So maybe you got into a fight, got into an accident, or even lost your job.  Well, we want to hear about it.  Whoever calls in and is voted with the WORST weekend will win a prize!  Check it out and listen to the stories and then make your vote!


Mike – Blew out his tire (which caused him to hit the guard rail) his ladies new puppy bit him in the junk, pee’d all over him, and then he got busted with some pot and got a possesion ticket

Eric – Went to go get his bike inspected, it died about 100 times, he was pissing off traffic, it failed inspection, he left his helmet there and the bike was unregistered and had to get his buddy to pick him up.  And then he had a party and his buddy hit on his 13 year old daughter all day.

Mercedes – Got kicked out of only college class, then her mom crashed her car, and then she called into work because she didn’t have a car and got FIRED!

Brian – went to change kitchen light, had to fix bare wires, had to do work in the attic and hit head on roofing nails, found a leak and now he has to fix a leaky roof!

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