The U.S. government last year announced a $10 million award for any manufacturer that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb. The winner?  The company of Phillips came up with a “green lightbulb”  and by green we mean DOLLAR BILL GREEN! The damn thing is $50!  Worth it?  Check it out for yourself

FROM THE AP: The prize winner – Philips Electronics – came up with a $50 LED bulb. “Are there many consumers who think a $50 light bulb is affordable? I don’t think so,” the Post quoted one retailer as saying. “This is a Cadillac product and that’s why you have a premium on it,” said the man in charge of selling light bulbs for Home Depot, the nation’s largest seller of lighting supplies. LED bulbs are one of the most cost-efficient investments consumers can make. And if you operate commercial buildings, the savings are even more dramatic. In a graphic accompanying the article, the Post conducted an analysis of the ten-year costs for consumers who buy the new, pricey bulbs and compared it to the cost to consumers who stick with traditional incandescent bulbs. The Cadillac of light bulbs will last that long before it starts to degrade. Consumers sticking with traditional bulbs will have to buy about 30 over that time. At $1 a bulb, that would be $30 – far less than the $50 cost of the LED.

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One Response to A $50 LIGHTBULB?! REALLY?!

  1. Brandon says:

    I read another article about this that said these bulbs haven’t even been tested long term to see if they last as long as the company claims they do. And this somehow won the contest? Did anyone else even bother to enter!?

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