So there are always different kinds of crazy trends.  And apparently chicks are now looking to wear PAJAMA PANTS to prom and dudes are rubbing YEAST INFECTION CREAM to grown their hair.  SERIOUSLY?!  GET THE EFF OUTTA HERE!

Here’s your made-up media trend of the day.  According to the Pulitzer-level investigative journalists at “Teen Vogue”, the big fashion trend this season is . . . girls wearing men’s pajamas to their prom. That’s right.  Teenage girls are allegedly going to be passing on their chance to buy fancy, spectacular formal dresses so they can wear baggy shirts and pants. Teen Vogue” says the look is inspired by, quote, “high fashion and the spring runway.”  Apparently, the big trend right now is women taking comfortable, laid-back, quote, “gender-bending looks”, and making them sexy. As far as we can tell, the article doesn’t talk to any actual high school girls planning to wear pajamas.  But if a magazine says this trend is for real, it must be.  So take your daughter prom shopping at JC Penney this weekend.

And NOW we’ve finally seen everything.  According to a few sources online, there’s a new trend where people are rubbing Monistat 7 on their HEADS.  That’s the lady parts cream used to treat yeast infections and itching. And people are applying it to their scalps . . . because, allegedly, it’s GREAT for making your hair grow. Monistat contains an active ingredient called miconazole nitrate, which IS known for stimulating hair growth. But . . . there’s no actual scientific data to back up the idea that Monistat will make your hair grow.  And it’s not FDA-approved. Still, it’s pretty harmless, so if you want to try, by all means, rub yeast infection ointment on your head.  You might suffer a little burning or irritation . . . you might have nothing happen . . . or you might actually grow some hair.

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