In Today’s DISCOUNT NEWS we have some UPDATES for you.  We find out what happened with the Motorhead Mama.  A missing child case is REOPEN and Road Trip Sex Workers Comp claim update!


Last week, we heard about a woman who posted a “missed connections” post on Craigslist, looking for the guy who knocked her up in the bathroom of a MEGADETH / MOTORHEAD show back in February. Well, it was a HOAX . . . although an unintentional one. In an interview with, the woman . . . going by the alias “Crash” (???) . . . says she made it up to amuse a friend, and wasn’t trying to “mess with anyone.”  She adds that she never expected it to become a big deal. This woman wasn’t even at the show, but she actually went to the trouble of researching it.  She says, quote, “All the other concerts around that time were little dinky local band things or soft music or jazz.   And apparently, that was a good call.  She says, quote, “I’m pretty sure there were people banging at that concert, by the way, based on e-mail responses from a few terrified concertgoers who thought that they had impregnated me. “I may not be pregnant, but someone is.  There’s no way there weren’t a few accidental pregnancies.” She says she got “200 to 300” responses from random people, the media, angry Christian activists and “horny men.” She adds, quote, “I saw that I had a lot of e-mails . . . the second I saw it was going viral, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to me and probably ever will!'”  READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

On May 25th, 1979, a six-year-old named Etan Patz disappeared in New York City.  Etan became the first missing child ever featured on a milk carton.  And now, 33 years later, his case is cold and STILL UNSOLVED. But that could all change.  Yesterday, the FBI and the NYPD reopened his case.  A spokesman from the NYPD said they got a tip and, quote, “It does involve a suspect.” The investigators are currently digging up a basement in a building near where Etan was last seen. They say it’ll take five days, but they suspect Etan’s remains could be buried there.  A cadaver-sniffing dog picked up a scent in the basement. The resident at the time was a handyman named Othnie Miller.  He’d given Etan $1 the night before for helping him with some work.  The police never named him a suspect back in 1979 because he was a friend of Etan’s family. Sources say that’s all changed now.  And Miller suddenly renovated the basement shortly after Etan disappeared. Another suspect from the case was a man named Jose Ramos, who’s currently in jail for molesting two other boys in Pennsylvania.  He denied everything, and when the police dismantled his apartment looking for remains they didn’t find any. Etan was legally declared dead in 2001. Etan’s case led to missing children’s photos being added to milk cartons and led to the creation of National Missing Children’s Day on May 25th, the day Etan disappeared.

A woman injured while having sex in a hotel room is entitled to workers’ compensation, an Australian federal judge ruled today. The unnamed employee of ComCare — the government agency in charge of monitoring occupational health and safety — met a friend while on a business trip in November 2007, and the two were “going hard” in her hotel room according to the woman’s male companion, when a light fixture suddenly fell on them. The woman’s compensation claim for facial and psychological injuries was rejected by her employer.

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