Today in sports we chat NHL Playoffs, the Cardinals are still on FIRE, and you’ve got to see Metta World Peace dropping the people’s elbow to the side of James Harden’s head…brutal!  Check it all out HERE

So the big news from the weekend is that the Blues will be heading to round two of the NHL playoffs after they knocked out the San Jose Sharks with a 3-1 win on Saturday night. The team won the series 4 games to 1 and will not take on the Kings – who eliminated the Vancouver Canucks last night in overtime – in round two. Tickets for games 1 and 2 go on sale today at NOON. You can get all the info on the Blues website if interested in buying. Other results around the league…the Predators eliminated the Red Wings, and the Flyers have knocked out the Penguins. Tonights action has the Rangers taking on the Senators with that series at 3-2 in favor of Ottawa and the Blackhawks look to keep their playoffs alive by taking on Phoenix who leads that series 3-2.

The Cardinals won ANOTHER series yesterday as they wrapped up their weekend in Pittsburgh with a 5-1 over the Pirates. The next series starts tonight as the team heads to Chicago for a series against the Cubs. First pitch tonight is at 7:05 as Jaime Garcia gets the starts for the Cards. 

Other baseball notes this weekend: Phillip Humber of the Chicago White Sox became the first pitcher since Roy Halladay back in 2010 to pitch a perfect game on Saturday. The White Sox beat the Mariners 4-0 and Humber threw only 96 pitches in the win. It was the 21st perfect game in MLB history! 

This is just crazy but a study out of Hamilton College in New York found that the best thing an NFL team can do…is draft players who have “charcter issues” which usually means criminal records. But, it’s not because criminals are better at football it’s because they are the best valued player. This study looked at every player drafted from 05 09 and found that players with criminal records draft 15 spots lower then they should have been based on their talent. What this basically shows is that sometimes teams pass on the guys with criminal pasts…even if they are the better player.

And finally speaking of character issues….you have to see this elbow that Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest dropped on a dude from the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. Holy crap. He was given a technical for the foul and the league is investigating it…expect a suspension and/or fine coming shortly.

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