Have a question about the Woody and Rizz Show?  Have you ever wondered why it’s ALWAYS Rizz’s birthday?  Or do you ever wonder WHY Patrico always says, “Boom Goes The Dynamite?”  Check out the Woody and Rizzuto Frequently Asked Questions section!

WHY IS IT ALWAYS RIZZ’S BIRTHDAY? Rizz went out of his way and actually avoided telling us when it was his birthday a while back.  So – a bunch of listeners wanted him to have a good birthday….well – since he didn’t tell anyone – they wished him a birthday everyday…and it’s just continued.  If you ever see Rizz out and about…wish him a happy birthday.  Rizz’s actual birthday?  August 17th

FRED AND THE FREAK OF THE WEEK?  There was some drama going on posted on the Woody and Rizz Facebook Page.  So we reenacted the scene on the air with a round of Master Hooshe Theater.  Who else to play the starring role than our good friend Fred from Fred’s Cheapo Depot.  Dude did an amazing drive – we found it only fitting for him to read the Freak’s of the Week!

WHERE DID THE NINJA THING COME FROM? There was a story when the show was in it’s early stages about a man who was being looked for after he committed a domestic assault on his wife.  While in the process of looking for the man – cops found a man….dressed as a ninja…impaled on a fence.  When cops asked the man if he was involved in the assault he replied…”I’m just a ninja trying to scale a fence…”  It was then – we thought it would only be proper to call fans of the show NINJAS!  Can a ninja get a nickname?!

HOW CAN I GET A GOT WOOD/NINJA STICKER? All you have to do is send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the radio station. You can also pick up a sticker at an event, down at the station, or at any Supplement Superstores. To get your sticker via mail…the address is NINJA STICKER c/o WOODY AND RIZZUTO 401 S. 18th Street, St. Louis MO, 63103.  ((IF YOU WANT A GOT WOOD STICKER, PLEASE PUT A NOTE IN THE ENVELOPE))

HOW DID STEVE “MANBALLS” MASTERS GET HIS NICKNAME?  When Manballs called in – he always put on that fake MR. RADIO GUY voice….So – one day after we had a story about a kid who banged his teacher and earned the nickname Manballs…that only a Master Swordsman like Steve Masters could be a guy who can hold that same name….So was born…MANBALLS!

WHO SINGS THE DONNIES WEEK IN RAGE SONG? The band is Butt Trumpet and the song is called, “I’ve Been So Mad Lately.”  Be careful – it’s NSFW language!


WHATS UP WITH GOT WOOD?  IS THAT SLANG FOR A PENIS?  No – when Woody was first in St. Louis the Got Milk? Ads were HUGE and were everywhere.  So the marketing team thought it would be great to do a whole, “Got Wood?” campaign promoting the show.  When he came back – people here were already demanding the stickers…so we just rolled with it and kept it the way it was.

WHY DO PEOPLE TELL YOU TO SUCK IT? By telling us to “Suck It” other Ninjas (see above if you are confused) are just formally greeting each other.  It is another way to say “Hello” or “Good Bye”

WHY NO PICTURES OF THE WEBSITE? Have you ever seen us before?  We have the faces for Radio…..


WHAT’S UP WITH PATRICO SAYING “BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE” AFTER THE SPORTS?  Well – he was looking for something to say to cue Woody that he was done reading the sports…and since he screws up the sports everyday…we figured he could borrow one of the most known lines from one of the most TERRIBLE sports guys.  Check it out…..

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BY TEXT: 48258
BY EMAIL: whatitdo@1057thepoint.com
ADDRESS: Woody & Rizzuto, 401 S. 18th Street, St. Louis MO 63103
PATRICO HATEMAIL: Patrico@1057thepoint.com

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2 Responses to WAR F.A.Q’S

  1. Jason says:

    I know everything now but “What it do.” Where did that come from?

  2. Mike says:

    How did the “first of all…” thing come about?

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