In Today’s SPORTS we chat about the Blues, the Cardinals, the NHL Playoffs, and we talk a funny ass video from an NBA game last night! Plus, the listeners were put to a vote to see if Patrico should get shocked or not about a Jamie Moyer story… 


The Blues are now one game closer to winning their first playoff series since 2002 as they beat the Sharks last night 2-1 in San Jose. They bring their 3 games to 1 series lead back to St. Louis for the game tomorrow night against the Sharks. Puck Drops at 6:30PM tomorrow night. 

Other NHL playoff action last night…the Coyotes beat the Blackhawks 3-2 and go up 3 games to 1 in that series….The Devils shut out the Panthers giving Martin Brodeur an NHL record 24th shutout in the playoffs. And the Crapitals beat the Bruins 2-1. Two games tonight…we could see the Red Wings knocked out by the Predators and the Penguins try and avoid elimination against the Flyers. 

The Cardinals fell to the Reds yesterday afternoon 6-3 as Adam Wainwright still looked for his first win of the season. A homerun by Matt Holiday wasn’t enough as the team failed to get the series sweep against the Reds. The team is in Pittsburgh tonight to take on the Pirates….first pitch is at 6:05. The Cards have also placed Lance Berkman on the DL because of a calf injury and Skip Schumaker will return to the roster today. Lance Lynn takes the mound for the Cards tonight. 

Even though the NFL Draft is next week, the Colts know who they are taking with their #1 pick overall…..but they aren’t telling anyone. Now, league sources all over the place are saying that they are CONFIDENT that it’s Andrew Luck, but the team isn’t confirming. Robert Griffin III is most likely to go 2nd overall…and as of right now…it looks like the Rams may be pursuing former Alabama running back Trent Richardson. 

Quick NBA note early this season Dwight Howard was rumored to be saying that he didn’t want to play for Magic coach Stan Van Gundy ANYMORE! Well, he squashed that rumor but will still get his wish….dude has to get back surgery and will be done for the year AND for the Olympics. 

And just because its Friday and this is hilarious. Someone farted on the Miami Heat bench yesterday….and it must have been a raunchy one. Check out a video on today’s blog that shows at least 4 of the players covering their noses and a couple shaking their head in disgust. Classic crop dusting.


This baseball season, one of the starting pitchers for the Colorado Rockies is 49-year-old JAMIE MOYER. Yes, 49. And this is an AMAZING stat: Between his major league debut in June of 1986 and now, he’s pitched against 8.9% of the batters IN HISTORY. In other words, one out of every NINE hitters ever to play in the major leagues has had an at-bat against Moyer.

{{The percentages were given by the news story and I just reported it….The listeners agreed it wasn’t warranted for a shocking….}}

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