.

  169. Chris Sherman says:

    Raise your hand if alter boys get you hot!

  170. Phillip tettamble says:

    This still beats my being here in 45 in my nazi uniform

  171. Just Joe says:

    no more fish on fridays….. now taco tuesday!

  172. Chris Sherman says:

    Tebow get’s New York and I get Mexico, wtf….Who’s excited now……Not this guy..

  173. josh says:

    just smile and wave boys… Wait, what is everyone looking at? You all are acting like I have a sombrero on or something

  174. Gregory T. Briggs says:

    Anyone know where I can find the werewolf sisters?

  175. Logan Radcliff says:

    He who has not wanted to see the donkey show may cast the first stone.

  176. “Olé my hands on you!”

  177. Shawn says:

    Show me the way to the donkey shows!!!!

  178. Patrick mccartney says:

    Can i bring a few of you back to rome the cardinals just cant cut a lawn like you guys can

  179. Ben says:

    I don’t always slap bitches but when I do I use my penis.

  180. Lance says:

    Ill show that damn Daniel Tosh

  181. Tim Creamer says:

    On to Black Bart’s cave.

  182. dave w says:

    Don’t stop now you basturd or you’ll g
    et the pimp hand of God again.

  183. Mike says:

    Vacation my a$$

  184. Joe says:

    In honor of his enjoyable trip to Mexico, the Pope has decided to change his name from Benedict XVI to Pope Jose Cuervo!

  185. Tom Taylor says:

    For the 100th time, NO, I CANNOT turn your water into tequila!!

  186. Chris M. says:

    What you don’t see is the 20 Mexicans piled on top, hitching a ride to their job!

  187. Lucas Preis says:

    W.W.J.D What Would Jesus Drink a Pope-A-Rita

  188. George says:

    Last week, His Holiness is swarmed by area restaurant workers and groundskeepers as he rides through a local golf course in an attempt to escape his fajita “birthday” luncheon of with the ceremonial sombrero.
    Pope Benedict will celebrate his actual birthday on April 16th.

  189. scubaculture says:

    Now can I have a Doritos taco?

  190. Kevin says:

    Brick of cocaine….check. Sombrero……check. Now which way to the donkey show?

  191. caleb matthews says:

    Look at all these women staring at my head why not the altar boys

  192. James W. says:

    “…and not a single f**k was given that day.”

  193. steve says:

    This should improve my chances of getting some strange down here! “Hey señior alter boy, would you like to try my bean dip??

  194. Austin Sebastian says:

    Yes. The new Taco Bell Dorito taco IS a gift from God himself.

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