Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to an 18 year old woman who was busted for punching her boyfriend in the FACE after he refused to have sex with her and call her ugly.  You be the judge…you think this broad is worthy of taking a punch to the face instead of nailing her?!


A Coral Springs Florida woman beat her boyfriend for refusing sex, and is now facing battery charges. 18-year-old Ina Nunez was arrested Tuesday afternoon, and is suspected of beating her boyfriend after he allegedly called her “ugly.”The boyfriend told officers the two had been in [a] verbal dispute and that Nunez hit him in the face after he said she was ‘ugly’ and that’s why he wouldn’t have sex with her, the report said.” ”Nunez admitted to police she’d slapped her boyfriend in the face and pushed him ‘because he was disrespectful. Ina Nunez has another side to the story.  She states that her boyfriend had choked her and punched her in the chest. Law enforcement determined that her story was inconsistent and that her story had changed several times. The young woman was booked at Broward County Jail, then released on a $2,500 bond. This is not he first time  a Miami woman has been arrested for beating their male counterpart. Back in December, a 23-year-old woman beat her boyfriend  with deer antlers. She too claimed that she was acting in self-defense, but officers determined the story she was telling was inconsistent with the facts, according to the final report.


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