We’ve seen some lame local news coverage, but this is up there. It’s from KY3 News in Springfield . . . number one in the Ozarks! And the LEAD STORY on last news was a story about a six-year-old . . . who pooped her pants. She’s a kindergartner in Washburn, Missouri, and the school wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom during a test. So the girl took care of business, and went anyway.

The girl’s mother….check out the name: Lisa Skidmore . . . she says the school made her daughter wait in class for 15 minutes until the test was over, THEN called her to come deal with the mess.

WAR NOTE: In addition to the parents having the name “Skidmore,” we also got a chuckle out of the fact that this report came from “KY” news.


Doesn’t the dad in this “top story” kind of sound like the Jimmy Dean complainer?

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